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Interestingly, the Hebrew word for human being is 'ben-adam', meaning 'the son of Adam'.
― Anonymous User  6/13/2005
Adam was the name of one of the Cartwright brothers on "Bonanza."
breakofday  12/9/2005
I find Adam a very masculine name. Its Biblical originality also brings it a lot of meaning.
TriwizardChamp3  12/12/2005
Adam Sandler, the comedian.
― Anonymous User  12/13/2005
It would be funny if you came across a couple called Adam and Eve.
Dogsy  2/13/2006
Adam Levine is the lead singer of Maroon 5.
― Anonymous User  3/6/2006
Adam Brody is Seth on the OC.
― Anonymous User  3/6/2006
I gave this name to my 5th son, he is Adam John. It is such a solid boys name. He is 5 1/2 and loves the biblical reference to his name. He often gets the nickname Addy, and I don't know of any other boys named Adam.
― Anonymous User  4/25/2006
Adam Carson is drummer for the punk band AFI.
gethsemane_rose  5/26/2006
In C. S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia, human males were called "Sons of Adam."
― Anonymous User  7/10/2006
Adam Bernard Mickiewicz (December 24, 1798 – November 26, 1855) was one of the best-known Polish poets and writers, considered the greatest Polish poet alongside Zygmunt Krasiñski and Juliusz S³owacki.
ADT  7/13/2006
I don't like this name too much. A strong name but I can't put my finger on what I don't like about it.
sarah11  8/9/2006
I can't believe this was the first human name ever, it doesn't seem old-fashioned at all compared to other biblical names. Anyway this is the name of my brother-in-law's brother, well stepbrother. People with the name Adam like to be silly but are funny.
corrielover  8/10/2006
In Arabic the word for human is beny adam, which means son of Adam.
sparkling_star  8/11/2006
Adam Powell is the creator of the virtual pets website, Neopets. His username is borovan.
Emmasj  10/19/2006
Adam Goldstein also known as DJ AM was engaged to Nicole Richie.
― Anonymous User  10/29/2006
St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright secured a win in game 7 of the NLCS to get the Cardinals into the 2006 World Series. (Which they won!)
― Anonymous User  10/30/2006
A famous bearer is Adam Lazarra, the lead singer of Taking Back Sunday.
blackthorn93  11/15/2006
In As You Like It by William Shakespeare, Adam is Oliver's servant, but he deserts Oliver and goes off to help Orlando run away.
Aqua  12/11/2006
Adam Pascal is an actor/singer. One of his most well-known roles was Rager Davis in the musical RENT.
scarletquillraven  12/27/2006
It doesn't say in the Bible that Adam was his name. Adam means "man" and that's what the Bible said. God created a man, but never gave him any name. And then it has become Adam.
honungspinglan  1/7/2007
I think it sounds simple, strong and masculine. And that makes it one of my favourites.
― Anonymous User  1/12/2007
Adam Trask is a character in John Steinbeck's novel, East of Eden.
― Anonymous User  1/25/2007
My friend's brother pronounces it: AA-dem with a long "a" as in ape.
gym4god  3/5/2007
This is the real name of the Beast from Disney's Beauty and the Beast (Prince Adam).
― Anonymous User  3/17/2007
Adam Pedretti is the drummer from Australian rock band Killing Heidi.
monsterrah  4/23/2007
Adam Smith Gradgrind is one of Thomas Gradgrind's sons in "Hard Times" by Charles Dickens.
Kate  5/6/2007
Also used for boys in Slovenia.
earthnut  7/3/2007
For the one who said that Adam didn't sound "old-fashioned enough," what about the other Biblical names that were given at about the same time as Adam? There's Eve, Cain, Abel, Seth. In the centuries that pass in the Old Testament, and especially as differing languages developed, of course the naming styles changed! It just happens.
RedGyl  8/26/2007
A famous bearer is Adam T. Siska, nineteen-year-old bassist for Chicago based indie rock band The Academy Is.
― Anonymous User  9/24/2007
Adam is also the Czech, Slovak, Dutch and Serbian form. [noted -ed]
Czech and Slovak pronunciation is "AH-dahm".
Maggie_Simpson  10/4/2007
The name ADAM is used in Greece frequently and derives from the first letters of the following words:
Anatoli meaning East – Disis meaning West – Arktos meaning North - and Mesimvria meaning South
Those are the 4 sides of horizon.
Kossioris  10/21/2007
One famous bearer of this Adam Gontier, the lead vocalist for Three Days Grace. Whenever I hear this name, I always think of a very masculine, good-looking man who's very deep and complicated.
Katkittycat  12/22/2007
The name Adam is older than many of the languages you have mentioned therefore it cannot be origin to these languages (Russian, German, Polish, English, etc.) My research for the name Adam had led me to the Muslim Holy Book "Quran" where the name "Adam" has been mentioned several times. From the Arabic language the name "ÂÏã" "Adam" is spelled and pronounced as in the modern English language today. It was given to the first God created-man. Therefore since the Arabic language is much older than many spoken languages today plus it belongs to the ancient language group of Assyrian and Hebrew, I believe it's worth it to mention it on your web site.
barmil  1/2/2008
Listen to the German pronunciation of Adam here:
_satu_  1/17/2008
Adam Ant, famous in the eighties as the flamboyant front man of 'Adam and the Ants' and also as a solo artist, bore this name. However, his real name was in fact Stuart.
― Anonymous User  1/22/2008
Adam is so plain and boring.
jasmineenimsaj  2/15/2008
I think Arabic or Muslim should be added to the usage list, as Adam is a popular name amongst Muslims. It is generally pronounced AA-dem though, with a somewhat longer a sound at the start. The meaning is entirely the same though, and refers to the first man on Earth. (Many Islamic prophets are also Biblical characters - e.g. Isa/Jesus, Ibrahim/Abraham, Marian/Mary). [noted -ed]
yenemus  3/28/2008
Scottish philosopher Adam Smith (1723-1790) defined the field of economics as we know it today.
SSF  4/4/2008
Funnily enough, "Adam" is the Turkish word for "man".
― Anonymous User  7/1/2008
This name is a very pretty name for a boy. It's a name for a boy who's strong and handsome and grows up to be a romantic gentleman. I had a brother named Adam, but he died at 9 months. I would love to give this to my boy if I ever have one. It would most likely be a middle name.
_0TophasNails_1  11/27/2008
Adam T. Siska, bassist of The Academy Is.
Mitsukai  12/7/2008
I think this is a nice, simple name for any boy! You do NOT have to be religious to use any name so don't let that stop you from picking Adam! =)
D.Scott  1/30/2009
Adam Foote is a professional hockey player who has won two Stanley Cups with the Colorado Avalanche.
― Anonymous User  4/6/2009
American Idol contestant Adam Lambert bears this name. Can't believe no one has commented on him yet.
_0TophasNails_1  5/1/2009
You people! I can't believe you actually like this name!
1. A-dumb (nickname)
2. Adam and Eve (can be teased)
Please make it stop!
X_XemogurlX_X  5/5/2009
My name is Adam, and I never was called A-dumb, nor was I ever teased with references to Adam and Eve, so using that as a basis for disliking the name isn't very reasonable; unless your name is Adam and you're speaking from experience. Normally I was called Addy growing up.
thatsmyname  9/8/2010
Adam is my granpa's name, so I consider it a bit dated, but it's still pretty. It's pronounced AH-dahm.
enchy  8/31/2009
Also a masculine name in Croatia. [noted -ed]
goricar  11/16/2009
Adam Young is in the band Owl city. They sing "Fireflies".
― Anonymous User  12/4/2009
Actually, Adam Young's Owl City is a one man band. He's a serious composer, and has many musical projects. Owl City is just one of them. Personally, I adore Adam Young.
Sabella Authoress  9/20/2012
Interesting; Adam Young is also a character in the Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman book Good Omens.
HanaB  2/10/2013
My name is Adam, and I personally love the name. For years I hated it, but finally I got older and looked at it objectively and I realized I liked it a lot. It's traditional but I've only ever known a handful of Adams, so I disagree with those of you who say it's too common. Maybe at one time, but it hasn't been on the most popular list for years. It's a good, solid name that was nice to grow up with. I'll probably use it as a middle name for a son, and I'm glad my mother named me Adam.
sonofman  12/31/2009
It is a nice name a boy could grow up with.
Alora  1/3/2010
Adam was the name of Samantha and Darrin's son on the 60s sitcom "Bewitched." He was "born" in 1969 and, unlike his older sister Tabitha, did not have magic powers.
iolite  4/19/2010
Prince Adam was He-Man's alter ego in the He-Man cartoons.
wbbuff  5/14/2010
Well, I always think of sexy Adam Cartwright from Bonanza. Yeah, yeah, he was mentioned, but he needs mentioning again. Most of the Adams I've encountered were nice, well-liked guys. It's a strong name that works on a kid and ages well.
― Anonymous User  7/26/2010
It sounds sexy! I love it! ;P
― Anonymous User  8/18/2010
Sorry, but this name sounds and looks kinda like A-Damn like you don't give a damn, so I don't really like it, and it's just ugly, I don't even like the sound of it. Oh well.

Also makes me think "Up An' Atom". Sounds like Atom: the basic unit of matter that cannot be divided into smaller units, therefore it's the smallest unit of matter.
― Anonymous User  8/31/2010
Adam is a nice handsome name, very strong and easy to grow up with.
Chrila96  9/11/2010
This name IS common but I love it. It just has this nice sound to it.
― Anonymous User  11/1/2010
Pronunciation in Slavic languages is AH-dahm.
In past in some regions of my country, when the twins (boy and girl) were born, they were named Adam and Eva.
Ninuska  11/15/2010
My name is Adam and I like it a lot, it is short and simple. Not overly used and plus being named after the first man on earth is pretty sweet, lol.
ajdsoto  12/27/2010
This is my name and I wouldn't change it for the world. Shame it's so common though.
Adamgaga  1/3/2011
Adam Małysz is a Polish ski jumper and one of the best ski jumpers ever.
enchy  2/19/2011
My first love's name. ♥ So it really has a special place in my heart. It's not a name that will shock everyone with it's originality, but I still think it's a wonderful name.
Christina Rose  4/7/2011
Adam Clayton is the bass guitarist in U2.
dizzydoll  7/17/2011
Adam Rosner, creator of the horror web series called Tribe Twelve.
CanadianChibi  8/29/2011
Adam von Bartsch (Johann Adam Bernhard von Bartsch) (1757-1821) was an Austrian art historian.
― Anonymous User  9/7/2011
In Greek language, ΑΔΑΜΑΣ means:diamond.
In Hebrew: ADAMAH means earth. And God created Adam from the earth. Eventually out of "expensive" soil. Are these words related? Who knows?
georgev1112  9/16/2011
American bassist Adam Russell (Story of the Year, Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows) holds this name.
m3g4tr0n  9/20/2011
I adore this name, though it's way too common to use right now. It sounds so down-to-earth and kind... I hate popularity.
Black_X  9/23/2011
Nice, simple, masculine name.
Amanda_M87  2/24/2012
Adam Gontier, singer / guitarist of Three Days Grace :)
― Anonymous User  7/14/2012
I no longer have that love for this name after they made a dirty web store called Adam and Eve.
555jazzy  7/20/2012
I used to hate this name, but now it's growing on me. It's a little common, but not overly common like, say, Jacob.
Oohvintage  1/12/2013
Adam is one of the main characters in the 2013 film, Only Lovers Left Alive, he's played by British actor Tom Hiddleston.
Lady_Skywalker  5/24/2013
The name Adam is also in use in Georgia.

In Georgian, Adam is written as: ადამ. [noted -ed]
Lucille  6/5/2013
I think it is pretty cool that Adam is a name people use from all over in different cultures and countries. It is very diverse.
blueeyesparkle  7/24/2013
Adam is definitely in my top three for mens' names. It has such a nice sound. Makes me think of a handsome and talented young man.
shadow1999  7/27/2013
There is a character named Adam Ewing in the movie Cloud Atlas. He is a mid- 19th century lawyer who eventually becomes an abolitionist after discovering an escaped slave in his cabin on a ship.
― Anonymous User  8/3/2013
There isn't anything that strikes me as remarkable in this name, but considering that I am a long-time fan of Bonanza, Adam is one that I can see potential and subtle charm in when used well. It is a tried-and-true name; sturdy, functional, and with a nicely sooty and determined sound.
Francesca  10/7/2013
I've always liked this name. NOTHING wrong with it. =)
― Anonymous User  4/20/2014
Adam Hunter, a playable character in the game Streets of Rage.
― Anonymous User  6/13/2014
Adam is overused though very respectable and decent.
― Anonymous User  9/5/2014
Adam Milligan is a character on the television series "Supernatural." He is the son of John Winchester and Kate Milligan, making him a half-brother to the show's main characters, Sam and Dean Winchester.
hkols  11/2/2014
ADAM is such a beautiful name! When I think of Adam I think of a bloodthirsty sexy beast... That was awkward, but I love the name.
sunshinefaywoods  11/16/2014
A famous bearer is Adam Goldberg, a filmmaker and creator of the ABC family sitcom The Goldbergs.
twlightblack11  2/11/2015
Adam (no last name) was the primary villain in the fourth season of the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He was a human-demon hybrid created by Maggie Walsh, and he was played by actor George Hertzberg.
MKemmel  2/14/2015
My brother is called Adam, he is pretty camp, funny and good looking but I wouldn't say he is strong and manly like some of the other comments say. Also, I don't think I have ever met an Adam like that.
― Anonymous User  4/11/2015
Love Adam. Strong Biblical name. Timeless--not dated to any certain decade. Great for all ages toddler through adult. Not a sissy name -- no bullying in school! No nickname needed -- yay!
cj19  4/24/2015
The name is also rather common in Iceland.
vadskajagtamigtill  6/14/2015
It's interesting that this name is sooooooo common in Eastern Europe, particularly Poland, but hardly ever in the Western Europe and the US.

Obviously it's a Biblical name and Poland is very Christian, and had a history of Jewish influence, but so did America. Yet, in America, such Biblical names such as Joshua and Seth are very common, but in Poland they're pretty much non-existent.

Reversely, Adam and Judyta (Judith) are very common in Poland, but quite unheard of in the USA. Strange...
angolmois  7/12/2015
I really really LOVE the name ADAM, maybe 'cause I'm a HUGE HUGE FAN of Adam Lambert :). I would name my first son Adam. Lol.
Nissa_Dz  12/14/2015
Adam Conover, the super-awesome host of the best TV show on earth, "Adam Ruins Everything," is the coolest person on earth and another example of a famous Adam.
adamconoverrules  12/15/2015
This is the perfect name. It's short, easy to remember, has almost no spelling variations, and it will give you lifelong alphabetical dominance over everybody you meet.
Oleg Karachi  1/10/2016
My name is Adam and my last name starts with a I, causing me to have a cool nickname which is A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). Although I used to be teased and called A-dumb which was okay as it grew off. Adam is also a universal name meaning that it is multi-religion and multi-cultural, so everyone more or less knows how to say it and spell it.
A.I.  1/30/2016
Though this name is a bit plain and used in a lot of languages I like it. I see it as being a nice traditional name that will fit all ages and is slowly decreasing in popularity.
― Anonymous User  2/10/2016
I like this name, it's not too common which is good and it sounds very masculine, but it's bound to become unisex in the future, lol.
BrianAg1  2/28/2016
This is a great, strong name for a boy and man! Don't call him Addie!
LV51sfan91  2/29/2016
I like it, but it's very plain and boring, and sounds like the kind of name you give your kid when you can't think of anything else to call him.
RoseTintsMyWorld  5/9/2016
Adam is my middle name. I've always liked the name, I think it's a really nice masculine name. It isn't too common of a name either, I rarely encounter anybody with the name Adam where I live.
-Nick-  5/16/2016
My name is Adam and I'm of Polish descent. At first I didn't like it, but now I'm starting to discover all its pros!

Adam was once used in Poland as a noblemen's name and it had many excellent bearers such as Adam Asnyk (Polish poet and dramatist), Prince Adam Jerzy [George] Czartoryski (Polish nobleman, statesman and author) and the ever-famous Adam Bernard Mickiewicz (Polish poet, dramatist, essayist, publicist, translator, professor of Slavic literature, and political activist), with whom I happen to share the first and middle name.

What's beautiful about this name is that it's technically the first name ever, and it's incredibly widely used all around the world! You can be of any religion and of any descent with the name Adam - maybe you are an Arabian surgeon, a French painter, a Polish scientist, an Australian journalist, a teen living next door, or a dad playing tennis with your kids - the possibilities are endless.
If you're planning to travel or move homes a lot it's one of the best names to choose, because its pronunciation is very simple and, as I've said, it's used in many countries.

A great thing about Adam is that it fits almost anyone with any middle name / surname combinations. It's one of these names that just suit everywhere.
Plus, it doesn't have an obvious nickname, which is good, since not everyone likes certain nicknames.

Also, it gives you cool flirting options like "Hey, I'm Adam, wanna be my Eve?" or "I'm Adam and I'd eat an apple if you gave me one.".
Aaand it has its own subreddit! How many other names have it, huh?

So, all in all, if you're considering naming your child Adam, go for it! Hope that it helps someone.
justamacaroni  6/20/2016
A good name from the Good Book!

Note: How could a name that means "man" be interpreted as feminine?
Tsk tsk, such perversions of names are becoming all too common.
― Anonymous User  7/3/2016
To me this name is too boring and reminds me too much of the word "atom" so because of that I'm put off of using it.
― Anonymous User  7/27/2016
My name is Adam Levi (LEE-vi). I'm not Jewish, but rather Native American. I couldn't have a cooler name. Period. Thinking of naming your son Adam? Just do it. He'll love it.
― Anonymous User  9/7/2016
Adam Parrish is a main character in Maggie Stiefvater's Raven Cycle series.
Silverstarswept  10/1/2016
I like the name because I have the name Adam. It also means man has awakened! :)
moor4567  10/4/2016
The Greek name day is December 10. It is also used in Modern Greek.
heyyyyyyyyyyyy  12/6/2016
In the 1994 TV series 'Touched by an Angel' this is the name of a recurring character, an angel of death and colleague of Andrew (who is also an angel of death). Adam appears in ten episodes and is played by American actor Charles Rocket.
Feorsteorra  12/7/2016
Arabic pronunciation: A:-dahm.
heyyyyyyyyyyyy  1/18/2017
Adam Örn Arnarson is an Icelandic football defender, who currently plays for Aalesunds FK. Adam started his career with local club Breiðablik before moving to NEC Nijmegen in the Eredivisie in January 2013. In August 2014 Adam joined Danish Superliga club FC Nordsjælland, managed by compatriot Ólafur Kristjánsson. In November 2014 Adam made his Superliga debut for Nordsjælland in a 1-0 loss to OB.
cutenose  1/28/2017
I think that Adam is a bum name to have, and I think it's over used. Also there's a flash game called Adam's Gay. Just saying.
xxbigcockdaddyxx  2/2/2017
Adam Richard Wiles, known professionally as Calvin Harris, is a Scottish record producer, DJ, singer and songwriter. His debut studio album I Created Disco was released in June 2007, and was the precursor to his UK top 10 singles "Acceptable in the 80s" and "The Girls". In 2009, Harris released his second studio album Ready for the Weekend, which debuted at number one on the UK Albums Chart and was later certified gold by the British Phonographic Industry within two months of its release. Its lead single "I'm Not Alone" became his first number-one single on the UK Singles Chart.
cutenose  2/18/2017
Adam Buckley is a YouTube comedian. He's awesome.
thezenithofnadir  3/20/2017
Adam Rippon is an American figure skater (US champion in Men's singles division).
LilyJimbo  4/17/2017
My name is Adam. I don't like it much. It can easily earn annoying nicknames from kids like A-dumb, A-damn. Plus, it's a very common name. There are 5 Adams in my grade, including me. I try to see the name as the first man on Earth, but then I also think that I doomed the rest of humanity in that sense. Plus, it's comparable to the smallest unit of matter, an atom. To me, it's common and boring.
― Anonymous User  6/15/2017
Adam Charles Clayton is an Irish musician, best known as the bass guitarist of the rock band U2. Born in England, he has resided in County Dublin since the time his family moved to Malahide when he was five years old in 1965. Clayton attended Mount Temple Comprehensive School, where he met schoolmates with whom he co-founded U2 in 1976. A member of the band since its inception, he has recorded 13 studio albums with U2.
cutenose  7/4/2017
Adam Lanza was that pathetic low-life murderer of children who took away 27 innocent lives. Sick and lame name suited for a sick person.
― Anonymous User  7/13/2017
Adam is such an ugly name and the thought of the bearer of this stupid name being a child murderer involved in the tragic Sandy Hook shooting makes me sick to my stomach.
― Anonymous User  8/17/2017
The name Adam will probably end up becoming taboo in the United States due to Adam Lanza, or at least in the Northeast.
― Anonymous User  8/17/2017
This is a very powerful and masculine name. I truly enjoy it every time I hear it. To have this name is something to be proud of and to never be ashamed of. To have the first man's name ever is such a gift and is the oldest name above all. I'm Adam Meadows and I approved this message.
― Anonymous User  10/19/2017
I suppose that men who have identical twin brothers named Adam must often be subjected to jokes about people not knowing them from Adam. (Could be worse.)
Kosta  10/24/2017
Minor nitpick here, but it's the "tree of the knowledge of good and evil" and not just "knowledge". [noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  11/4/2017
This is also the Catalan form of the name. [noted -ed]
arrowhead909  11/9/2017
Adam Zamenhof (1888 – 29 January 1940) was a Polish physician and son of Dr. Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof (invented Esperanto) and ophthalmologist who was later the director at "Szpital Starozakonnych" (Hospital of the Orthodox) in Warsaw before being shot in 1939 during the Palmiry Massacre.
aleksandro petro  1/4/2018
Two thumbs down for me. Don't like the name, or the person it tends to produce. So I would say... avoid if possible, but at the same time, I kind of want as many as possible with that name just to wear the name down and make it less common.
― Anonymous User  4/5/2018
Means "guy" or "man" in Turkish.
― Anonymous User  4/19/2018
I would like Adam if I’d never heard of anyone else named Adam. My ex, Adam, cheated. I knew another Adam in high school who turned out to be a total tool/douchebag. There’s an Adam who shot up an elementary school. I want to like the name, but I just can’t get over my personal experiences and that school shooter. Even Bible Adam wasn’t great. In fact, the ONLY positive person I associate with the name Adam is Adam Levine from Maroon 5.
― Anonymous User  4/30/2018

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