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The second-youngest March sister in Louisa May Alcott's Little Women (probably short for Elizabeth, but her full name is never mentioned).
Sera M.  10/7/2005
Actually, Beth March's first name is mentioned as Elizabeth in the book Little Women. She is only called by her nickname, Beth, in the movie version with Claire Danes playing the character.
KrisMichelle  1/22/2007
Beth means "House of God".
Alinah  4/30/2006
Bethel means "house of God." Beth alone simply means "house."
― Anonymous User  9/11/2006
It doesn't REALLY mean anything when it comes down to it---it's the name it derives from, such as Elizabeth, that has the meaning (and the form Beth, as a given name, still lacks a real meaning because it's derived from one of those names).
― Anonymous User  6/3/2007
Kiss had a song called "Beth." It is their most famous ballad.
Starla Roxanne  9/17/2006
Beth is a sweet, pretty name for a girl. Used either as an independent name or a nickname for Bethan, Bethany or Elizabeth it is a great name.
― Anonymous User  10/9/2006
My mom had a friend named Beth and she died. And Beth March from Little Woman also died, so this name always makes me feel sad.
flipflop1215  12/12/2006
Beth is such a pretty, sweet name. I love it.
Kate-  3/21/2007
On the NBC soap opera, Passions. An actress plays a lady named Beth. Beth is a crazy lady that tries to kidnap a child and disappear off the face of the Earth.
fa3ri3ash  3/22/2007
I don't care for this nickname too much, if my name was Elizabeth I'd rather be called by Elizabeth not Beth.
princesskisa  4/17/2007
Singer Pink's real name is Alecia Beth. I forgot the last name.
bibi66  6/4/2007
My mom's name is Beth and my middle name is Beth for her. Her mom's name was Elizabeth. I think it's been great as a middle name, but my mom says that she has always disliked, or rather just wished her name was something more. The nickname her dad called her was Bethy. If I am ever blessed with a daughter I would consider this as a middle name.
goreab  6/26/2007
When I hear the name Beth I think of a little girl with a round face and curly blonde hair, I'm not sure why I think of this but I just do.
aja3  7/31/2007
Way more mature sounding than Liz or Lizzy. I like it, but not as a full name.
spaz123  8/18/2007
I think it goes well with the name Lucy. Lucy Beth is a lovely name.
― Anonymous User  9/14/2007
My sisters name is Beth. My Mum named her after the Kiss song, kind of music my Mum was into. It's not Elizabeth or Bethany, and many people will try and lengthen thinking that it's just a short version of something else. I think it's pretty.
― Anonymous User  10/5/2007
If there is any chance your daughter will be living in a French-speaking country for very long, reconsider naming her Beth. The French can't say the "th" sound -- it doesn't exist in their language -- and so "Beth" comes out sounding like "bet", the phonetic spelling of their word for "beast"!
leananshae  11/27/2007
Butch Walker has a song called "Bethamphetamine" which cracks me up.
pandasayscynical  12/16/2007
In the TV show Moonlight - one of the main characters is called Beth Turner.
00Jayd-Dani  6/10/2008
I love this name! If my name were Elizabeth, I'd go by Beth instead of Lizzy.
MtotheK  5/17/2009
I don't like this name at all. It is just so short and dull and kind of just falls flat.
jaybird  12/29/2009
My favorite nickname for Elizabeth. It sounds incomplete on its own, so a nickname is the only way I'd ever use it.
Black_X  5/29/2010
Elizabeth is my favorite name, and so far my favorite nicknames are Lilly and Beth. My mom hates the name Beth by itself, saying it "rhymes with Death." I suppose it does, but that's not what I'm immediately reminded of. I like Beth.
Who knows, I might just combine them both and call her Lilibeth! :-)
erb816  6/23/2010
YUCK! Boring as Elisabeth, it is an old person's name.
― Anonymous User  7/8/2010
I really like the name Beth, Bethan, Bethanny. I like them all.
Amy98  10/9/2010
One of the better nicknames for Elizabeth.
Chrila96  12/17/2010
This is part of my mom's name, Mary Beth (short for Mary Elizabeth). I like it, it's so sweet and pretty-it's my favorite nickname for Elizabeth! Not a fan of it on its own though.
Nina.Matau  1/23/2011
Boring. There are better nicknames for Elizabeth: Lizzie, Eliza, Liza, Liz, Buffy ... The list goes on.
Dawson  3/1/2011
This is my mother's name. In her case, it is not a nickname for Elizabeth. I like Beth, but I prefer this name by itself instead of it being a nickname for Elizabeth. The name Beth is due for a comeback now.
― Anonymous User  8/10/2012
Really only nick name.
SEC908  10/6/2012
Beth Carvalho (born 1946) is a Brazilian samba singer. Her given name is Elizabeth.
Buneary  6/5/2013
The name Beth was only given to 47 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Oohvintage  7/19/2013
I thought this name suited a cool, quiet, composed girl when I was a teenager.

Now I think it's too dry by itself and would be better to have a full name and this be the nickname. I also have a friend who's mom is named just Beth and it sounds stuffy. Perhaps it's the way they pronounce it in this state of the U.S.?
S4acre  10/13/2014
I 100% hate the name 'Bethany' but I don't mind the name 'Beth'. I think the name Beth makes a great middle name. For example, the combo 'Carly Beth' works really well! =) (There is a character called Carly Beth Caldwell who is in a book called The Haunted Mask by R. L. Stine.) I honestly do think the name Beth is best to be used as a middle though, rather than as a first name. I think it's too short, simple, plain and boring as a first name. :| As a middle name, however, the name Beth is totally super awesome! =)
― Anonymous User  10/14/2014
Hmm, actually I've changed my mind! I think Beth would make a really cute first name! It's great as either a middle name or as a first name. =D And I don't hate the name Bethany anymore. Beth and Bethany are both nice names. If anyone is interested in any suggestions, I recommend the cute names Bethel and Bethan. :3.
― Anonymous User  10/18/2015
Lovely name. Simple, sweet, quietly elegant, sounds soft.
fugfacedmermaid  12/28/2014
Nerd central. Unless it's short for Elizabeth... it's just lame.
― Anonymous User  2/8/2015
Beth is the ugliest name ever. Seriously.
― Anonymous User  5/25/2015
This is mean of me to post, but I have just always thought Beth was the ugliest name. I honestly can't think of a worse (modern) name for girls.
Alexandra0823  6/27/2015
My name is Beth, named after two grandmothers named Elizabeth (not spelled the same). I also don't have a middle name. I have always felt cheated I only have a nickname not a real full name. I was told it is because my dad had two middle names and hated that. My mom always called me Beth Lynn which I don't like. My favorite nickname given by a friend is Betharoo. At least all my nicknames are creative.
justBeth  8/20/2015
My name is Beth. I do have a middle name, but I was named after an Aunt. Also, likely because the name has religious associations. I love my name. Folks often think I am an Elizabeth or a Bethany but I make sure they understand I will not respond to those names. My father named me Beth Marie and I love that gift from him more than any other he could give me.
Wicked bet  11/22/2015
I don't really like the name Beth, but if I were to name my child Bethany there would be no way I would let anyone call her Beth because it just sounds weird.
LilyLol  5/6/2016
The name Beth was given to 73 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/17/2016
Beth is not nerdy at ALL to me! She was the prettiest girl in our class who left private school because it was keeping her down. Beth can be strong and mouthy. Beth is not nerdy. Beth is cool.
― Anonymous User  7/31/2016
Beth in my mind will always be a nickname for Elizabeth, Bethany and Bethania. I just like it better that way.
Sania01  8/3/2016
Great name, love it.
kurikiran  1/16/2017
Beth Greene is Maggie Greene's little sister on AMC's The Walking Dead.
― Anonymous User  1/23/2017
My name is Elizabeth, but growing up I was just Beth. I used to hate it when someone called me Elizabeth because it sounded too formal, but when I was in college, a friend confessed that she thought Beth sounded like a "peasant name" and that I should consider going by the more regal Elizabeth. Shortly afterward, when I moved to a new state and had no one around to call me Beth, I started introducing myself as Elizabeth. Now I think Beth sounds a bit dated and dowdy, and I prefer the more classic Elizabeth. I feel more regal now, too.
― Anonymous User  5/9/2017
Bethany (Beth) Celyn is a Welsh singer.
mairinn  12/15/2017
I like Beth as a nickname from Bethan the most. It's also good as a nickname of Elizabeth, although there are many other nicknames for this name that I like more. I don't care for it as a nickname from Bethany, 'cause I just really don't like Bethany. Beth is nice on its own, although very short and not really my style as a full name. I like how Beth is so quiet and light a name, but at the same time has some strength which in my opinion can make it a good name both for a Beth March type of girl, or for a more leader-like personality. I like "Little Women" and Beth March and that's why among other reasons, I like this name. Now I'm learning Welsh and recently I found out that Beth in Welsh means "what" which I thought at first was odd and can be a disadvantage of this name when you have any Welsh connections, but I've also noticed that there are quite many Beths in Wales so I guess that people there don't really care for what it means.
mairinn  12/15/2017

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