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Given Name ATTE
GENDER: Masculine
USAGE: Finnish
PRONOUNCED: AHT-te   [details]
Meaning & History
Finnish diminutive of ANTERO and other names beginning with A.
Related Names
VARIANTS: Aatto, Aatu, Antti, Tero
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Andre, Deandre (African American), Adalwolf, Adolf, Adolphus (Ancient Germanic), Andreas (Ancient Greek), Ander (Basque), Andrew (Biblical), Andreas (Biblical Greek), Andreas (Biblical Latin), Andrei, Andrey (Bulgarian), Andreu (Catalan), Andria (Corsican), Andrej, Andrija, Andro (Croatian), Adolf, Andrej, Ondřej (Czech), Adolf, Anders, Andreas, Alf (Danish), Adolf, André, Andreas, Andries, Dries (Dutch), Adolph, Andre, Andrew, Andie, Andy, Dolph, Dre, Drew (English), Andres, Andrus (Estonian), Adolphe, André (French), Adde, Ade, Aike, Ale, Alke, Alle, Atse (Frisian), Andria, Andro (Georgian), Adolf, André, Andreas, Adi (German), Andreas (Greek), Adolf, Andor, András, Endre, Andris, Bandi (Hungarian), Andrés (Icelandic), Aindréas, Aindriú (Irish), Adolfo, Andrea (Italian), Andrejs, Andris (Latvian), Dölf, Dulf (Limburgish), Andrius (Lithuanian), Andrej (Macedonian), Anaru (Maori), Adolf, Anders, Andreas, Alf (Norwegian), Andrzej, Jędrzej (Polish), André (Portuguese), Andrei (Romanian), Andrei, Andrey (Russian), Ándaras (Sami), Andria (Sardinian), Aindrea, Dand (Scottish), Andrej, Andreja, Andrija (Serbian), Andrej, Ondrej (Slovak), Andraž, Andrej (Slovene), Adolfo, Andrés, Adolfito, Fito (Spanish), Adolf, Anders, Andreas, Alf (Swedish), Andriy (Ukrainian), Andreas, Andras (Welsh)
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