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There is a pro wrestler named Chris Benoit and he is French-Canadian.
-- Anonymous User  7/18/2005
Artist Henri-Émile-Benoît Matisse.
-- Missy  1/19/2011
The pronunciation given is slightly inaccurate. It is pronounced Ben-WAH, or so my French teacher taught us. [noted -ed]

Also, I was told it is the French version of Benjamin, but I suppose it could also be for Benedict.
-- C-Ticket  11/27/2011
Benoit Mandelbrot, founding father of fractal geometry.
-- Anonymous User  11/19/2012
Ben Wa balls (which bear the same pronunciation as Benoit) are a type of sex toy. There is a French character named Benoit in the television show Archer who is teased for this reason by adding "balls" each time he says his name.
-- namermcnamerson  1/13/2017
Benoit Magimel (b. 1974) is a very handsome French actor who appeared in the film 'La Pianiste' among others.
-- flaneuse  6/16/2017

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