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PronouncedPron.al-FON-so Spanish
al-FAWN-so Italian

Meaning & History

Spanish and Italian form of a Visigothic Germanic name, probably meaning "noble and ready", from the element adal "noble" combined with funs "ready". Other theories claim the first element is hadu or hild (see ILDEFONSO), both of which mean "battle". It is possible that two or more names merged into a single form. This was the name of six kings of Portugal and kings of several ancient regions of Spain.
VariantsAlonso, Ildefonso Spanish Alonzo Italian
Feminine FormAlfonsina Italian
Other Languages & CulturesAdalfuns, Alfons, Hadufuns, Hildefons Ancient Germanic Alfons, Fons, Funs, Funske Dutch Alphonso, Alphonzo, Lon, Lonnie, Lonny English Alphonse French Afonso Galician Alfons German Alphonsus History Funs, Funske Limburgish Alfons Polish Afonso Portuguese Alfonz Slovene


Animal Crossing characters, Spanish royal family
Entry updated July 2, 2017