Names Related to Bríd

Names that are related to BRÍD:
BEDELIA   f   Irish
BERIT   f   Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
BIDDY   f   Irish, English
BIDELIA   f   Irish
BIRGIT   f   Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
BIRGITTA   f   Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish
BIRGITTE   f   Danish
BIRTE   f   Danish
BIRTHE   f   Danish
BREDA   f   Irish
BREESHEY   f   Manx
BRÍD   f   Irish
BRIDE   f   Irish
BRIDGET   f   Irish, English, Irish Mythology
BRIDGETTE   f   English
BRIDIE   f   Irish
BRIGHID   f   Irish, Irish Mythology
BRIGID   f   Irish, Irish Mythology
BRÍGIDA   f   Portuguese
BRIGIDA   f   Italian, Spanish
BRIGIT   f   Irish Mythology
BRIGITA   f   Slovene, Croatian, Latvian
BRIGITTA   f   German, Dutch, Hungarian
BRIGITTE   f   German, French
BRIT   f   Norwegian
BRITA   f   Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish
BRITT   f   Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
BRITTA   f   Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
BRYGIDA   f   Polish
DELIA (2)   f   English
FFRAID   f   Welsh
GITTA   f   German
GITTAN   f   Swedish
GITTE   f   German
PIRITTA   f   Finnish
PIRJO   f   Finnish
PIRKKO   f   Finnish
PRIITA   f   Finnish
RIITTA   f   Finnish