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The meaning you have I don't think is right. I am called Ailsa and I think it means fairy, and it can mean rock, so it means fairy rock.
― Anonymous User  10/5/2005
I think it is beautiful.
― Anonymous User  12/2/2005
I've also read that Ailsa Craig's origin is Gaelic Aillse Creag, which means "fairy island".
Elly747  3/8/2006
Yes, but given that the island is named after Alfsigr, which means 'elf victory', it follows that fairies could tie in there somewhere. ;0) I think Ailsa is a pretty, soft sounding name.
visitor27  3/17/2007
Pronounced AY-il-suh.
― Anonymous User  3/20/2007
Ailsa Stewart (née O'Rourke; previously Hogan) was a fictional character in the Australian soap opera Home and Away.
LMS  8/5/2007
The Volvo Ailsa B55 was a front-engined double-decker bus chassis built in Scotland by Ailsa, Volvo's British commercial vehicle agency.
LMS  8/5/2007
Ailsa Craig is an island in the outer Firth of Clyde, Scotland where granite was quarried to make curling stones.
LMS  8/5/2007
Ailsa Piper is an Australian television actress of the 1980s 1990s. She is most famous for playing Ruth Wilkinson/Martin in the soap opera Neighbours from 1996 until 1999.
― Anonymous User  8/5/2007
My parents were from China and they moved to the U.S. in New York. They got my name from a big book of names and they found Ailsa. My dad chose it even though my mother wanted it to be Alisa so they always pronounced it Elsa. I never knew it was pronounced AY-il-sa.
― Anonymous User  11/5/2007
Wow, this is such a pretty name.
scholasticastewart  2/9/2008
'Modern Scottish name from Ailsa Craig, a rocky islet in the Clyde estuary off Ayrshire coast. Derived from Old Norse-Viking Alfisigesy "island off Alfsigr"; composed of alf "supernatural being, elf" + sigi "victory". Possible anglicization of Ealasaid. Ailsa Craig is known in Gaelic as Allasa, or Creag Ealasaid. Form of Elsa from Hebrew Elizabeth, "consecrated to God."'
― Anonymous User  2/28/2011
Ailsa is pronounced AYL-sə.
Kate  4/23/2011
It also means "cheerful" or "girl of cheer"
At least that's why I was named it.
ailsathesexualpotato  2/23/2014
My Scottish nana always pronounced my name ale-za, even though everyone else used the s sound. And since she had an r-ful dialect, she actually said

Constant correcting of pronunciation and spelling, but I like it fine. Works for any age. I have had it from birth to 74!
ailsa  8/24/2014
The meaning of the name of the island Ailsa Craig is "Fairy Rock".
I grew up holidaying on the West Coast of Scotland and seeing Ailsa Craig every summer morning and decided then to name my daughter if I had one Ailsa... and Ailsa has just walked in as I type this... hehehe.
― Anonymous User  9/4/2015
I love names that relate to rocks, as I am a geologist:) My son is named Peter. I think this name is very pretty. It looks very similar to Alisa, and for me it takes a second glance to tell them apart, since the only difference is the reversed position of the "l" and "i". Either way, Ailsa and Alisa are both very beautiful names!
― Anonymous User  12/8/2015
To me, it looks like a Scottish form of Alice or Alicia.
Hushpuppy  2/8/2016
My name is Ailsa, and I get a lot of "Oh, like Elsa from Frozen?" I love my name, but it gets a little bit annoying. I also have a very complicated last name so I have to spell out my entire name, letter by letter, each time someone needs to spell it. I have been called: Elsa, Alisa, Alissa, Alyssa, Allison, Alisha, etc.
Ailsa7  5/29/2016

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