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Anastasia was also the name of the last Grand Duchess of Russia, who is said to have escaped death when the rest of her family was massacred. Her death is one of the greatest mysteries in the world.
anastazsia  1/15/2005
Anastasia was a Russian Tsar's daughter. Her family, including: her mother, father, three older sisters, and little brother were all said to be shot to death while imprisoned. Anastasia was said to be the only one to survive. All her families bodies were covered in acid and burnt. There was no evidence to suggest (or not suggest) that Anastasia shared the fate of her family.
― Anonymous User  11/28/2005
Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov, the youngest daughter of Nicholas II and Alexandra, was popularly believed for many years to have mysteriously survived the massacre that killed the rest of her family. When the remains of the royal family were examined, forensic scientists declared that there were no remains present that matched either Anastasia or her brother, Alexi. A woman calling herself Anna Anderson was believed by many people, including herself, to be Anastasia. A DNA test conducted in 1997, using a sample from Romanov descendant Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, proved that Anderson was not Anastasia, but a Polish factory worker who disappeared around the same time as the Romanov massacre. The Romanov remains were examined again before being interred in a royal tomb in Russia in 2002. This time, the scientists concluded that the bones of Anastasia were indeed present - it is her sister Maria's bones, in addition to Alexi's, that are missing.
elizabeth hamlet  12/4/2006
Actually there is dispute among scientists as to whether it is Anastasia's body or Maria's missing.
tomboy  3/11/2007
Anastasia is a beautiful, elegant, grand name that anyone would be proud to have as their own.
Mommy2B  4/6/2005
The name Anastasia can also mean rebirth or resurrection.
disasterstruck  6/24/2005
Very regal name that also became a 1956 3-time Oscar nominated movie. Ingrid Bergman won the Oscar for best actress in 1957.
Alena  7/15/2005
As I know the name "Anastasia" means "Resurrection". I think I have one of the most beautiful names in the world. My French friend said that the number of letters "À" makes it very sexual.
Anastasia  10/4/2005
The Russian pronunciation of this name is /ah-nah-stah-SEE-yah/.
― Anonymous User  10/4/2005
A popular name, with a sexy background. It's a very beautiful name and brings up an impression of someone light-haired, thin, and beautiful.
PssycatDoll  11/4/2005
A famous bearer in the Netherlands is Anna van Lippe-Biesterfeld van Vollenhoven. She is the daughter of prince Maurits and princess Marilene of Orange-Nassau. Actually her full name is: Anastasia Margriet Josephine. Her parents are still in the line of the Dutch throne.
― Anonymous User  11/16/2005
Anastasia is the most beautiful name! The meaning and everything in it makes it the perfect name, for me.
― Anonymous User  11/28/2005
The most commonly celebrated Name Day for Greeks with the name Anastasios and Anastasia is Greek Easter, as the name means "resurrection." This is a moveable feast day, falling on a different Sunday each year.
― Anonymous User  12/11/2005
The name Anastasia means "she will rise again".
Arowen Half-Elven  12/15/2005
Classy! I love it either way you pronounce it.
classy  1/13/2006
There is a great song by Tori Amos called Yes, Anastasia.
viper  5/28/2006
Anastasia Krupnik was the main character of Lois Lowry's Anastasia books. I don't know if anyone else's read them, though!
pei_yC  6/16/2006
Anastasia is the name of one of the wicked stepsisters in the fairytale "Cinderella."
― Anonymous User  7/10/2006
Also Russian.
emiliana94  8/4/2006
Staci Keanan´s real name is Anastasia Sagorsky.
Maggie_Simpson  8/6/2006
I don't really like this name, it sounds cold and snootish, sorry if I offended anyone.
― Anonymous User  9/29/2006
I studied Koine Greek in college, and did the etymology of my first name. Ana is a preposition which means 'back up' or 'up again', and stasis is the future form of the verb histemi, which means 'to stand' or 'to rise'. So the literal meaning of the name is 's/he who shall rise up again.' It was apparently given to children born around Easter during the early years of Christianity. I pronounce it ah-nah-stah-SI-Ah, which is the pronunciation used in Holland and Russia.
anastasianicole  10/10/2006
Beautiful name, but hard to pull off.
nothingshortoftragic  12/12/2006
This is a wonderful name, and I would definitely consider naming my kid this.
pussycat doll  1/2/2007
We pronounce it a-na-STA-see-a because we feel it sounds more like Staci (which is my mommy's name).
victoire  1/4/2007
A not so famous bearer is Megan Mullaly's character on Will&Grace, her name is Karen Walker, but her alias is Anastasia Beverhausen. Anastasia as in the Russian royal, and Beverhausen as in ... where the beaver lives.
Mia Gina  2/25/2007
I think that this name is very pretty. I've never known anyone who carried it but it is still nice.
spaz123  4/3/2007
Anastasia´s pet forms are Staci, Anaska, Anasta, Nastia, Tasia, Stasia.
Karcoolka  4/9/2007
Anastasia Piper is a minor character in Charles Dickens' novel "Bleak House."
― Anonymous User  4/28/2007
I love this name and it is even my Christian name. :D My 1st born daughter well be named Anastasia Marie (“Anastasia” after myself and the Grand Duchess Saint Anastasia).
MandieCampbell  5/4/2007
Anastasia is a unique and beautiful name and I'm proud to have it.
punk_godess  5/18/2007
Love the name, I am Russian and this name is quite popular in Russia, Nastya for short (which I don't like), but in English speaking coutries this name really sounds great, very regal, classy, noble, elegant, feminine, definitely not boring. I am considering it for a middle name for my daughter.
Homecats  6/26/2007
Another bearer of this name is Anastasia "Stacey" Elizabeth McGill, who is a character in the famed baby-sitter's Club series.
AnnikaGodiva  6/30/2007
It´s also a Czech name. Name Day: 15th April.
Ronja  7/3/2007
Anastasia with the pet names Tasia, Tasoula, Stasa and Natasa is used quite commonly in Greece.
― Anonymous User  8/17/2007
In relation to Anastasia Romanov, the remains of Aleksei and most likely Maria were just found this month (August 2007). Excerpts from a news article about it from the Associated Press.

Archaeologist says bones found in Russia belong to the missing son of czar Nicholas II.
By Mike Eckel, Associated Press
Article Launched: 08/24/2007 09:33:14 PM PDT

MOSCOW - Prosecutors announced Friday that they have reopened an investigation into the deaths of the last Russian czar and his family nearly 90 years ago after an archaeologist reported that he may have found the missing remains of Nicholas II's son and heir to the throne. The announcement of the reopened investigation signaled the government might be taking seriously the claims made Thursday by Yekaterinburg researcher Sergei Pogorelov.

In comments broadcast on NTV, Pogorelov said bones found in a burned area of ground near Yekaterinburg belong to a boy and a young woman roughly the ages of Nicholas' 13-year-old hemophiliac son, Alexei, and a daughter whose remains also never have been found.

Yekaterinburg is the Urals Mountain city where Czar Nicholas II, his wife, Alexandra, and their five children were held prisoner by the communists and then shot in 1918. Pogorelov, an archaeologist at a regional center for the preservation of historical and cultural monuments in Yekaterinburg, said the spot where the remains were found appears to correspond to a site in a written description by Yakov Yurovsky, leader of the family's killers.

"An anthropologist has determined that the bones belong to two young individuals - a young male he found was aged roughly 10-13 and a young woman about 18-23," he told NTV television by telephone. Historians say guards shot the royal family and four attendants in the basement of a nobleman's house. The bodies were then loaded onto a truck and initially dumped in a mine shaft but were later moved, according to most accounts.

Parts of the bodies were exhumed in 1991 - the year the Soviet Union broke apart - and reburied in St. Petersburg in 1998. But two sets of remains weren't found then: those of Alexei and a daughter scientists believe was Maria.

According to NTV, a 1934 report based on Yurovsky's words indicated the bodies of nine victims were doused with sulfuric acid and buried along a road, while those of Alexei and a sister were burned and left in a pit nearby.
khensonm  8/29/2007
I adore this name and its meaning "she will rise again". I would love to have a daughter and call her this, upper class sounding. My mother was going to name me and my twin brother after the two Russian tsars though my father changed my name to a pet form of Alexsandra.
― Anonymous User  9/24/2007
Radu Sîrbu (the Romanian singer) has a daugher named Anastasia-Dalia. Beautiful, beautiful name. Okay maybe I am somewhat biased because it is Radu's daughter but, yknow.
― Anonymous User  10/20/2007
There is an animated movie called Anastasia and it is a fictionalized version of the story of Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov. It came out in 1997.
Mel_13  3/27/2008
Beautiful name. I only know one Anastasia and she goes by Asya (ah-see-ya) which I think is a really cute nickname.
pandasayscynical  5/3/2008
Isn't this name used in Russia, too?
Reina Vered  6/6/2008
Yes, this name is also pure Russian. It is spelt Anastasiya in Russia, but this name is Russian, no matter how it is spelt. Also, a common pet name for Anastasia is Anya.
nadiaxox  6/23/2008
This name is Greek, it's a bit of a stretch to say it's purely Russian (it's not); though it is very popular in Russia. That doesn't make it a purely Russian name any more than the common English usage of Hannah makes the name purely English. Also, Anya is not a nickname for Anastasia (assuming we're still talking about Russian usage), but rather Anna. Nastya would be the most common nickname of Anastasia.
― Anonymous User  12/20/2016
This is a great name. I think it sounds gorgeous and regal. I really like it.
bananarama  7/9/2008
Anastasia is also a city in Calvino's 'Invisible Cities', where it is a city of desire. It is described as a city which enslaves people with their desires when they believe that they are wholly enjoying it, and can either be benevolent or malignant on a whim.
― Anonymous User  7/12/2008
This name is beautiful! I really adore this & I'm considering naming my child this in the near future.
lkelly67  7/31/2008
This is the full name of Olympic gold-metal winning gymanst Anastasia (Nastia) Liukin.
mafan1763  9/20/2008
This is a good name, but I don't like the chavvy nickname Stacy.
― Anonymous User  10/13/2008
It sounds just as royal as it in fact is. I especially love Anya as a nickname, like what Anastasia went by in the animated movie (you know, before she found out who she was and beat the bad guy and lived happily ever after yadayada).
not_another_Jessica  12/2/2008
I'm sorry, but this comes off as a "snobby girl name" to me.
ICEyun  12/4/2008
Love it but Anas sounds like Anal. Other than that, pretty name. I prefer names that start with C, K, or S. They sound more angelic to me.
lol_cool  12/8/2008
I think it's pretty. It's not my favorite but I think it's pretty. "Stacie" is a good nickname or "Ana" I guess, Stacie is a better nickname than Ana though.
becca_marciano  3/6/2009
I love this name, but I don't know about nicknames. ): Stacie is a name I'm not too fond of, nor is Ana or Anya.
― Anonymous User  6/17/2009
I think it's a really pretty name that sounds regal and sophisticated. However, when I was little, my grandma had a cat named Anastasia, and it was unordinarily fat so I always think of it when I hear the name. Also, one of my Catholic friends chose this as her conformation name, so I couldn't use it for a story or anything without her teasing me that I named someone after her. But I still think it's pretty and elegant.
magicalhannah7  6/29/2009
Pronounced a-na-sta-SEE-a (Russian).
shnurki  8/10/2009
My friend's name is Anastasia, but all of us call her by nickname Nasty and it's funny. And her mother calls her Nastya. Her mom's Russian and in Russia all of girls named Anastasia people call Nastya or Stasya or Asya. It's true.
Ravynne  8/21/2009
It's very weird because I usually don't like names that have too many a's. Like Annabella, Isabella, Mirabella, but I love this name. It is so classy and it's so pretty. It's not a name I would use on a daughter but if you plan or have a daughter named this, excellent choice.
italiannames  9/18/2009
Anastasia is my name and I absolutely love it! I've never had anybody tell me they don't like my name either. Most people think this name is Russian, but it is actually Greek, and I am half Greek. My nickname is Tasia (tay-shuh) and all my friends tell me they love it.
Tasia.Margareta  9/21/2009
Anastasia is such a classy, elegant, pretty name. It suits many people from different countries, and it reminds me of winter somehow. I highly recommend this as a name.
XxproudrulerxX  11/28/2009
This has been my favorite name ever since I first saw the animated movie "Anastasia" when I was seven. (It's still my favorite animated movie so far.) Even if I forgot the name for a time, I would always come back to it. I just can't get over how beautiful it is. I'm not fond of the Stacy nickname. Anya is nice, but since I'm not Russian I think that would be a bit odd to use--unless of course I marry a Russian! :-)
But honestly, I might not even use a nickname. What her friends would call her would be up to her, but if I named my daughter this, she would be Anastasia to me. :-)
erb816  12/6/2009
Such a beautiful name. Who wouldn't like it? I don't like the nicknames, but Anastasia is a grand name and very princess-like.
Alora  1/2/2010
Beautiful name. Lots of middle names go with this name.
Doglover  1/18/2010
Anastasia is a very grand and beautiful name just like the name Elizabeth.
starz26  1/24/2010
My name is Anastasia, and I love it. I was named for the Russian Grand Duchess and my middle name is Nichole. (My mother included the "h" because of Czar Nicholas II.)

I get touchy as far as nicknames go. I abhor Ana, Annie, and Stasi. I am known among my friends mostly as Stasia or, my favorite: Stai. I think I would rather go by my first name in its entirety, but people shorten it as they please. :)
stainetz  2/20/2010
Anastasia holds the rank of being my favorite girl's name. It's classy, elegant, pretty, and can have many nicknames. I would name a child this in a heartbeat. If anyone is looking for the perfect girl's name, here it is!
-Julia-  2/24/2010
I can't decide whether this name is elegant and regal or a pushed effort to be elegant and regal.
Athena Nike  3/13/2010
This name is so beautiful. It is not too common and it sounds classy for any girl. Asia is the prettiest nickname in my opinion. :)
nicole_10107  5/7/2010
My name is Anastasia, and I was named after my Great Grandmother from Mexico. In Mexico my nickname is Tachita since my Great Granmother's was Tacha. Other nicknames I have are Ana, Anya, and Stacia. My favorite nickname is Tachita. I love the name Anastasia, it is a rare and beautiful name.
Tachita  7/23/2010
It was proven without a doubt that Anastasia Romanov did NOT survive the massacre that killed her family in 1918. Her and her brother's remains were found separate from her three sisters and parents. DNA testing done in 2008 and 2009 proves that none of the Romanovs escaped the execution.

Rumors that she was alive were perpetuated by the Bolsheviks themselves because Germany wanted assurances that the princesses "of German blood" were safe. At this point, they had already murdered the royal family, but since the WWI conflict was drawing to a close, they lied about it, rather than stir up more resentment.
JW41926  8/10/2010
Such a gorgeous name! I love it!
Chrila96  8/16/2010
Also, a cute nickname could be Annie! I know a girl that goes by this.
Chrila96  8/29/2010
I love the story of Anastasia Romanov. Recently I went to an exhibit called History's Mysteries at a museum and they said that it's really Olga Romanov's body who was missing! Alexei Romanov's body was missing as well, but it was thought to have burned completely because of his condition.

Oh, and I like this name. :) Haha. Kind of got off topic.
Joy12  4/23/2011
I have another comment to make on this name: Stana would be a really cute nickname.
Joy12  6/5/2011
Anastasia is one of my two favorite names right now :) I have a thing for older names (but not too old).
Ryry1996  7/22/2011
This name derives from the Greek word: ΑΝΑΣΤΑΣΙΣ=resurraction, rising. Referring to Jesus Christ.
georgev1112  9/14/2011
Diminutive: Sia (American)

Note: Many citizens of the United States cannot pronounce the name Anastasia in its Russian and Greek forms, thus the diminutive/nickname Sia (pronounced See-uh).
RockinSia  9/27/2011
The diminutive: SIA is used also in contemporary Greek, not due to difficulty of pronouncing the full name Anastasia, but for simplicity.
georgev1112  10/13/2011
This is such a beautiful name, who couldn't like Anastasia? Nicknames Staci, Ana, Stasia and Ani.
emilymaryjane  12/29/2011
My middle name is Anastasia. I love it, I think it's beautiful and unique. I've never met anybody with this name.
― Anonymous User  5/20/2012
Anastasia Romanovna (1532?-1560) was the first wife of Ivan the Terrible (1530-1584) of Russia; out of hundreds of eligible young noblewomen ordered to participate in a "bridal contest" in 1547, the young Ivan chose Anastasia. By all accounts, she was his soul-mate; it was common knowledge throughout Russia that she was the only one who could calm and moderate her irascible husband and he accomplished many great things during their marriage. Anastasia, Ivan's beloved "little heifer" (his pet name for her), bore Ivan six children, only two of whom survived to adulthood. Her suspicious death in 1560 devastated Ivan and Russia; without Anastasia, his calming influence, nothing could control Ivan's rage. Ivan suspected nobles of poisoning her (they did not like Anastasia, feeling that she was from an upstart family) and did not hesitate to take revenge.
gaelruadh19  6/22/2012
Pierce Hawthorne of the sitcom "Community" comically bears Anastasia as his middle name. It is implied his spiteful father gave him a female middle name to emasculate him.
jbr1234  6/29/2012
This name is a mouthful. I've never been a fan of it. I think it has a harsh and ugly sound.
― Anonymous User  8/10/2012
American child actress Anastasia Mili (born 2000 in Detroit, Michigan).
― Anonymous User  8/10/2012
American ice dancer Anastasia Cannuscio (born 1992 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania).
― Anonymous User  8/10/2012
My name is Annastasia, with a double 'n'. I have to spell it to people constantly, but other than that I really like having it. I always get complimented on it when I introduce myself.

As a nickname I almost always go by Anna, but some people call me Stacy, Stasi, or Sia.
snarryvader81  11/2/2012
According to tradition, this was Roxelana's given name.
Buneary  1/12/2013
This is the italian form of the name too.
Aradne  2/12/2013
Some of the most beautiful women on this planet have been named Anastasia. For example, Anastasia Karlovich, the Ukrainian chess master.
angolmois  3/20/2013
This name is beautiful!
I think that the Russian pronunciation "ah-nah-stah-SEE-yah" is the nicest. I can't stand the English "a-nə-STAY-zhə" pronunciation.
― Anonymous User  4/26/2013
I just love this name! My mother almost named me this, but instead I ended up with the disgusting "Hannah".
Strangak  5/25/2013
Anastasia Steele. 50 Shades of Grey. Enough said!
EstherTester  6/1/2013
Anastasia is also commonly used in Georgia.

In Georgian, Anastasia is written as: ანასტასია.
Lucille  6/4/2013
Anastasia is an elegant, classy name! Gee, those Russians have such Beautiful names!
MeinNameIstMelissa  6/15/2013
I really like this name. I might consider it, if I had a daughter, although I don't like any of the English pronunciations.
AnastasiaE  8/27/2013
I love this name, but only if it is pronounced like the CORRECT RUSSIAN PRONOUNCIATION. The Americanized An-a-stay-zha only came from the FALSE Disney Anastasia movie. It is supposed to be pronounced like An-a-Stah-see-a, not a drop the i, pronounce s like z, pronunciation. Everyone says that the English pronunciation of the name Genevieve is the mispronoinciation, and the French is correct. But we don't have the alphabet like them. And in English, we can pronounce it Anastasia like the Russians do, can't we? I think this is the suitable name to say "I prefer the Russian pronunciation over the Americanized pronounction". Just my opinion!
MeinNameIstMelissa  9/7/2013
This is my name. So, shout out to everyone above who thinks it's ugly. Considering that I'm older than this "FALSE Disney" movie and I pronounce my name the same way, I'm guessing my mum is either a time-traveler or the pronunciation is older than you think. If we are being technical, the name is Greek, so there goes your "correct" pronunciation. This name, like any name, belongs to its bearer. They can pronounce the name any way they choose. With that being said, I think it's funny that people are talking about an American pronunciation. Having gone through the American public school system, I can say I have heard no less than thirty different pronunciations of my name, and none of them the "horrible American" way that I pronounce it. It wasn't until a semester in England that people actually pronounced my name the "American" way.
Stasio  9/12/2013
I love this name, but with the an-a-stay-zha pronunciation, and without the nickname Stacy; I wouldn't name my kid this because it sounds to close to anesthesia.
Quamalamalam  1/7/2014
In the show "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland," the Red Queen's real name is revealed to be Anastasia.
Strangak  4/2/2014
I love this name ever since I was five years old and saw Anastasia. It's a classic for me and I will always love the name Anastasia and I don't care if I don't marry a Russian. I will find any excuse to use this as a name and most likely I would use the nickname Anya because of the movie. I'm also not sure what to really use as a middle name because Anastasia ruby means rise of red and that reminds me of the Soviet Union but Anastasia Snow just seems so dreamy. But I'm not having kids for a while. There's no buts, this is a definite yes if I have a girl because I have such fond memories and I love the connection with the princess but I don't like the nickname Stacy. Also another middle name idea that I love is Hope.
555jazzy  7/3/2014
Literal meaning, "resurrected woman".
Sabertooth  8/3/2014
My name is Anastasia and my friends call me "Anna" They keep on saying that I should put only ONE 'n' but seriously? I LOVE MY NICKNAME AND MY FIRST ONE AS WELL! It never comes off as snobby because I'm a tom-boy. But if you have this name don't be pressured into being a girly-girl (not that there's anything wrong with being one) My screen name is a joke with me and my friends because I am really NOTHING like a princess. In fact the only thing I did that was in the least bit princessy in my whole LIFE is wearing lip gloss. And pink. And playing with dolls... WELL YOU GET THE POINT! So there.
PrincessAnastasia  9/24/2014
Anastasia, as well as being a girl's first name, can also be used as a surname. My last name was originally Anastasi when my great-grandparents immigrated from Sicily to America via Ellis Island. Later my grandfather chose to Americanize it by adding the "A" at the end of it. There are a number of Anastasia's on the East Coast. Perhaps one the most notorious of these was the infamous Albert Anastasia, no relation to me, who worked in the Mafia as head of Murder Incorporated and was assassinated by a rival gang member while he was in a barbershop chair in 1957.
I always felt my name held special spiritual significance to me as a Truth seeker throughout my life. I had desired to reach Salvation or enlightenment. It's meaning as the "Resurrection and New Life" signified spiritual attainment of some sort. The name, Anastasia, has thus always been symbolic for me of Salvation through the Victory of Jesus Christ over sin, disease and death through His Glorious Resurrection and Eternal Life.
Peter Anastasia  10/30/2014
My name is Anastasija and I love it!
I prefer the 'j' in my name because it sounds better, and is also Bosnian or Serbian.
I live in Italy and the pronunciation of the name Anastasia is horrible. I don't like it... it's like 'anastazia' that's why I prefer the j.
All the girls that I know with this name are blonde, and I'm brown but really light, so it's close!
I wear glasses too! And usually the meaning of your name will be your destiny, so I really hope that's the case with mine c:
anawtawija  12/9/2014
Anastasia is the main protagonist of the 1997 film 'Anastasia' which is directed by Don Bluth. It is based on the urban legend claiming that the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia had survived the execution of her family.
― Anonymous User  12/30/2014
It's a beautiful, graceful and feminine name but I would never use it.
twlightblack11  1/15/2015
Anastasia "Ana" Steele is the female protagonist in the trilogy books Fifty Shades of Grey. In the film Fifty Shades of Grey she is played by Dakota Johnson.
― Anonymous User  1/31/2015
Anastasia is a beautiful name! It's so classy and elegant. ^____^
― Anonymous User  5/23/2015
Anastasia Romanov was the prettiest of the otma sisters. She had a beautiful name too.
― Anonymous User  6/18/2015
I love this name, and I like that it has a variety of nicknames (Anna, Stacy, Stasia, Asia, Annie, Anne, etc). Definitely one of my favorites. I like the English pronunciation :)
actingfun  8/28/2015
Anastasia is my first name and I love both my name and its meaning! In my country it's spelled ah-nah-stah-see-yah. But I also love English pronunciation. It means "resurrection - the one who will be born again". Everyone tells me my name is adorable when they hear it. The only two things I dislike is that many people have trouble spelling it correctly and that because of it's length people will always try to shorten it when I like it just as it is. Nicknames people usually use for me are Annie, Ana, Stasia, Nastia.
Stasiya  10/6/2015
It always feels like Anastasia, though a nice sounding name, sounds like the parents were trying too hard. It's long, and for a younger kid can be hard to pronounce. Sure, it's pretty, but it just isn't a great name.

Also, if you're writing a story and using Anastasia for a Russian character it's just bad. Don't do it.
― Anonymous User  10/30/2015
I personally like this name, and I don't think it sounds like anything snobbish. It is indeed gorgeous and also quite imposing. Although definitely feminine, it doesn't have even a touch of overwhelming sweetness. And when read aloud it sounds like some kind of poetry. I know the Fifty-Shades-of-Gray heroine has been named Anastasia but it doesn't matter, nor does it affects this name's beauty. I'm not a person from an English-speaking or Russian-speaking country but this name somehow does attract me a lot and I regard it as also pretty when it is translated into the language in my country. If I have had a favourite character in the book I'm writing I'd probably name her Anastasia, but up to now there hasn't been a suitable one. On some accounts, this name has been overused but -- whatever? She will still be my Anastasia, bearing a name with the meaning of resurrection. Among the petforms I like the Russian diminutive Asya best.
― Anonymous User  1/25/2016
This is one of my favorite names. I love the spelling and English pronunciation. It is such a beautiful name and I think of a girl with a lot of inner and outer beauty. I think that its uniqueness is a plus. I mean how many Anastasia's do you know? I only know of one that goes to my school. It is not one of those trendy fad names either. Just a terrific classic name with Greek roots so it is very European.

On a different note, reading the comments above about the the sexual nature of the name, It makes sense why the main character in that movie (You all know what I am talking about) is named Anastasia.
Kidwins9  1/31/2016
It seems like this name is becoming popular among strippers now a days.
― Anonymous User  2/7/2016
Twin-sisters Izbitskye who said their grandma was duke Anastasia used DNA-testing ("Family tree DNA") to prove relativity to Romanovs family. Womens DNA-results consists many same to Nicolas II DNA-markers. Both autosomnal and mitochondrial DNA are similar to autosomnal and mitochondrial DNA of the Romanovs family.
selinchyren  4/16/2016
Also used in Romania, where it is approximately pronounced ah-nah-STAHS-ya.
Ambiversion  5/1/2016
Some of the pronunciations include Ah-nuh-STAY-zhuh, Ah-nuh-STAY-see-a. Ah-nuh-STAY-sha, Ah-nuh-stah-SEE-yah, Ah-nuh-STAH-see-yah, Ah-nuh-STAS-yah.
My favorites are:
Ah-nuh-STAY-zhuh (English), Ah-nuh-stah-SEE-yah (Russian), and Ah-nuh-STAH-see-yah (European). And this is usually how my name is pronounced. I love all three pronunciations. :)
Stasiya  5/14/2016
Stacy, Stacey, Stacie
Ana, Anya
Stasia, Tasia
Anasta, Stasa
Stasia, Stacia
Anasa, Anastia
Stasa, Anastasa.
Eileen1209864  6/24/2016
Anastasia reminds me of the word anesthesia, but other than that, I like this name. It is very pretty.
1836732  6/30/2016
824 Anastasia is a main belt asteroid orbiting the Sun.
Aledis  8/9/2016
It comes from the Greek word "anastasi" (gr. "ανάσταση"), meaning "resurrection".
― Anonymous User  8/26/2016
Too long and princessy sounding.
Luvbug86  9/3/2016
My daughter is named Anastasia. We pronounce it Anna-stay-sha, but a lot of people mispronounce it. She is a great little girl and so loving and kind so the name has a very gentle, sweet, shy meaning. We often call her Ana. For me, an Anastasia is a sweet, gentle, shy girl. She is kind and takes care of others around her. She might be a bit stubborn. She has long dark hair and hazel eyes. I love the name and think it is great. It is not too overused or popular but it is classic. It is long and sounds feminine, but you can shorten it down. I just like the name.
― Anonymous User  10/10/2016
I think another short form of Anastasia is Anna, or variations of this name.
leoBeyene2002  11/18/2016
Russian nicknames for Anastasia:

Nastya, Nastasya, Nastyona, Nastusya, Stasya, Asya, Nastechka, Nastenka.
― Anonymous User  12/15/2016
I think Anastasia sounds very pretty, but is a little too extravagant for day-to-day life.
Henry A.  1/16/2017
Beautiful and elegant, my favorite quality in this name is that it could be on any girl and it could still work. I mostly like this for decent size last names like Anastasia Rose, Anastasia Tyler and Anastasia White. In my opinion, since Anastasia is such a long name itself it should be evened out with a short last name. Very beautiful and if I ever have kids (not going to happen, no offense to mommies to be), then this would have been a consideration.
QuinnBethany  1/22/2017
According to ( Anastasia ranked 25th place in Estonia (2013), it than rose up to 13th place in 2014 and declined back down to 25th place in 2015. Anastasia also ranked 5th place in Georgia (2011), rose up to 4th place in 2012 and rose up again to 3rd place in 2013 and than declined back down to 4th place in 2014. Last of all, Anastasia ranked 1st place in Moldova (both 2012 and 2013) and declined down to 2nd place in 2014 and remained 2nd place in 2015.
lilolaf  2/2/2017
I've never been a big fan of that name, even before fifty shades of gray. I don't like Anna, so Anastasia always sounded to me as a somewhat similar name that tries to be cooler than Anna, but only ends up being pretentious and pompous.
flaviacardozodejesus  2/25/2017
In Georgia, Anastasia (Georgian transcript "ანასტასია") is used as a rare form of the name Ana.
― Anonymous User  2/28/2017
Love it, besides the association with 50 shades of gray. Horrible. Beautiful name, though, and I love the meaning since I'm a Christian. Nice reminder of Jesus' resurrection.
Morgan1599  4/6/2017
Anastasia Dmitrievna Bezrukova is a Russian model and actress. Anastasia Bezrukova was born in Moscow. At the age of ten, she was one of the most in-demand child models in Europe. Bezrukova had modelled for brands such as Benetton, Pinko, Moschino, and Incanto. She had also been on the cover of Vogue Bambini.
cutenose  5/14/2017
Also Dutch, Galician and Hungarian.
― Anonymous User  6/5/2017
Anastasia Mayo is a Spanish pornographic actress. She won the 2004 European X Award for Best Actress, and she has won some Ninfa Awards for Best Starlette in 2004 and Best Actress in 2008.
lilolaf  6/26/2017
Anastasia Kvitko is a Russian glamour model and entrepreneur. Kvitko was born and raised in western Russia in the Kaliningrad Oblast region and moved to the United States in her late teen years. She first moved to Miami to pursue modeling. After a short time in Miami she then moved to Los Angeles to pursue modeling full time.
cutenose  7/17/2017
Isn't this what you call the gas that puts you to sleep? Why on earth would you name your child this?
― Anonymous User  7/22/2017
Anesthesia is the drug that puts you to sleep for surgery, not Anastasia.
Kalemia  10/7/2017
Princess Anastasia Petrović-Njegoš of Montenegro (4 June 1868 in Cetinje, Montenegro – 25 November 1935 in Cap d'Antibes, France) was the daughter of King Nikola I Petrović-Njegoš of Montenegro (1841–1921) and his wife, Milena Vukotić (1847–1923).
Aledis  7/31/2017
This beautiful name Anastasia is used for the main female character in the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy book series and its movie series all of which is created and produced by its author E.L. James.
The male lead, Christian Grey, falls for a 21 year old college student whose full name is Anastasia Rose Steele. Also, in both the books and the movies we see Christian, along with her fellow friends & family, call her by her nickname Ana, which she likes to be called instead of her full name Anastasia.
I never noticed this name before I read all 3 books and it happily made me fall in love with this name. It’s old school and traditional while also remaining new and different. Just love this name! Beautiful.
RedSoxGirl81  10/15/2017
Anastasia sounds like the name of a princess. So cute! The nickname Anna is nice and it's not overused. The meaning is a plus too.
Kitandkat  3/26/2018
This name is too long and has way too many different pronunciations. It's pretty though.
― Anonymous User  4/29/2018
To bad it is associated with the tyrannic Nicholas and Alexandra's daughter, as they were truly awful leaders and I can't stand them. The name is kind of pretty, if it is not pronounced ann-uh-stay-shuh.
XironDarkstar  5/7/2018
I would like to remind everyone that the entire Romanov family is venerated as holy official Saints in the Orthodox Church. PLEASE respect that, they were viciously murdered by barbaric communists (who let's just say were not composed of native Russians in the early days mostly...).

Anastasia is a gorgeous name.
AgiosParadox  5/10/2018

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