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A very unique and pretty name.
― Anonymous User  4/15/2005
Arabella is a wondrous, beauty of a name. As a matter of fact, a tragic bearer of this name is our youngest president John F. Kennedy's still-born daughter Arabella, who is buried in their family cemetery which includes John F. Kennedy Jr., Jaqueline Kennedy Oanasis, and sadly babies Arabella and Patrick Kennedy.
respect101  6/21/2005
Used by J.K.Rowling for her character Mrs. Arabella Doreen Figg the squib who kept an eye out for Harry while in little Whinging.
Bex  10/12/2005
Sounds like an Arab called Ella.
― Anonymous User  1/22/2006
I really like this name. It's a great alternative to the overused 'Isabella.'
veggiedoll  2/23/2006
Arabella is an opera by Richard Strauss.
ania24  3/30/2006
In the book "The Odyssey of Captain Blood" by Rafael Sabatini, Arabella was the ship he comandeered and the woman that Peter Blood loved.
Sayae  8/3/2006
Arabella Drummond was a notoriously famous pirate.
Pheadirean  8/28/2006
For some reason I cannot explain, even to myself, Arabella has always sounded to me like a disease that makes red spots come out on you. Maybe Rubella is lurking somewhere in this name.
Starla Roxanne  9/12/2006
I love the name Arabella. I like it better than Isabella or Annabella.
Fincayra  9/23/2006
Arabella is the name of the wife of Jonathan Strange in the book 'Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell'. Her character has quite a big role in it, and a nice one too.
ml1muse  10/15/2006
Arabella was the first wife of Jude in Thomas Hardy's novel "Jude the Obscure."
Leona  11/5/2006
I like it. It is a pretty, yet underused name. Maybe just a tad too frilly for me.
em_ily17  12/27/2006
I love this name! Unlike Isabella/Gabriella this name is underused and you can make many nicknames out of it. I have this name picked out for my future daughter. It has a great meaning and strikes me as a princess name.
pixiedust86  1/3/2007
Means Beautiful Altar. From the Latin ara (altar) and bella (beautiful).
arabella7  1/14/2007
I think it's a nice name but maybe a little frilly.
visitor27  3/16/2007
Arabella is auch a pretty name. When I have kids if I have a girl, I'm going to name her Arabella Marie. It's so elegant.
Gabmonster  5/5/2007
That name is already taken by my daughter.
Everyone loves it and says it sounds like a princess name.
Some call her "arr-a-bella" and some call her "air-a-bella"

A name does not define a person, a person defines their name.
ihavenomotive  11/1/2014
I LOVE this name so much. I have picked out the name for my future child. It is just so pretty.
Carli3  5/20/2007
Arbella Stuart was an English noblewoman who was for some time considered a possible successor to Queen Elizabeth I.

She was the only child of Charles Stuart, 5th Earl of Lennox and Elizabeth Cavendish. Her paternal grandparents were Matthew Stewart, 4th Earl of Lennox and Margaret Douglas. Her father was a younger brother of Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, second King Consort of Mary I of Scotland. Her maternal grandparents were Sir William Cavendish and Bess of Hardwick.

She died September 27, 1615 in the Tower of London after marrying William Seymour without first gaining the permission of King James VI.
writers_block2006  5/24/2007
I love this name mainly because of the meaning 'yielding to pray', it's lovely. I hope it won't become too popular if I ever decide to name any future child this.
dreadfulxsorry  6/27/2007
In the movie 'The Prince & Me' starring Julia Stiles the prince's younger sister is named Arabella called Arie.
― Anonymous User  6/27/2007
Arabella's simply gorgeous. It's much better than the overused -bella names (Gabriella, Annabella, Isabella).
Suzu  10/24/2007
Arabella in Spanish means "little Arabian girl", maybe.
Maggie_Simpson  11/5/2007
Arabella means nothing like "little Arab girl" in Spanish. Please don't make up meanings if you don't know the language.
― Anonymous User  11/25/2007
`Arabella` is a great name! A better variant to those other overused `belle/bella` names. Beautiful and unique.
The Commenter  11/12/2007
I think this name is beautiful and uncommon and a good alternative to the presently overused Isabella.
― Anonymous User  11/14/2007
An 18th century novel by Charlotte Lennox is "The Female Quixote: or, The Adventures of Arabella". The titular heroine is a noble, though misguided, young woman who has to learn to balance the realities of contemporary society with the unrealistic exalted ideals she has imbibed from reading too much historical fiction.
Tytan  3/12/2008
I love the name Arabella. I would probably name my child Arabelle over Arabella and call her Arie for short.
b.lillian  3/20/2008
I think Arabella is Babe's real name on All My Children (the character, not the actor). I don't like her that much, but I'm still trying to decide if I like this name or not.
Lumiereslove  5/8/2008
Arbella Stewart (not a spelling error - her name was spelt with only two A's) was a cousin of Elizabeth I and at one time expected to be named her heir. It didn't happen, of course, but she has sometimes been dubbed the "Lost Queen" of England.
tigermoth  5/20/2008
I named my daughter in 2006 Arabella and love it! She fits the name. If you're someone that loves nicknames this name is perfect. Arabella has been called Bella, Ella, Arie, Bellabutton, Bellabutt, Bellicious, Bella etc etc. Since I named her I have heard there is a princess in a tv show in the Philipines named Arabella as well.
swooten  7/1/2008
This name is a bit too much, if you know what I mean. Frilly.
_clippit_  7/19/2008
In Atonement, a novel by Ian McEwan, the main character writes a play called "The Trials of Arabella".
pinkElephant  7/30/2008
This name is a bit too frilly and pretentious for my taste, and it reminds me a bit of the disease Rubella (a.k.a German Measles). I do however like the variant Arbella (with only 2 A's), which is unfortunately not listed in this database. I would consider it for a middle name, and perhaps use something a bit more ... shall we say "untouched" in the first name spot, if you get my drift. I also like that the name has disputed meanings: either "lovable" (which is most likely the legitimate meaning) and "yielding to pray" (which is still lovely, even if it isn't "legit").
midnight maiden  9/21/2008
Arabella is also Latin, where it means "answer to a prayer" or "beauty".

I think this name is a very pretty name, and it is not overused, and too far "out there", and it's completely sensible for any baby girl.
Patricia Underwood  10/12/2008
I recently changed my name to Arabella. All of my friends and family agreed with me that it was a very good name. Many people compliment me on the name, and think it is a good name. I prefer it to the more commonly used -bella names. I like both nicknames Ari and Bella. It gives off a good feeling.
Bella_Hale  11/6/2008
A very lovely name in my opinion. :D I'm using this name in a series of books I'm currently writing. (Even though it'll be a name of one of the antagonists, but still. XD)
CanadianChibi  11/20/2008
This is a great name.
Amy456  11/27/2008
Arabela Hyacintovna-Majerová is fictional character from the TV series "Arabela". She is played by Jana Nagyová ("nah-dyo-vah:").
Emilie007  11/30/2008
I like this as an alternative to the overused bella names. It sounds beautiful and I'm hoping to name a future daughter this.
A.Miles  12/28/2008
An interesting historical English bearer was Arabella Churchill (23 February 1648 – 30 May 1730) who was the mistress of King James II, and the mother of four of his children. Arabella was the child of Sir Winston Churchill (an ancestor of the Prime Minister of the same name) and Elizabeth Drake.
JessStory  2/1/2009
I can't stand this name. It sounds like "Arab-Ella", and also like a disease, and it's quite old-fashioned.
bananarama  4/9/2009
Very pretty! I like it.
Makenna14  5/5/2009
Dislike anything with -ELLA. Completely unsophisticated, borderline cheap.
― Anonymous User  6/9/2009
The translation usually given for 'orabilis' is 'easily entreated'; looking at the separate bits, the ora- element is in orator and oration, and the -bilis is the same as 'able'. So if you are orabilis, you will listen and respond to persuasion and entreaties. (You might be rather gullible, in fact.)

'Yielding to prayers', in other words to requests, might be a good translation; 'yielding to pray', whatever it might mean, is not. As for the answer to a prayer, sorry, it's impossible. And why anyone would name their daughter a beautiful altar is unclear to me. It wouldn't sound very attractive in classical antiquity.
Anneza  6/17/2009
Oh gosh! This is a BEAUTIFUL name! I LOVE the name Arabella! I think it sounds beautiful. :)
--allison--  8/16/2009
Arabella is a really pretty name. It's just too bad that it's not used more often in the U.S.
CJsbestfriend13  10/13/2009
Arabella Blydon, known as Belle, is a character in Julia Quinn's novel, Dancing at Midnight.
Hehehe  10/14/2009
I really love the name, it seems so dignified. At first I thought it was kind of pompous but I have since changed my mind about it. I love the different nicknames that can come from it.
Hehehe  10/14/2009
Such a beautiful name! (:
jorrdan.  3/21/2010
Arabella is okay, even though it sounds a bit pretentious. The funny thing is everyone thinks I look like an Arabella and I personally I can't see it!
starz26  3/30/2010
Arabella Kiesbauer is a popular German/Austrian television host.
penelope80  11/26/2010
Though often thought of as English it is also an Italian name meaning "Answered Prayer."
Francesca  11/30/2010
The Massachusetts Bay colony (note: not the Pilgrims' Plymouth colony) originally came to Massachusetts on 17 ships, the Winthrop fleet. The main ship was called the Arbella (or Arabella). Named for a Lady Arbella (or Arabella) who traveled on this voyage.
Diest  3/19/2011
I love this name! It goes really well with Ingrid. But I thought it was Dutch?
MonsterGrapefruit  5/15/2011
Arabella, while lovely, is very filly and uber feminine. I do love the nickname Ara.
KathosAnnora  6/10/2011
Is it uh-RAH-bel-la or AIR-uh-BELL-uh?
― Anonymous User  8/18/2011
Beautiful, sophisticated, classy, yet not too old sounding. What's not to like?
Black_X  10/31/2011
It's an anagram of 'bar label'.
Hushpuppy  11/2/2011
My granddaughter named her daughter Arabella after her mother Hayley Araluen and Bella which she also liked, she did not know of the name she just simply took "Ara" from Araluen and put Bella on the end of it.
dragonfly3  12/9/2011
Arabella Rose (born July 17, 2011 in New York City) is the daughter of Ivanka Trump.
― Anonymous User  12/13/2011
This would make a lovely middle name. However, I wouldn't use it as a first name.
Karina  7/25/2012
This name screams pretentious. And plus, I don't think that this pretentious name can age well. So, Your little Arabella is a joyful little child with a princess name, but when she grows up and gets a job, people would wonder "Why does a grown women have childlish name?" No offence really, but even when your child is an old women, this name would sound nonsense. Thank god, if you name your child such a horrible name, she can go by Bella.
MeinNameIstMelissa  7/15/2013
I hate this name with a flaming passion! It sounds like the name of a posh British woman who looks down on poor people.
Lolth  8/29/2013
Arabella sounds like Ariel and bella. As if someone put two names together.
CathyE521  11/18/2013
I don't like "Arab" at the beginning.
SEC908  12/23/2013
This is such an unattractive name in my honest opinion. I believe Annabel is prettier, sounds pleasant to the ears, and is sophisticated and refined.
― Anonymous User  7/3/2014
This beautiful name is behind the eponymous Georgette Heyer novel and the Arctic Monkeys song from their album AM. Both versions of the girl while completely different are positive, cool and attractive. Since I don't personally know any Arabellas (let's face it, sometimes that can forever ruin a name one would otherwise like quite well; for me that's Rebecca) I think of the Heyer character or the song when I hear the name. Love it, would consider using it.
MiYung  10/22/2014
I'm Arab, and this name makes me laugh.
Ali Hassan  1/27/2015
I personally love the name Arabella. It's classy and respectable names like this name that make up for Isabella. I use to love Isabella but the whole Twilight reference killed the name for me. Like now, when I see the name
Isabella I just see Twilight, which I don't like at all. I see this as a cute and frilly name. Also, the person who said this reminds her of Rubella - how? Unless you think Isabella sounds like Rubella, then that honestly is quite an idiotic thing to compare and it's not pronounced Arab-Ella it's Air-ah-belle-ah like two different ways to pronounce a name.
555jazzy  2/16/2015
I named my daughter Ayerabella. I spelled it that way because in Italian it means Beautiful Answered Prayer, and she truly is! I decided to take the 'PR' out of prayer, and use it as Ayerabella. It's a beautiful name, I get compliments on it all the time, her middle name is Hope, Ayerabella Hope. Personally I like my spelling much better the 'y' gives it something extra! Beautiful name I would like to see more babies named Ayerabella, and I'd like to see this spelling used more often! :)
LadyyBragg88  2/28/2015
I LOVE this name. It is my daughter's name, only I spelled it "Airabella". I love this spelling and chose it so it wouldn't be mispronounced as "Arr-uh-bella". It's definitely an elegant name and fits my daughter well.♡ I found out later that Donald Trump's granddaughter also has this name lol.
Candiirene  3/23/2015
Pretty for the right heritage background. Has a lovely meaning too. I'm just over the "bella/ella" thing.
LV51sfan91  4/5/2015
Arabella is the name of an amazing song by the Arctic Monkeys. When I have a daughter I plan on naming her Arabella.
Jaexx  5/4/2015
I just named my daughter Arabella. The name is beautiful and I get so many compliments on it. I agree with the person who said it's the person that makes the name not the name that makes the person. And shame on the people who do not like it because it has "Arab" in it. I love this name! So happy I found it!
Alli138  5/26/2015
Ave! I'm fluent in Latin, so I'm planning on teaching my kid the language, and I wanted to name them something Latin. Arabella was THE name that caught my eye - I really love the name.
― Anonymous User  7/28/2015
This name sounds like a little spoiled girl who gets to have all of the candy she wants.
milanka  12/6/2015
I like this name a lot. Wonder if Ari could be a nickname for it. I like Ari a lot, as well. :)
Alexandra0823  12/25/2015
Very pretty but very frilly.
Jessica21  4/20/2016
Lovely; makes me think of the Arctic Monkeys' song, and though I'm not super fond of that band, I still think it's a good song.
RoseTintsMyWorld  5/9/2016
Pretty but OH, so frilly! Still, I prefer the pronunciation of "R-uh-bella" It sounds classic to me. Air-uh-bella or whatever sounds more modern and made-up (like made-up names made in recent decades) but said either way this name conjures up images of a princess; real or fictional.
― Anonymous User  6/10/2016
In Latin it means answered prayer. In various other languages it means praying one, beautiful lion, or I prayed for you.

There is a famous violinest named Arabella Steinbacher. There are also several books where the main character is Arabella.

The most common way it is pronounced is Air-ah-Bella but some people prefer Are-Ah-Bella.
Skysail  9/2/2016
This name is very beautiful. I like this one then the other Bella names that are popular now (Isabella, Annabella, etc.) The song Arabella by The Arctic Monkeys is a great name sake as well.
ERK  10/20/2016
My daughter's name is Arabella! We pronounce it Air-uh-bel-uh.
― Anonymous User  12/6/2016
My daughter's name is Luna Arabella (Spanish pronunciation: Arra-beya). It's beautiful and I love it.
jnengland79  3/16/2017
Arabella is a name derived from the Latin word 'orabilis', which means 'yielding to prayer' 'invokable heard prayer' or 'answered prayer'.
CharmingBabyNames  8/3/2017
I would pronounce this as Air-ah-bella.
Luvbug86  8/27/2017
It's a good alternative to popular names like Isabella and Ariana. I prefer the pronunciation ARE-A-Bella. I have never known an Arabella, yet many Isabellas.
XironDarkstar  11/15/2017
My name is Arabella, and I am quite confused why people care so much about the Arab part of the name?! I have enjoyed the compliments I get on my name :)
― Anonymous User  4/1/2018
I love the name Arabella. Simply beautiful. Classic, feminine, and charming.
Prime Meridian  4/19/2018

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