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Gender Feminine
Usage French
Pronounced Pron. AHN-DREH
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Meaning & History

French feminine form of ANDREW.
Masculine FormAndré
Other Languages & CulturesAndriana(Bulgarian) Andrea, Andreja, Andrijana(Croatian) Andrea(Czech) Andrea, Ea(Danish) Andrea(Dutch) Andra, Andrea, Andi, Andie, Andrina, Andy, Drea, Malandra(English) Andrea(German) Andriana(Greek) Andrea(Hungarian) Andrea(Icelandic) Andreina(Italian) Andrea, Andrine, Ea(Norwegian) Andreia(Portuguese) Andréa, Andréia(Portuguese (Brazilian)) Andra, Andrada, Andreea(Romanian) Andrea, Andrijana(Serbian) Andrea(Slovak) Andreja(Slovene) Andrea(Spanish) Andrea(Swedish)
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classic   upper class   wholesome   refined   strange  


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