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Gender Feminine
Pronounced Pron. bir-GI-ta(Swedish)
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Meaning & History

Most likely a Scandinavian form of BRIDGET via the Latinized form Brigitta. Alternatively it could be a feminine derivative of BIRGER. This is the name of the patron saint of Europe, Birgitta of Sweden, the 14th-century founder of the Bridgettine nuns. Her father's name was Birger.

Related Names

VariantsBerit, Birgit(Swedish) Berit, Birgit, Birgitte(Norwegian) Berit, Birgit, Birgitte(Danish) Piritta(Finnish)
DiminutivesBrita, Britt, Britta, Gittan(Swedish) Brit, Brita, Britt, Britta(Norwegian) Birte, Birthe, Brita, Britt, Britta, Gitte(Danish) Brita, Pirjo, Pirkko, Priita, Riitta(Finnish)
Other Languages & CulturesBrigita(Croatian) Brigita(Czech) Brigitta(Dutch) Bridget, Biddy, Bridgette, Delia(English) Piret(Estonian) Birita(Faroese) Brigitte(French) Birgit, Brigitta, Brigitte, Gitta(German) Brigitta(Hungarian) Breda, Bríd, Bride, Bridget, Brighid, Brigid, Bedelia, Biddy, Bidelia, Bridie(Irish) Bridget, Brighid, Brigid, Brigit(Irish Mythology) Brigida(Italian) Brigita(Latvian) Breeshey(Manx) Brygida(Polish) Brígida(Portuguese) Brigita(Slovak) Brigita(Slovene) Brígida(Spanish) Ffraid(Welsh)

People think this name is

classic   mature   formal   upper class   natural   wholesome   strong   refined   strange   nerdy  
Estonia: February 1
Germany: July 23
Sweden: October 7


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