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Amalia means "God's work" in Hebrew. It can also be used as a vernacular name for Malka.
Miss Claire  12/5/2004
Also an ancient Greek name, from the word "amalos", means soft.
Damis  3/3/2005
I suspect that the meaning of this name is derived from a Semitic language such as Hebrew or Arabic. The Arabic word for "work" is "amal" (ayin, mim, lam).
mlap8514  7/30/2008
The word "amal" is a Hebrew word, meaning - labor. Therefor, "Amalia" means "God's labor" in Hebrew; And therefor, obviously, it is also a Hebrew name.
Tadpole  1/29/2009
Amal means work in Hebrew and Arabic.
TheR  5/7/2009
Doesn't Amal also mean - hope, expectation, aspiration - in arabic? It sounds beautiful for me.
selena13  4/22/2014
My nana's name, I love her so much! It means "hard worker" She is a hard worker!

Also my friend from Norway's name, She spells it Amalie, but some people pronounce it "om-ah-lay" like that girl from the movie Ameile.
firestar11  8/10/2015
A Hebrew origin might have preceded the Germanic one. "Amal" (biblical) means work, labor; "-ia" a suffix signifying the Hebrew name of God. Hence Amal-ia, "the labor of god". Probably as in worshiping or toiling in the service of God in some other way.
Nahum  3/10/2018

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