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PronouncedPron.A-LEEN French
ə-LEEN Portuguese
ay-LEEN English

Meaning & History

Medieval short form of ADELINE. As an English name, in modern times it has sometimes been regarded as a variant of EILEEN. This was the name of a popular 1965 song by the French singer Christophe.
VariantsLine French Aileen, Alene, Eileen, Ilene, Ilean, Ileen English
Other Languages & CulturesAdela, Adelina, Alda, Ava, Avelina, Aveza, Avila Ancient Germanic Adelina Bulgarian Adéla Czech Evelien, Eveline Dutch Evelin Estonian Adele, Eveliina Finnish Adele, Adelina, Ava, Alina, Evelin German Adél, Ada, Evelin Hungarian Eibhlín, Eileen, Aileen Irish Adele, Adelina, Alda, Ada, Alina, Evelina, Lina Italian Evelina Lithuanian Adela, Alina, Ewelina Polish Adela, Adelina, Alina Romanian Aileen Scottish Adela, Adelia, Adelina Spanish Adelita Spanish (Latin American) Evelina Swedish


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