Andrea (1)
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Given Name ANDREA (1)
GENDER: Masculine
USAGE: Italian
PRONOUNCED: ahn-DRE-ah   [key]
Meaning & History
Italian form of Andreas (see ANDREW). A notable bearer of this name was Andrea Verrocchio, a Renaissance sculptor who taught Leonardo da Vinci and Perugino.
Related Names
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Andre, Deandre (African American), Andreas (Ancient Greek), Ander (Basque), Andrew (Biblical), Andreas (Biblical Greek), Andreas (Biblical Latin), Andrei, Andrey (Bulgarian), Andreu (Catalan), Andria (Corsican), Andrej, Andrija, Andro (Croatian), Andrej, Ondřej (Czech), Anders, Andreas (Danish), Andreas, Andries (Dutch), Andre, Andrew, Andie, Andy, Dre, Drew (English), Andres, Andrus (Estonian), Antero, Antti, Atte, Tero (Finnish), André (French), Andria, Andro (Georgian), Andreas (German), Andreas (Greek), Andor, András, Endre, Andris, Bandi (Hungarian), Andrés (Icelandic), Aindréas, Aindriú (Irish), Andrejs, Andris (Latvian), Andrius (Lithuanian), Andrej (Macedonian), Anaru (Maori), Anders, Andreas (Norwegian), Andrzej, Jędrzej (Polish), André (Portuguese), Andrei (Romanian), Andrei, Andrey (Russian), Ándaras (Sami), Aindrea, Dand (Scottish), Andrej, Andreja, Andrija (Serbian), Andrej, Ondrej (Slovak), Andraž, Andrej (Slovene), Andrés (Spanish), Anders, Andreas (Swedish), Andriy (Ukrainian), Andreas, Andras (Welsh)
SAME SPELLING: Andréa, Andrea (2)
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Catalonia  ranked #57 for girls 
Croatia  ranked #64 for girls 
Czech Republic  ranked #45 for girls 
Denmark  ranked #49 for girls 
France  ranked #224 for boys
 ranked #111 for girls
Galicia  ranked #26 for girls 
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Iceland  ranked #32 for girls 
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 ranked #136 for girls
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