Names Related to Adalfuns

Names that are related to ADALFUNS:
ADALFUNS   m   Ancient Germanic
AFONSO   m   Portuguese, Galician
ALFONS   m   German, Dutch, Polish, Ancient Germanic
ALFONSINA   f   Italian
ALFONSO   m   Spanish, Italian
ALFONZ   m   Slovene
ALONSO   m   Spanish
ALONZO   m   Italian
ALPHONSE   m   French
ALPHONSINE   f   French
ALPHONSO   m   English
ALPHONSUS   m   History
ALPHONZO   m   English (Rare)
FONS   m   Dutch
FUNS   m   Dutch, Limburgish
FUNSKE   m   Dutch, Limburgish
HILDEFONS   m   Ancient Germanic
ILDEFONSO   m   Spanish
LON   m   English
LONNIE   m   English
LONNY   m   English