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I'm a girl named Cavan and I only recently learned that it was originally masculine. My mom named me after the county where her grandmother came from and I really like having the connection to my history. (I've never been one to conform to gender roles either).
warriormaid  4/29/2018
I note that most of you who find the name offensive, stupid or just absurd are from Eire which is strange as in many countries, including England, children can be called after the place they were born. Example Devon for a boy's first name or Leicester and even the great Darwin. This would have been done with a sense of pride, for County Cavan is beautiful and full of charm.
Our other children have unusual names. 'Che' for our eldest boy and you from Eire should be aware that Che Guevara Lynch has roots from Eire with a grandfather by the name of Lynch who no doubt was responsible for Che's Irish Spirit and his true spirit of freedom. 'Trupti' is Asian and we called our daughter that as in India it means Satisfaction, which she truly was considering she spent the first two and a half hours in the operating theatre having her life saved. Plus it was the name of my good friend's daughter. He was a doctor who I worked with in theatre.
My wife and I were stuck for our last boy's name so I handed her a baby book of names we bought from a boot sale. She read through it then passed it to me. It had to be a slightly different name from that of the others and sure enough we had both picked Cavan separately as the only name we liked out of 500.
The boys and girls at school liked it and he was always called 'CAV' which he too liked. He is proud of his name as all children should be. For it is what the parents see when they first gaze into their newborns eyes that matters and nothing else.
Cavan21  4/26/2018
Reminds me of caves and caravans.
Hushpuppy  2/9/2018
The name Cavan was given to 43 boys born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/30/2016
We named our daughter Cavan. It was a name we picked out whether we had a boy or a girl. It is the county in Ireland where my husband's mother's family came from. We get loads of compliments on it here in Our Nation's Capital.
― Anonymous User  4/27/2016
Poor little girl, I hope she has a pretty feminine middle name that she can go by when she realizes she has a very masculine boy's name.
― Anonymous User  11/10/2016
The meaning of the name (stated here as "hollow") is incorrect. The real meaning is "handsome". [noted -ed]
D.Hop  8/19/2014
@D.Hop: Where did you get your meaning from? A reliable website on Irish names agrees with the meaning "hollow":

Note, that there are tons of unreliable websites on baby names around (either using the same buggy master file or plagiarizing each other).
elbowin  9/18/2014
My cousin is named Cavan, and he got it from his grandmother's maiden name, Cavanaugh.
pink__tofu  2/10/2010
I have a female cousin by this name, named after the place in Ireland where my aunt's maternal side of the family came from. A lot of us were a bit surprised when we heard the name, but we got used to it quickly, as both a girl's name and a person's name period. If I didn't know someone by this name, though, I might not be so willing to give it a pass.
Anyechka  9/10/2009
What on earth is this "name" doing here? Not only is it a placename, it's the name of a place which is the butt of many jokes by Irish people from outside Cavan. If I met someone named Cavan I would have a hard time keeping a straight face. It's beyond ridiculous.
Trillian  11/7/2007
I see kids called Dallas, Cheyenne and Dakota all the time. I've even seen a London and Jefferson. Naming a kid this is no different.
patchworkgirl  10/10/2007
I wouldn't call a child Cavan. That's like calling someone Dublin or Cork or Derry (Londonderry, same diff).
Clodagh  4/9/2007
The pronunciation is Cay-ven.
hawaiigirl500  9/24/2006
It's not Cay-ven, it's Cav(rhymes with have)-in.
Clodagh  4/9/2007

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