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The name Assunta comes from the Assumption (of the Blessed Virgin), not the Ascension (of Jesus Christ). Most of the time a girl is named Assunta Maria or Maria Assunta.
maria  12/20/2005
Assunta was the real name of the Italian artist Tina Modotti.
Hushpuppy  3/3/2007
Just an old Italian lady name, really. Of course it sounds bad, and the first three letters, well.
Aureliano  2/26/2010
The "u" is pronounced as in the word "put" and NOT like "umbrella." Therefore, the proper pronunciation is as follows: ah-suwn-tah.
― Anonymous User  5/29/2010
Assunta is the Italian form of Spanish Asunción, which basically means, "Assumption." It is derived from the Latin "Absunta," and is a traditional and very common name in means that it reflects the devotion for the Virgin Mary.
Francesca  12/2/2010

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