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ScriptsРисто Macedonian
PronouncedPron.REES-to Finnish

Meaning & History

Finnish and Macedonian short form of CHRISTOPHER.
VariantHristo Macedonian
Other Languages & CulturesHristofor, Hristo Bulgarian Kristofor, Krsto Croatian Kryštof Czech Kristoffer, Christoffer, Kris Danish Christoffel Dutch Christopher, Chip, Chris, Kester, Kit, Kris, Kristopher, Topher English Christophe French Christoph German Christoforos Greek Kristóf Hungarian Críostóir, Christie, Christy Irish Cristoforo Italian Christophoros Late Greek Christophorus Late Roman Kristaps Latvian Kristupas Lithuanian Kristoffer, Christoffer Norwegian Krzysztof, Krzyś, Krzysiek Polish Cristóvão Portuguese Christie, Christy Scottish Krištof Slovak Krištof Slovene Cristóbal Spanish Kristoffer, Christoffer Swedish
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