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I have also heard this name prononced al-LEE-NEE.
-- Anonymous User  5/3/2005
This is a town in Oklahoma.
-- wiswina  8/17/2005
Never name a child this, it's just cruel.
-- aeg  8/20/2005
In France it's pronounced Ah-Leen.
-- LilyDeParis75  8/25/2005
I have a friend who pronounces it ah-LYNN.
-- Alphlyka  10/21/2006
I know a girl who pronounces her name AY-leen.
-- floppery  10/21/2006
It is a short form of Adeline which comes from German "Edel" & "Lind" meaning Noble and Kind.
-- aline b  12/6/2006
It is rare in France but more common in Québec and Libya! And you can find 'Alina' in Eastern Europe.
-- aline b  12/6/2006
When I was young I hated it because I was the only one at school. Now I love it because of the same reason.
-- aline b  12/6/2006
It is pronounced like A-lee-NUH in Norwegian.
-- Anonymous User  6/6/2008
A famous bearer of this name was Aline (Charigot) Renoir, wife of the famous impressionist painter Pierre Auguste Renoir.
-- Luanna  8/27/2008
Aline Bonjour is a Swiss skier.
-- enchy  8/13/2009
Aline is the name of the heroine of Gilbert and Sullivan's operetta The Sorcerer.
-- Kosta  8/12/2010
Also used in Portuguese - pronounced [uh-LINN] [noted -ed]
-- SugarPlumFairy  12/7/2010
I'm in love with this name :)
I think it's beautiful and I'd definitely name my child Aline.
My favorite pronunciation is ah-LEEN.
-- enchy  6/4/2011
Aline Beringar is the wife of sheriff Hugh Beringar in Ellis Peters' " Brother Cadfael" series of detective novels.
-- diluna25  6/1/2014
The name Aline was given to 51 girls born in the US in 2015.
-- HerculePoirot  6/17/2016

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