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, aw-GUS-tin

Meaning & History

From the Roman name Augustinus, itself derived from the Roman name AUGUSTUS. Saint Augustine of Hippo was a 5th-century Christian theologian and author from North Africa. For his contributions to Christian philosophy he is known as a Doctor of the Church. Due to his renown, the name came into general use in the Christian world. It became popular in England in the Middle Ages partly because of a second saint by this name, Augustine of Canterbury, a 6th-century Italian monk sent to England to convert the Anglo-Saxons.
VariantsAusten, Austin, Austyn
Other Languages & CulturesAugustinus Ancient Roman Agustí Catalan Augustin, Dino, Tin Croatian Augustín, Augustin Czech Augustijn, Stijn, Tijn Dutch Augustin French Auke Frisian Augustin German Ágoston Hungarian Agostino, Dino Italian Augustinas Lithuanian Augustyn Polish Agostinho Portuguese Augustin Romanian Augustín Slovak Avguštin Slovene Agustín Spanish Awstin Welsh
Same SpellingAugustine (2)


6th-century depiction of Saint Augustine of Hippo6th-century depiction of Saint Augustine of Hippo


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