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Addison Dewitt is the acid theater critic in 'All About Eve.'
alberto  2/22/2005
This is also a short form of Madison.
mariej2  5/24/2005
Hahaha! Addison and Madison are the same length, that isn't short!
stuckonstupid  10/3/2006
I find Addison a nice name. When someone I knew named their daughter this, I was confused by why someone would name their kid Addison because all I could think of was Addison's Disease. It has, however, grown on me.
TriwizardChamp3  2/1/2006
I don't particularly like this name for women; I love it for men however. It's a cool name without being overused. The name Addison will always remind me of a friend of my brother's that everyone calls Captain Addison.
― Anonymous User  3/19/2006
I have only known of one little boy with this name. I would use this name for a boy, not a girl, it is very masculine and strong sounding.
― Anonymous User  4/30/2006
This is such a great boys name. I wouldn't use it at all for girl, it is very masculine sounding.
― Anonymous User  6/14/2006
This is my little cousin's name. When my aunt first announced it, I didn't really like it, particularly for a girl, but it's really grown on me. I can't see her being named anything else.
PVega  7/19/2006
I never encountered this name till I got on this site. Sorry, but the first thing that came to mind was the word adder. It's a snake.
― Anonymous User  7/26/2006
Such a hideous name for a girl. It's a surname, a masculine name AND a disease.
claraelizabethann  7/31/2006
Addison Shephard is the wife of Dr Derek Shephard in Grey's Anatomy.
― Anonymous User  8/4/2006
Addison is in my top 15 names. I like the nickname Addy.
Emma McHnery  8/31/2006
I think this name is great because it's interesting and sounds good on both men and women. I like it more on men, but on women I very much prefer it over overused names that sound similar, like Allison.
noganoganoga  9/17/2006
Addison IS overused in comparison to something like the medieval Allison. What century are you living in?
― Anonymous User  9/27/2006
I must laugh heartily at those who still call this crap unique. Much yawnage.
― Anonymous User  9/30/2006
I prefer this name for a boy.
― Anonymous User  10/9/2006
I have never known an Addison, but I known a ton of Allisons. I prefer Addison.
― Anonymous User  11/9/2006
I first heard the name Addison for a girl on Grey's Anatomy. I thought it was very strange for a girl at first, but have since grown to like it. I now prefer it for a girl.
― Anonymous User  11/9/2006
Yes. A surname denoting the "first man" is certainly an appropriate thing to name a girl. This surname is no different than using Smith, Jones or Cockburn on a girl. What the frig is wrong with you trendies? Gender confusion run amok.
― Anonymous User  11/14/2006
I prefer Addison for a girl. Surnames have a long history of being used for BOTH genders, so it's hardly a new trend. Addison is a popular choice for a girl, it's true. There were only 382 male Addisons born in the US in '05, compared to 2974 female Addisons. With those figures in mind, it is more likely the male Addisons who will suffer from gender confusion, not the females.
GasolineAllie  11/28/2006
Addison is a doctor on Grey's Anatomy.
bellaboo  11/30/2006
I personally /HATE/ how parents are taking phenomenal boy's names (such as Madison, Peyton, Hayden, Riley) and turning them into girl's names! Addison means 'Adam's son' not 'Adam's daughter'! Addidaughter seems pretty odd, eh?
bobcat_explorer  12/28/2006
I nearly named my daughter this, but freaked and changed my mind at the very last minute. At first, I wanted to use Addison because I love the name Madison. Though I wanted something different from the #1 name, but still be safe with something normal. I think many people have this train of thought when choosing Addison. But here's the problem: Addison is nowhere near as feminine and cute as Madison. The "M" makes a world of a difference. Madison sounds smooth, and Addison is all hard sounds. People say it is masculine, and it's not just because it's surname/unisex. It's the way it SOUNDS. This name will also not age well, I think it will be the "Bertha" of our future and these parents will say, "what was I thinking?". My daughter was an inch away from being "Addison" and I am so thankful that I came to my senses and chose something feminine for her.
Jenibee  1/10/2007
Tolerable on a boy. Sick on a girl. What are the trendies going to snatch next? Jefferson, Williamson, Normanson? Or are they not super cute enough?
― Anonymous User  1/14/2007
The meaning of Addison: We can’t always take name meanings literally. Claudia literally means ‘lame’ but it has been established as a fine, feminine name which most people seem to like. I’ve read that Addison can also mean ‘child of Adam’. Being Catholic, I can say that technically, we all are. Adam and Eve were very human so to me, it’s like Addison means ‘human’. Then there is the Grey’s Anatomy Character, who I adore. It also sounds similar to Allison, another name which I love as well as having the nickname Addie, which is all girl to me. So, Addison has more than one meaning to me and is most definitely girl.

Unisex: I can understand how some parents would want to name their sons Addison. I feel the same about the names Kelly and Ashley. But I’m not against unisex names; some of my favourites are unisex. I don’t see unisex names as ‘stealing from the boys’. This style of naming has been around since at least the middle ages (yes, I did the research, I’m not just making that up) so it can’t be called ‘trendy’ or a 21st century fad.

Addison's disease: I know there is an Addison’s disease and I understand those personally affected by it not particularly liking the name. But I don’t think it should be a reason why others shouldn’t use it. There are many names used for hurricanes and cyclones but they are still acceptable and just as beautiful. I would not personally name my daughter Katrina; I just think of the hurricane. But with Addison, my first thought isn’t the disease. Just like my first thought with Iris isn’t eyes but flowers. It depends on your personal experiences and naming style, I guess.

Having made my points, I adore Addison for a girl, nickname Addie. :)
Belle  2/24/2007
I love this name for a boy!
elysa  3/14/2007
I do not like this name very much. First of all, it makes me think of Addison's Disease. I would hate for people to think of a disease when they heard my name. Secondly, it sounds too masculine to be a girl's name, and despite that, it is way too overused on girls. There are better names out there. Although, I do like the name Addie on a boy of girl.
― Anonymous User  6/10/2007
I prefer this name for men, but I could never use it on my son, because I don't want him teased about "having an girls name" like Madison.
spaz123  7/18/2007
Addison was a character in Saw II. She played a prisoner in the Nerve Gas House along with seven others. It was hinted at on the Saw II commentary that Addison was a prostitute or a stripper.
― Anonymous User  7/31/2007
Hi, I want to say more. Addison is an awesome boy's name, and I second Addidaughter as being better.
spaz123  8/29/2007
I love this name for a girl!
xxlaurasxx  9/5/2007
I love this name on a.... dog. It sounds feral and sniveling so perhaps a rat instead?
― Anonymous User  9/5/2007
Dumb, modern, meaningless name attached to girls whose parents are rich and stupid or just stupid with an aspiration to appear rich. This name belongs on airheads from Beverley Hills.
johann14  9/25/2007
Addison is unfortunate.
― Anonymous User  9/27/2007
I like this name on a boy or a girl. For a girl, Addie is a great nickname. I love the name Addison for both genders. Can we just agree that it can mean "child of Adam"?
DontDissMadison  10/14/2007
"Child of Adam?" Okay, sure. While we are at it, why not "Sparkleigh offspring from Add's fruity bits"?. It does not mean "Child of Adam", but if makes you feel better, by all means alter onomastics to your heart's content.
― Anonymous User  10/19/2007
All I can think about is Addison's Disease.
Joan-Ay  10/22/2007
Love this name, but it's becoming so popular. It's a shame, I hate it when offbeat names become overused and lose their uniqueness.
pandasayscynical  12/22/2007
I absolutely detest this name for a girl. It means "SON of Adam," for crying out loud. I just think most names ending in son shouldn't be used for girls. :-/
frozen_frogurt  1/2/2008
This name is okay, but I can't really tell if it's for a boy or a girl. How old is this name; it sounds really modern.
― Anonymous User  2/10/2008
I like this name although for nicknames, I prefer Addy to Addie.
California_Eli  2/18/2008
If you check the popularity charts, Mary was used for men also, but no one made a statement about that. I like this name for a little girl, but never for a boy. Just too feminine to me.
jasmineenimsaj  3/4/2008
I can imagine Addison fitting a little girl and a woman well. I cannot imagine it fitting a man or boy at all. However, I cannot decide if I like this name, considering Addison's disease.
― Anonymous User  4/6/2008
I have read in two baby name books where Addison derives from both Hebrew and English. The meaning attributed to English is "awesome".
― Anonymous User  4/9/2008
In defense of the people who like this name for a girl, it does sound like Alison/Allison, which can hardly be imagined on a man anymore. It may just be a matter of getting used to. However, as a rule, names that end in -son should be used for boys, as they generally sound a bit strange on girls and quite ridiculous on grown women. A boyish name on a girl may seem like a fun, spunky idea, but your daughter won't be young forever, unless she dies young. It's not all that groundbreaking on a 45-year-old, is it?
slight night shiver  4/19/2008
I have never heard of this name until I came to this site. Sounds horrible on a boy or a girl.
number1212  5/21/2008
It's an ok name, but in my opinion the gender is much too ambiguous.
― Anonymous User  6/23/2008
I think Addison is ok on a boy and really bad on a girl. The various misspellings of the name (Addyson, Adyson, Addisin, Addysin etc.) just make it worse.
Emerson  6/27/2008
I love this name, on a girl. I know it really means "Son of Adam" in its original context, but it is beautiful, and reminds me of the sweetheart girl I know. I much more like its English meaning of 'awesome' becuase that is what it is. Awesome.
KohakuRiver  7/8/2008
Addison's meaning in English is "awesome"? Um, no. I will have to return to comment when I regain some composure.
― Anonymous User  8/25/2008
It seems odd to name your daughter, "Son of Adam." If you had a son named Addison that would be fine, and it would be especially great if the father was named Adam (though of course that's not necessary), but a daughter? No, definitely not. This is super trendy.
aileenbean  7/12/2008
I think this is a ridiculous name for a girl.
KayeKiLa  9/14/2008
I absolutely love this name. I am considering using it as my girl's name, who is due in about 2 weeks. It's strong and beautiful, down to earth, classy. I can't imagine a better name.
Now to comment on other comments -
First of all, 'Son of Adam' does not literally translate into 'son' as in 'boy'. Son, at the time of the surname's meaning as a more realistic translation, means 'offspring of Adam'. You will never hear 'daughter of...' because it wasn't refered to, back then, in genders.
Second, since when is it taboo to use a surname or a boy's name as a girl's name? I know a man named Beverly, and Ashley, and many girls named Devon and Jamie. Why does this seem so backwards to some of you?
tbruneau  9/28/2008
**yawn** Done, dusted. Please let it go. The surname fad is really, really tiresome.
― Anonymous User  10/3/2008
I don't really understand why people are using this name for their little girls, but whatever. I find this name very masculine. I don't actually like it, and I don't think I'd ever use it on a child, but it's a nice name for a boy.
_clippit_  10/15/2008
A little question; WHO cares if this is a BOY name used on GIRLS. I know a lot of girl-names used on boys in Sweden (Janne) or South America (what about all the male authors with Maria as second name). And what about girls with Jose as second name?
EllyKash  10/27/2008
What's up the all these "-son" girl names? Madison, Addison - pretty much the same thing, right? I know you can get decent nicknames, like Addi and Madi, but why not name a girl something like Madelyn, or Adelaide, at least something FEMININE.

Also, Madison and Addison remind me too much of the word MEDICINE.
― Anonymous User  11/20/2008
The reason behind this name's sudden rise is obvious (it is almost in the top 10 now). The people who like Madison have become aware of its popularity, and chose Addison because of the similar sound. Personally, I much prefer Allison on a girl. I don't mind names like Sophia and Olivia in popularity because they are so elegant, but I do cringe at Madison and Addison due to a downright unfeminine ugly sound. I agree with the poster who said Addison will become the next Bertha. A distant cousin of mine named his boy/girl twins Aiden and Addison - ugh trendy overload.
afmastro  1/18/2009
Addison is a city outside of Dallas, Texas. It was named after Addison Robertson, a man, in 1902.
I agree re: This is as hideous as Madison and there should be a law put into effect banning the naming of any further innocent little girls from being subject to this surname.
faye  1/24/2009
Personally, I find this a hideous name, not because of its masculine meaning, but I hate hate hate the sound.
It's very trendy and overused. Bleh.
emmiix3  2/27/2009
I feel bad for the girls who are going to have to live with this name!
― Anonymous User  6/24/2009
It's an ugly sick name on a girl. All it does is remind me of the Addison's Disease, someone who names their kid this must have extremely poor taste.
― Anonymous User  7/5/2009
It would seem that the popularity of the name DOES have something to do with its similarity to Madison. I see that even Emerson is emerging as a fem. Name. Ultimately, these "-son" names for girls was probably greatly influenced by the decades-long popularity of Alison/Allison.

That name (as a first name, anyway) is considered a diminutive of Alice and has little to do with being anyone's "son." However, Madison/Addison/Emerson seem to be following a pattern of taking a somewhat uppercrusty last name (or even male first name) that MIGHT be considered a bit effete as a boy's name in the 21st C. And using it for girls. And even though some posters feel that this is a name that won't "age well," it is likely BECAUSE the name was perceived as being brisk, businesslike and mature that some parents opt for this (and similar) names.

Of course, in less formal settings these particular "-son" names can give way to quite feminine sounding (and already existing nicknames): Maddie, Addie and Emmie. So for some parents, this is the best of both worlds.
gbcallahan  7/5/2009
I think I actually slightly prefer the way overused and tacky Madison, which at least doesn't sound quite as harsh as Addison. Not only is this the name of a disease, but it also sounds like "Add a son." What is with the popularity of these -son names for girls? The only legit female name ending in -son which I know of is Allison! If you want the nickname Addie, why not just use Adeline, Adele, or Adela as the formal name? Addison just sounds so ugly and tacky.
Anyechka  8/7/2009
This name is even uglier than Madison, and I agree with Anyechka's comment: a name like Adele or Adeline would be better if you wanted to call your daughter Addie.
bananarama  8/11/2009
Addison is horrible name for a girl. I catch not why how parents are taking boy's names (Madison, Peyton, Hayden, Riley) and turning them into girl's names! It means Adam's son!
MaggieSimpson  9/19/2009
Before this site I never heard Addison being a boys name. Same with Madison. I know plenty of Madisons none of which are boys. I can't imagine either of these on boys. I know two Addisons also both girls. I wouldn't name my boys these names because they sound girly to me even though they end in -son.
Ranchie  10/9/2009
I really like this name, but I would NEVER use it since it's super trendy, there is a disease called Addison's disease and also because of Addison Montgomery. I wouldn't want people to think that I named my kid after a Tv character. Still, I do like the name.
McHobbit  10/24/2009
Yet, another ultra tacky -son name. Who would name a GIRL son of Adam? BUT it sounds to girlish for a boy. It's one of the worst names I've ever heard.
italiannames  12/26/2009
I do like this name but I feel like it should be pronounced Ad-dee-sun. The name is popular in America ONLY and the Americans cannot seem to pronounce it correctly. In the North it's mainly Ah-dee-sun, in the South it sounds a lot like Edison (think Thomas Edison). Ah-dee-sn also seems to be a common mispronunciation.
― Anonymous User  12/30/2009
My best GUY friend's name is Addison and personally I like it. He is the first Addison I have met and the name seems to fit him. Now that I know him, it is hard for me to imagine a little girl named Addison, it just doesn't seem right to me. Oh well. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions.
KyDaBomb  1/6/2010
Why would anyone name a girl something that means "son of Adam?" Ludicrous.
kazoopilot  2/9/2010
Just like Maddison, this name is gaining popularity in Australia. Our family friend and a cousin of mine (neither of the two sets of parents know each other) both have daughters named Addison, born within a year of each other. I don't particularly think it's pretty or unique, and the fact that it means "Son of Adam" is perplexing.

I dare say this name will become overused in the near future, just like my name, Sarah, and names like Jessica, Rebecca, and Mary, and all those common things.
sarah-grrrl  4/1/2010
I used to think this was like a girly-girl name, until today during class I asked the redneck guy next to me what his middle name was, and he said Addison! It was his grandmother's maiden name, so I didn't laugh. Now I looked it up on here, and I'm loving it for a guy!
lovingmother  5/19/2010
This name makes me think of a hyperactive, obnoxious kindergardener with ADD. I don't know why, I guess it's the "Add" prefix. I would say that nowadays it is more a female name, however not one of my favourites. "A-D-D-ison". Haha!
― Anonymous User  7/7/2010
#12 on the Social Security Administration's list of girls named in 2009 in the USA. Fits with all the Aidan variations for boys and Madison variations for girls. I think it's awful. I don't like Madison either, but this is ten times worse. I don't judge people by their names but I do judge their mothers. Addison's mommie almost made the honor roll once in high school, went to community college, has a maxed-out Discover card, and stalks her husband's ex-girlfriends on MySpace.
― Anonymous User  8/23/2010
This is such an ugly name for a girl. It means SON of Adam. It's okay for a boy, but not one of my favorites.
Chrila96  9/9/2010
I think Addison sounds better as a boy's name. But then again I'm rather inbetween. It seems too feminine to be a boys name and yet too masculine to be a girls name. But I think I'm still leaning more towards a boy.
knitastick  10/9/2010
I think this is a really handsome name for a guy. On girls it just sounds ugly.
Chrila96  10/24/2010
I absolutely cannot stand female names ending with -son.
― Anonymous User  11/3/2010
Whoa. This is a very opinionated name. I heard the name for a girl first but its spelled Addyson. The "y" makes is look more feminine but it still means son of Adam. It seems like the style now is to name girls, guy names. For example Jameson, Hunter, Tyler, Jordan, etc.
MirandaIrie  12/28/2010
The name of the snake that messed with Eve and Adam was called Addison.

I swear it's true. :)
― Anonymous User  1/15/2011
Uh- the "snake that messed with Adam and Eve" was Satan. Not sure how you decided it was called Addison. Maybe you were thinking of Adder?
― Anonymous User  2/24/2011
One of my favorite girls' names. Nickname: Addi. I can picture a sweet little girl and an independent woman with this name.
bonjourfrenchfry  7/24/2011
This name sounds very masculine to me. I don't see how you can get more masculine than "son of Adam". There's much nicer ways to get the nickname Addy for a girl. There's also a disease called Addison's Disease, which turns me off the name even more. I hoping this name along with Madison will soon fade from popularity and become this generation's version of Gladys, Mildred, Gretchen, Myrtle where the vast majority of future generations will look back and wonder why on earth these names got to be so popular in the first place and shun them.
― Anonymous User  8/8/2011
Didn't anyone read the meaning of this name?! It literally means SON of ADAM. I think any name ending in "SON" should be reserved for the male population because in most cases it will mean SON of whoever his parent (usually, father) was!

Also, children should not have to be confused about their genders. If in doubt, look up the song "A Boy named Sue".
GibsonGirl  8/14/2011
I cannot put my finger to it but there is something I really really dislike about the name Addison. It's not the fact that it's unisex, I don't mind the name Madison. It's by no means a favorite of mine but I've certainly heard worse. Addison kind of sound like "Add a son" or "Add us in" in my head.
Proctorness  9/8/2011
I've always viewed it as masculine, despite its similarity to Alison. I can picture it quite easily on a young boy or grown man, but it's difficult for me to see it on a girl or woman. It very obviously mean "SON of Adam"; all these nonsense "child of Adam" and "awesome" meanings are complete bogus. It has -son right there. Are you people blind? Can you not read?

And for the ones who want to use this name for a girl; is something wrong with the much better names Adelaide and Adeline?
Black_X  9/15/2011
Before I never liked this name for some reason, but somewhat overnight it grew on me, I think it is much more of a girls name than a boys.
ImSorryIfILoveYou96  9/27/2011
My name is Addisyn (spelled with a y) and my nickname is Addie. I am a girl and never have even thought about it being a boys name.
addiek11  10/17/2011
Addison Timlin is an American actress.
― Anonymous User  12/12/2011
Addison is a nice name and the fact that there are so many bad responses is ridiculous. This can be the perfect name for the new modern mommy's in the world. This is feminine but at the same time it has a good masculine feeling to it in case your daughter is a tomboy because, let's face it- in this day and age not many daughters are girly anymore because everyone wants to be unique. And this might be a win-win situation if she turns out to be 'different'.
555jazzy  12/29/2012
I am so tired of this name, and pretty much all names ending with '-son' at this point. Madison, Allison, Addison- all of them! They are so overused it's not even funny anymore. And what's with all these nice boys names being used as girl names? I'm sick of it!
― Anonymous User  3/1/2013
I know a person who spelled her daughter's name 'Adysen'.
foreverslowly  4/5/2013
I find Addison to be a handsome name for a boy, not to keen on it as a trendy girls' name.
Tiger Lilly  6/16/2013
The name Addison was only given to 169 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
Oohvintage  7/19/2013
I am a girl named Addison Leigh, but I go by Addi. I always liked my name because it was unique. I didn't know anyone else with it. Addison sounds confident to me, while Addi sounds cute - so I often use the different versions of the name depending on the situation I'm in. It wasn't until the past few years that every other baby's name is Addison (I blame Grey's Anatomy). I personally don't know any boys named Addison.
addisonfo  1/26/2014
My name is Addison and I'm a girl and I don't mean to sound conceited or anything, but I think it is a very beautiful name and in my opinion I like it better as a girl name.
― Anonymous User  7/22/2014
We named our son Addison because his dad's name is Adam and it was our way to giving him a form of a family name since the meaning of Addison is 'son of Adam'. Also, Wrigley field is on Addison avenue so it was a given for us! We also call him AJ like his father and plan to use that when he starts school if he doesn't like having a 'girls name'. I think it's a beautiful masculine name for a boy! The show Greys Anatomy helped make the name popular as a girls name, but all trending aside, the name is deeply rooted as masculine.
Cubbies  7/28/2014
I don't really like this name - it sounds like one picked by parents who liked Madison but wanted their baby to have a "different" name, except it's not really different anymore. I'm also not big on names ending in -son for either gender. Having said that, being named Addison is not going to make a little girl "confused about her gender," for heaven's sake.
― Anonymous User  9/3/2014
I dislike the surname-as-a-given-name trend. Unless the surname means something significant to the family - such as the mother's maiden name - it tends to sound pretentious. So, I probably would have disliked this name anyway but to make matters worse it's the name of an auto immune disease of the adrenal glands. It makes a good name only if Diabetes Mellitus and Cancer make pretty names.
tassie  10/24/2014
This name is a guilty pleasure of mine! I'd never use it but I really like it!
namefan5000  12/29/2014
I was born in 1994 and my name is Addison. I go by Addy and personally I like that spelling better than Addie. I live in the south and I've never gotten anything but compliments. It wasn't just a "trend name" I don't know anyone with the name Addison, but I do know a couple of people who have the nickname Addy. The "son of Adam" business? Come on now. Courtney and Shelby were once old sailor names. So screw people who say it's gross and masculine. It's all about perception and if you're too small minded to see that, go with a name like Trisha.
AddisonLyn  1/7/2015
I love this name and consider naming my kid this. I found out about the name when reading this book in 6th grade that I love. I'm not a huge fan of the nickname Addie only because I've had a bad nickname when I was young and I wouldn't want my kid to end up with a nickname like Addie. I've heard that it's also a boy's name though I've never met a boy named Addison. It does sound masculine but I'd like it as my kid's name.
― Anonymous User  2/4/2015
I am a female and my name is Addison. Everyone calls me Addie. I was in a a group in college with a guy named Addison who had been in the group for a year before I came. Everyone saw it as a boys name until I came and ever since then they have all said that it works much better on females. I like that it's unique for women my age to have this name and I think if you have the right middle name (for instance my name is Addie Lee) it can work quite nicely for a girl!
― Anonymous User  2/16/2015
While I prefer this name on a girl, I do think it sounds a little strange. It's a surname and feels like it's missing a first letter (like Madison or something.) Addie/Addy is a favorite nickname of mine. I think it is a lovely name and will do well aging. I wish it meant something besides son of Adam. Adam means earth, red, man. So he meaning isn't special for a woman or girl:(
LV51sfan91  4/5/2015
Total boys name. I cringe everytime I get a female student with this name.

Also, I'm pretty sure it was mentioned at some point on Grey's Anatomy that Addison Montgomery was given a family surname for her first name (possibly her mother's maiden name).
wbbuff  4/8/2015
I absolutely love this name. We named our daughter Addison 3 years ago and I could not imagine her name being anything else. She is strong and beautiful and so smart (she is like a little adult - her favorite past time is puzzles). She reminds me of the old character on Grey's Anatomy (which we watch so maybe that's where we got it). We originally wanted to name her Kensington but felt it would be a really hard name to learn and LONG. One day I said Addison and my husband and I never changed our minds. She is Addison Kristina (after my sister) and I think it was the perfect choice. Her nickname (mostly from daycare and baby speak) is Addi.
KelleyW  4/8/2015
I went to a baby shower recently and they were naming their daughter this with Addi for short. I think this name is adorable, especially Addi!
thenamer007  5/17/2015
Eh... I prefer Addison more for a boy.
― Anonymous User  5/25/2015
Literally means "son of Adam" and is the name of a disease... oh yeah, let's all use it for our daughters! Great idea!

Addison is one of the ugliest girl's names I've ever heard.
― Anonymous User  7/5/2015
Addison is a name that in my impression means strong and advanced. Every Addison I have ever met, including myself, is in advanced classes plays a sport and comes from a family of smart people that like the outdoors and sports.
Boobooaddison  7/11/2015
Many people believe that Addison is a masculine boys name but I have never even come in contact with a boy named Addison. Girls make Addison a beautiful name and most fit into the beauty of Addison.
― Anonymous User  7/11/2015
I hate the meaning son of Adam for the name Addison because I know over 3 girls named Addison and they are all, except maybe 1, full on girly girls. Addison is a beautiful name that rolls over the tongue beautifully.
― Anonymous User  7/11/2015
As a guy named Addison, I just want to thank everyone who said it sounded like a masculine, or handsome name. It gets old getting mail (for example) that is addressed to Ms. Addison... We all know what happens when one assumes...
polluxdc  8/24/2015
I know a boy and a girl named Addison, the boy's dad's named Adam and the girl's parents just liked the name. I've always preferred this name on a girl because it's gorgeous and trendy, unlike the horrible overused Madison!
― Anonymous User  9/12/2015
Pronounced "add-i (as in igloo) -son".
― Anonymous User  9/12/2015
This name is so cute! I love the name Addison for a girl! Sounds very stylish!
― Anonymous User  10/17/2015
I like this name and prefer it for a BOY! (: Addison is very boyish.

I am proud to say that I don't view this name as feminine or suitable on girls and will never use it on that gender.
― Anonymous User  10/22/2015
Everyone who is making fun of the name Addison, it's my name, and I've never really liked it either. When I was young (I am female) I used to want to change my name to Daisy or Lily or something like that. But to hate it and bully it so harshly just seems cruel to me. I read this comment that said ' Addison's mommie almost made the honor roll once in high school, has a maxed out DISCOVER card, and stalks her husband's ex-girlfriends on myspace." It is not your right to make a judgement on someone you've never met, nor slather these false impressions all over these people, cruelly bullying them just because of their choice of name. People have the right to choose whatever name they want for their children, and you can't judge them because of it. Now to name a kid Zshsjsjsnmamaksjdnannana, that's not exactly wishing the best upon them. But don't judge an entire person just because they named their child Addison. And, P.S., it is the 21st century. Women and men can both do whatever they want. What's wrong with a girl's name meaning 'son of Adam?' Plenty of people name their daughters Kennedy, a beautiful name, and it means 'deformed head.'
NameNerd8  12/8/2015
As I said on the page for the name Madison, I don't understand the usage of surnames meaning specifically "son of x" as feminine given names. Since when are daughters sons?

As a masculine name, I have no problems with it.

I would be willing to bet that in a similar way to Madison, a large portion of the usage of this name as a feminine name comes from the ability to use the 'cute' diminutive Addy/Addie.
YITYNR  1/5/2016
I love and prefer this name for a boy and if I ever did use this name, it would be on a male regardless if character, pet or child. I think Addison is awful on a girl.
― Anonymous User  1/8/2016
My name is Addison and I am a girl. I understand your use for the name as a boy but I want to shed some light on why it is a perfect name for a girl. Whenever people I know say it to a boy I know called Addison they say it differently because that is what their mind does, having the owner of the name being a male. But when they say my name it clicks into "hey this this a female" and sounds correct both ways. My nicknames are Addy or Addie.
Boobooaddison  1/16/2016
Ugh! These comments are making me annoyed after reading them after my last comment on the name Addison... The people who don't like it on girls, it's most likely because they just haven't heard it on a girl before and it is true that another meaning is "awesome". I personally do not care if it is on a male or female, but to the people who say things like "This is a disgusting name for a girl" "ugly" etc etc etc. Hello! Have you even met a girl with this name and if you have and you still think this way...I don't even know what to say. I guess that it's your opinion.
And for the people who say that they do not like this because of Addison's disease and would use it other than that reason I'll tell you so that you do not have to worry that never in my life have I been compared to Addison's disease or even been asked about this. So to put your mind at ease nothing is bad about Addison.
Also, I HAVE been accidentally called Maddison/Madison but for the other people who are like "this is just a spinoff of Maddison/Madison I'll tell you that in history, Addison came first (I have researched this) and Maddison is actually a spinoff of Addison. Addison came first and to your surprise used to be known as a beautiful girl's name that many wanted themselves. Then along came Maddison and now Maddison has been a popular name for a very long time.
Just to add: I do not dislike the name Maddison. In fact, a very close friend of mine has that name. However, I do dislike how people dislike Addison compared to Maddison

I have researched these things to prove myself correct, by the way.
Boobooaddison  1/16/2016
I have an 11 year old daughter I named Addisyn Camille. I changed the "o" to "y" because I thought it was different; so I thought, lol... She was named after my father who died six years before she was born. It is a family name & that means more than someone's opinion on it being a boy's or girl's name! We call her Addie for short, but she will quickly correct you & tell you her name is "Addisyn!" She is very proud of her name because she knows it's not justified as just the son Adam.
― Anonymous User  2/18/2016
I much prefer this name for a boy and feel that it just doesn't work at all on a girl. Not just the meaning but the sound of it. That being said, ignore others claiming that this name reminds them of some disease. Yes, Addison disease, but who honestly cares? Wilson is a fairly common surname and there's Wilson's disease. If anything, Addison's disease was most likely named after somebody which indicates to me that the name was known before the disease was ever reported. It was a name well before it was ever a reported disease.
― Anonymous User  3/9/2016
Well I've named my little girl Addison, not because it's trendy.. Here in the UK no one has this name.. I think it's beautiful and suits my daughter perfectly. We shorten it to Addy a lot.. And her middle name is Rae (another unisex name) everyone we've come across loves it.
Emauk  3/17/2016
My name is Adison, and I'm a female. I've always liked meeting others named Adison but I didn't personally like it for me. Whenever people called me by my name instead of my preferred nickname I always felt out of place. I have four guy friends and three girl friends that are all named Adison. No one makes fun of them for their names because it's just not odd to us. I recently decided to change my name because I didn't think the name my parents chose fit my personality. It just isn't me. People say that Adison should only be used as a male's name but I think it sounds okay for both genders.
Nik_K13  3/20/2016
Just to make it clear to any subsequent people posting here, the meaning of this name is "son of Adam", hence why I (and many other users) dislike its use as a feminine given name. The claims that Addison also means "awesome" are unsubstantiated and thus are probably little more than nonsense.
YITYNR  3/24/2016
Yes, it is masculine. No, it's not pretty on a girl, though it's admittedly better than Madison. It just SOUNDS like a male name, though admittedly I don't love it on a guy either. It's not even remotely pleasing on a woman or girl, though the nickname "Addie" is cute. Why not name your daughter Alison, Adelaide, Ada, Adele, Adeline, or Adrienne instead?
RoseTintsMyWorld  5/10/2016
Why would you name your daughter something that means "son of"? Why not an actual feminine name, like Adeline or Adelaide? I do like the nickname Addie, though.
― Anonymous User  5/14/2016
Madison is not a spinoff of Addison. Madison means "son of Maude". I have met girl Addisons, and I still think what I've thunk before (yes, I realize "thunk" isn't a real word, it's just an expression): it's a masculine name. I don't care how many girls are named Addison, it doesn't make it any more feminine.
Morgan1599  5/14/2016
I really like this name because it kind of reminds me of April, or isn't there a day like Addison Day? I forgot if there is or isn't. This name is as cheery as summer and spring combined.
― Anonymous User  6/8/2016
The name Addison was given to 152 boys born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/18/2016
I love my Addison! Yes she is my daughter. I want her to grow up in a world where she can be anyone or anything she wants to be! I love the way her name sounds. I am proud of her name and everything she stands for. Addie is her nickname. Reading some of these comments makes me laugh. Everyone has an opinion right? My name Lauren is also a male name, but you know what? I love it. It is now almost always used on girls. I think people should get over boy names on girls! Don't put us down. We love our cute names! This is 2016! Grow up and get over it. You better watch out, I'm thinking of naming our next daughter Franklin! I love my sweet, smart, spunky, and totally unique Addison. She is brave, kind, beautiful, and sassy! If she ever looks up her name in the future and sees all these nasty comments, I hope this one sticks out!
LTMarie  7/30/2016
My daughter's name is Addison. Addison Avery. I love her name and her fits her well :)
― Anonymous User  2/18/2017
When I gave my son the name of Addison in 2000, it was only listed in the male section of the baby name books. It was not considered a unisex name for a few more years. In walks greys anatomy and the name freaking exploded for girls.
Mommy275  7/11/2017
My first name is Addison, second name is Elizabeth (after Elizabeth Cady Stanton). I have always liked my name for a girl or a boy, and don’t have an opinion on how people should use it. Addison’s Disease never comes to mind when people learn my name. All they say is “Oh, that’s cute” or “That’s really pretty.” I am a bit tomboyish, so this name goes with me well, being a boys and girls name. Makes me sad that people think it’s trendy. I have never once heard of or met another person with the name Addison.
― Anonymous User  10/1/2017
My girl is called Addison Violet-Rose... Addison was my nana's maiden name and Violet Rosetta was Nana's first and middle names... a perfect way to honour my nana... I find it hard to imagine it as a boy's name. As a teacher of 20 years I have only taught one girl Addison... and know of the doctor off Private Practice Addison Montgomery, and I loved her character.
Coruba1  11/15/2017
I think this name is okay for a boy, but for a girl it sounds quite obnoxious.
XxTween.BeanxX  12/28/2017
My niece's name is Addison. Her nickname is Addy.
danielle170  2/9/2018
The name Addison was given to 85 boys born in the US in 2016.
― Anonymous User  3/1/2018

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