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PronouncedPron.e-ve-LEE-na Italian
e-ve-LEE-nah Swedish

Meaning & History

Latinate form of AVELINE. It was revived by the author Fanny Burney for the heroine of her first novel 'Evelina' (1778). It is often regarded as a variant of the related name EVELYN or an elaboration of EVE.
VariantsAvaline, Aveline English
DiminutivesLina English Lina Italian
Other Languages & CulturesAva, Avelina, Aveza, Avila Ancient Germanic Evelien, Eveline Dutch Evelin Estonian Eveliina Finnish Évelyne, Eveline French Ava, Evelin German Evelin Hungarian Aileen, Eibhlín, Eileen Irish Ewelina Polish Aileen Scottish
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