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Given Name AUSTIN
GENDER: Masculine
USAGE: English
PRONOUNCED: AWS-tin   [details]
Meaning & History
Medieval contracted form of AUGUSTINE (1). Modern use of the name is probably also partly inspired by the common surname Austin, which is of the same origin. This is also the name of a city in Texas.
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Related Names
VARIANTS: Augustine, Austen, Austyn
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Augustinus (Ancient Roman), Agustí (Catalan), Augustin, Dino, Tin (Croatian), Augustin, Augustín (Czech), Augustijn, Stijn, Tijn (Dutch), Augustin (French), Auke (Frisian), Augustin (German), Ágoston (Hungarian), Agostino, Dino (Italian), Augustinas (Lithuanian), Augustyn (Polish), Agostinho (Portuguese), Augustin (Romanian), Augustín (Slovak), Avguštin (Slovene), Agustín (Spanish), Awstin (Welsh)
United States  ranked #73 
England and Wales  ranked #89 
Canada (BC)  ranked #29 
Australia (NSW)  ranked #61 
New Zealand  ranked #75