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Not currently used in Ireland, but rather an American feminization of the Irish name Brian.
― Anonymous User  2/12/2005
Used a lot in Wales and England - I knew 3 at my secondary school in the early 90's.
― Anonymous User  8/17/2005
I pronounce my daughter's name Bree-on-a instead of bree-an-a and everybody always gets it wrong but I think it kind of sounds exotic like that. Although my 3 year old son still calls her banana.
chammack  10/25/2005
Brianna means Strong One.
― Anonymous User  11/13/2005
I absolutely love this name because it's my best friend's name. But lots of people who've just met her pronounce it bree-ON-a rather than bree-AN-a.
feeniksteers  12/29/2005
I loved it as soon as I saw it when I was picking out a name for my daughter. It's really her middle name but because her first name is long (Elizabeth) on her health records and such, it always gets shortened to "Bria" or somehow(!) "Briton". Don't ask me. And then they try to pronounce it Bree-AN-a instead of the European Bree-ON-a. Argh! I still love the name though!
JordanElizabeth  1/8/2006
Origin: Wales - the famous wizard, Merlin's daughter was named Brianna. Gorgeous name but I'm having a hard time picking a middle name to fit well with it.
namefinder25  1/23/2006
Knew one girl named Brianna and that turned me totally off this name. If I had to pick a spelling for this name it would be Breanna.
― Anonymous User  7/6/2006
In my opinion, Brianna is hard to figure out a way to pronounce. Some people pronounce it BRI-ANA while others pronounce it BRI-ONA.
Namegirl2000  10/15/2006
This is a favorite name of my parents', and I had a friend with this name so I like it a lot. It's very pretty and feminine, but also strong sounding. I always pronounce it 'bree-ah-nah', though; that was how my friend said her name too.
Iridosmine  10/17/2006
Everyone calls my friend Brianna: Bri as in BR-ee and she LOVES it. I would highly recommend this nickname to all of the Brianna's out there. =)
gym4god  2/5/2007
I love this name becasue it's Irish. Next to Caitlin, this is my favorite Irish girl's name.
Emma McHnery  2/27/2007
This is my name so I have to like it! :-D My really good friends call me Bri, but I know that I am really Brianna, so I love both Bri and Brianna. Also, when I was a lot younger, about five, whenever someone pronounced it Bri-on-a I got really mad, though I probably didn't do anything because I was VERY quiet. Still, now I like both pronunciations, though I have to go with Bri-ann-a because that's how I pronounce it.
Brianna Angela  5/27/2007
Becoming popular sadly.
spaz123  8/16/2007
Singer/Actor Joey Fatone & Kelly Baldwin have a daughter Brianna, born 21th March 2001.
Maggie_Simpson  9/24/2007
Dumb, dumb, dumb name. You've got a girl - give her a girl's name, not some modified boy's name.
johann14  9/25/2007
I guess this name is okay, but I'm really confused with the pronunciation. Some people pronounce it BREE - AW - NUH, while others pronounce it BREE - ANN - AA. The variant `Breanna` is definitely pronounced BREE - ANN - AA, so is this BREE - AW - NUH? Now I'm really confused. I think `Brianna` is tons prettier than `Breanna`, but `Breanna` is way easier to pronounce than `Brianna`.
The Commenter  11/10/2007
As a response to the person above, this is spelled either way. It can be pronounced Bree-AW-na, but I think it is usually pronounced Bree-ANN-a. I always thought that Briana was Bree-AW-na and Brianna was Bree-ANN-a. That was before I saw all those OTHER spellings, most of which I hate. Bryonna? How about not?
Brianna Angela  11/11/2007
Brianna Corrigan one of the females who used to sing with the band called Beautiful South. She sung a duet which was their biggest hit "A Little Time".
ClaireCFC  1/12/2008
You'll hate me for saying this, but this name looks like a clear sign of utter lack of imagination and innovation on the parents' side. The name is boring, bland, and common, and sounds like it's been lazily constructed from Brian. It may be a matter of getting used to, but the name also seems quite youthful, and thus not something that sounds mature and sophisticated on a woman.
slight night shiver  4/20/2008
This is my name, but everyone always pronounces it Bri-ONA or they try to spell it Breanna. I really dislike when that happens. But anyways, my nicknames include Nana, Nanners, Bri, and Banana. I recommend those if you have a baby girl named Brianna.
lil_bri_11  6/25/2008
Sorry to all Briannas, but I really do not like this name. The name sounds right for teenage girls but I just can not imagine someone in her 40's, 50's and on bearing this name! It is silly to associate a name with certain age group. But this was my first thought when I heard the name for the first time.
jas_mar  8/26/2008
My name is Brianna and I love it. My middle name is Marie and I love how it flows really well together. I also go by the nickname of Bri (br-ee). I personally hate it when people pronounce it bri-ann-a and not bri-onn-a because I feel like they are getting my name wrong completly.
xbriannamarieex  10/3/2008
Brianna is my daughter's name. I was expecting a boy, but she turned out to be a girl. I also delivered her at home, she was in a hurry to come out. I had no names picked for either. I asked the group of first responders if anyone had a name? A fireman suggested Brianna-so be it. Her middle name is Clarice. I think it flows and sound great together, especilly with her last name. I pronounce it BREE-ANN-ah, or the way it is spelled and pronounced-Anna not ahna or ana. Get it right people.
d.pacer  10/15/2008
This name is so dreadfully boring that it makes me want to sleep (PERMANENTLY, AS IN DEATH) every time I say it.
GunsnRoses8794  11/25/2008
I quite like the sound of this name, whether it's pronounced Bree-an-a or Brie-an-a. However, there are so many different ways of spelling it that I wouldn't know which one to choose!
― Anonymous User  12/11/2008
Eh, Sort of pretty, but not my favorite. I don't like the nickname Bri as in Brie Cheese (french cheese)! I can't stand the name Bri! It should be pronounced Br-ih.
becca_marciano  6/18/2009
I live in Ireland and know only a few girls with this name but they all pronounce it BRIE-ən-a.
Cooloness  7/7/2009
I have to disagree with most of you. I think that is just a straight-out ugly sounding name. Just say it, Bree-Anna. They're 2 ugly sounding names put into one really ugly sounding name. I think it is one of those names that if somebody I know considers naming their child that, I'll tell them not to.
sddorme  7/26/2009
Pretty, but /very/ overused.
Kerules  8/8/2009
This is, unfortunately, my name (pronounced Bree-ON-ah). I don't really like it all that much because it just seems like a really snobby and sloppy name and it doesn't really match my personality at all. That's why I mostly just go by Bri.
superinsane95  12/14/2009
My littlest sister is named Brianna. I love how beautiful and elegant this name is.
Raggle1990  2/4/2010
I think this name always sounded cool, despite the fact that it was the name of a catty bully I knew in high school. Which means I really must like it. Bree sounds awesome if you have a multi syllable last name.
JW41926  5/18/2010
Bree was the name of the talking horse in the Chronicles of Narnia book "The Horse and His Boy", by C. S. Lewis.
JW41926  5/18/2010
This names is very rare in Ireland. I have heard it a few times here but always pronounced Br-eye-nah.
― Anonymous User  7/10/2010
I don't like this name. It's just overused.
Chrila96  9/23/2010
Every other girl seems to be named Brianna nowadays, if they are not part of the ridiculous Jaylyn/Jaycee/Kadyn/Etc wave. I find it very unimaginative and harsh when said. To be honest, I get grumbled at daily be different people bearing the name; some prefer Bree-On-Uh, others: Bree-ANN-Uh. I simply can't win.
My view stands for the name Ryanne, as well, and other names derived (made-up!) from strictly male titles.
Francesca  12/11/2010
My daughter's name is Brianna. It means strong. And strong she is. Physically and mentally!
Norabean  6/5/2011
Brianna is the daughter of Dustfinger and Roxanne in the Inkheart Trilogy. She was the maid of Violante.
scrougeisinthehouse  2/10/2012
In Europe, Brianna is pronounced "bree-ah-nuh," not "bree-awn-uh." There is an emphasis on the vowel sound "ah" and a short space between said "ah" and the "nuh." The vowel sounds "ah" and "aw" are two very different sounds, and are not to be confused.

My name is Brianna, I'm a 90's baby, and we pronounce it "bree-ann-uh." I'm bothered when people call me "bree-awn-uh" (once, someone even pronounced it "bri-ann-uh," like "bri" as in "Brian"), but I'm okay with "bree-ah-nuh." As for nicknames, I've always had a strong dislike for them, so anything like "Bria," "Bree-Bree," "Bre/Bri," etc. are out. When I was little, my mum called me "B-boo," but has stopped for obvious reasons. One of my friends and my grandma sometimes call me "B-chan" ("chan" as in reference to the cutesy Japanese suffix for girls). A handful of close family members call me just "B," and my French teacher calls me "Brianne" (pronounced "bree-ah-n," not "bree-awn"!), but to everyone else, I will forever and always be just Brianna. The people who even have little nicknames/pet names for me rarely even use them. "Brianna" is who I am and what I will be called.

To anyone considering naming their child Brianna (however you're willing to pronounce it), I strongly advise laying low on the nicknames (preferably none) and sticking with the original spelling (Brianna, not Breana, Bryanna, Bryona, etc.). The name in its original state and spelling is to be cherished and enjoyed for what it is; it's a simple enough name that sounds intelligent, refined, yet youthful all at the same time, so why change it in the first place?
Rin_0911  4/7/2012
Brianna Brown (born 1979 in St. Paul, Minnesota) is an American actress.
― Anonymous User  7/25/2012
I used to wish I had a different name, but the older I get the more I like it. I'm pretty surprised at how many people said they think the name Brianna is ugly! I think the name sounds elegant and feminine, but I also understand the comment about how the name might not age well because there aren't many older Brianna's since the name is more recent. My name is Brianna Frances Harley and I don't think that sounds too teeny-bopperish. I pronounce it Bree-ann-a and most people either call me Bree or Breezy (my childhood nickname- family still calls me this and my friends caught on, but I don't use it myself.) I introduce myself only as Brianna. I think the name had it's time where it was very overused, but it is less commonly used now and I don't know many other Brianna's. If you were to name your baby Brianna now, it would be a relatively unique name I think (unlike something like Ava or Mia.)
briannaharley  1/9/2013
My name is Brianna and I love having my name. When I was younger I hated my name, but after I have gotten older I did not regret being named Brianna.
vixenbria  12/22/2013
My name is Brianna. I've never really cared for my name because of all the spellings and pronunciations that can come out from it. People would always ask me how to pronounce my name, and I would tell them (it's pronounced Bri-awn-a). Even though I would tell them, it would still be pronounced incorrectly most of the time, which I don't get angry at them specifically over, it's just frustrating as a whole having a name that has so many other pronunciations. I eventually started saying I didn't care how it was pronounced when people asked. My youth minister made a joke out of that (there already being two other Brianna's in the room) and pronouncing it like Bri-anna-awna.
A lot of my friends do call me Bree. At times I've felt like I really want to change my name (my parents even said I could if I wanted to, I have the same problem with my middle name), but I doubt I would. I think that it can sound like a very pretty name, but I get so upset sometimes that I have a name that has this much controversy over it.
serapesammy  7/8/2014
I named my daughter Briana back in 1988 because I was tired of the two names Erica and Bianca which were very popular back then. I thought of Briana off the top of my head and thought it was different and beautiful, and still do! Love that name!
kimlo39  2/9/2015
My name is Brianna, and although I don't love it, I like it enough and I probably wouldn't ever change it. I pronounce it Bree-on-a, but I have never met another person who pronounces their name the same way. I like that the name means, 'Strong One' and to me it's a pretty strong- sounding name.
― Anonymous User  7/14/2015
This name sounds absoloutley beautiful! It's so pretty and trendy and in England it's not too overused. Very sweet, girly and elegant.
― Anonymous User  9/12/2015
Pronounced "bree-anna".
― Anonymous User  9/12/2015
I love this name. It is not my favorite name in the world, but I certainly wouldn't tell you not to use it! I love this name because it's the name Anna with Bri in front of it. I just don't like how common it is. Other than that, I love this name!
klc0625  11/1/2015
I love this name I just hate how common it is. My sisters name is spelled like this and I love it but I would change it if I was her!
mmkrocks  11/1/2015
I go by Bri because I actually don't like the name my mother gave.
― Anonymous User  12/28/2015
My dd's name is Brianna. We pronounce it bree ann a. She is as strong in character as her namesake suggests. It is a beautiful name that is not common for us and she answers to Bri (Bree) and yes we have had the cheese jokes, and she gets banana from her little brother. When asked her name she always answers in full of Brianna. As to finding a middle name this was quite easy and she has two which flow very nicely with the one directly after her name being Ilanna. Some comments about the name being ugly are untrue it is truly a beautiful name and as she gets older it will continue to be even when she is 40/50 or older. It is a strong name for a confident, self assured person as my daughter is even at 5.
― Anonymous User  1/1/2016
My mom gave me this name in the early 90s. It wasn't until I was in high school that this name hit the top 20 baby girl names and became trendy. I do not like my name at all. It's just spelled ugly, to me. My name is Brianna Shanice and it is B.S. I was always the only Brianna in class and my name was usually mispronounced. I'm a Bree-aw-nuh. In high school, I would change the spelling of my name to Breanna. I think it looks better, much prettier. In college, I was a Bree. Now that I'm older, I go by Anna. My name is just not very feminine to me. The spelling makes it seem super masculine. My initials are B.S. My middle name paired with it is tacky. I don't know what my mom was thinking, but she says it was the most beautiful name she had ever heard as a kid. Perception is everything, I guess.
702ann  1/3/2016
O.M.G! I can not express to you how many Brianna's I've met throughout my life who have the name Brianna. I've met at least five of them and that's only the ones I remember from recent memory. Who knows how many people I've forgot about who had this name. Overall, I think the name is cute up until a certain age, and then it gets kinda childish. Like can't you imagine when all these girls are in their 40's and beyond and their name is Brianna? Plus, if the parents do name their kids Brianna, I think you should stick to the original spelling. Naming your kid Brionna or Brieana, or something crazy like that isn't really called for. Just keep it simple.
thatgirl_jada  3/8/2016
I've never been able to stand this name and its 101 different spellings. There was a point where it seemed like every tenth girl was being named Brianna, Breonna, Briauna, Bryannah, BreeAnna, etc. I'm glad it's finally started to slip in popularity. It just seems so empty and vapid.
Anyechka  3/30/2016
My name is Brihana I'll be 37 in September. I've never met or seen anyone with this name or any variance older than myself.
Brishan97  4/10/2016
My name is Breawna and I like my name. I used to be annoyed by how people said and pronounced my name though. My mom's name is Beth and her middle name is Ann so people call her Beth Ann which my mom hated. She named me Breawna (Bree-Awn-A) since she didn't want people calling me Briana (Bri-An-A) since it sounds like Beth Ann. I go by the name of Bree though since it was easier for people to spell and say. Sometime around the end of fifth grade I started calling myself Bree and writing it on my papers and I only write Breawna on official or important papers. Many people say that the name Breawna is hideous and ugly which it really isn't. Breawna is a wonderful meaning with a great meaning behind it, Strong One. I will admit that Breawna is pretty popular though. Breawna is an amazing name, but I'll still respect other people's opinions about it. Just don't dismiss a name until you give it a chance.
breecatherine  5/15/2016
My good friend is named Brianna. Her mom pronounces it Bri-AWHN-a, but my grandma and most other people pronounce it Bri-ANN-a. I have always called her Bri-AWHN-a. I think this is a very pretty name, though a bit too common for my taste (but then again, my name is Sophia, which has been quite common these days).
1836732  6/8/2016
Other spellings:
Eileen1209864  6/12/2016
This is the best name that a person could ever have in the whole universe. If your name is Brianna, it means that you are beautiful and will succeed in life!
sophiashowedme  6/14/2016
I hate this name. It's so trashy, tacky and overused. Plus, can you imagine a grandma with this name?
― Anonymous User  6/29/2016
I don't like this name. It is very overused, made up sounding, fake, and ugly. It is also very dated. Why do this to your child?
ERK  12/4/2016
Very pretty name, I also like the nickname bree.
nameaddictt  12/9/2016
Not really a fan of it. Just not my cup of tea.
dancingbear  1/3/2017
Brianna Caitlin Hildebrand is an American actress. She is known for appearing in the web series Annie Undocumented, and as Negasonic Teenage Warhead in the 2016 film Deadpool, her feature film debut.
cutenose  1/29/2017
Brianna Brown is an American actress and producer, known for her television roles as Lisa Niles in the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital, and as Taylor Stappord in the Lifetime primetime dramedy Devious Maids.
lilolaf  2/10/2017
Brianna Kahane is an American child prodigy violinist who has played since she was three and has been performing at concerts since she was six. Brianna has been featured on talk shows such as Ellen and Oprah. She has been acclaimed by President Bill Clinton and Oprah Winfrey.
cutenose  4/17/2017
My name is Brianna. Bri-Ann-Ah. How it's spelled. I hate it. No one calls me that. I go by Bri or Breezy or anything else. No one remembers it's Bri-Ann-Ah. I wish I had a different name. I really thought about actually changing my name because I agree that it doesn't sound like a mature woman's name.
Livingauthentic236  9/10/2017
My name is also Brianna. I pronounce it, "Bree-awn-uh". I don't like my name either, it's so overused, plain, immature sounding and no one ever pronounces it correctly. People usually say, "Bry-ah-nuh" instead of the correct way.
TheGreatCornholio  10/6/2017
I think the name conjures up images of a very beautiful girl. If I ever had a girl, I wouldn't have thought twice about using this name! I honestly do not get the male name Brian out of it because it's pronounced differently and sounds sooo pretty! I prefer the Brianna spelling.
Dpny  2/17/2018

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