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Quite pretty! I like this name!
gaelruadh19  5/8/2005
In Itay when you call someone Caramia, it is like saying "my dear", or "my darling".
Carone  7/30/2005
This also means "my face" in Spanish.
michi_vane  5/3/2007
I totally and absolutely adore this charming name. Not only does it have a beautiful meaning (my beloved, sign) but it fits both a young child and a mature woman. I think not absolutely sure but it is on my list of names for a daughter.
SebastianCharlie4evr  1/25/2009
This would never be used as a given name in Italy. It's like an American naming their child "darling". However, Caramia is sometimes encountered as a last name. I personally think it sounds a little corny as a first name.
bananarama  1/31/2010
An alternative spelling would be Karamea, which is a small town in NZ.
nellie d  6/5/2012
This is quite tacky to anyone who knows Italian (and if you don't, its quite easy to figure out what these two words mean) it's a cute idea, but maybe just making her first name cara and her middle name Mia is better. Although I can't say I like the name Mia as a full name. Yuck. Yeah, maybe don't use this for a real child.
― Anonymous User  6/10/2013
Sounds like caramel, which makes it rather sickly.
Hushpuppy  2/15/2018

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