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This is a beautiful, classy name. I really like the pronunciation Sharlene. It is a soft, feminine name and not overly used. I don't get the boyish nicknames like chuck. Yuck! If this were my name I would stick with the full name and make it clear to others to do the same.
― Anonymous User  2/10/2018
Charlene, Princess of Monaco, is a former Olympic swimmer for South Africa and wife of Prince Albert II. Princess Charlene was born in Rhodesia, the daughter of Michael and Lynette Wittstock, and the family relocated to South Africa in 1989. Princess Charlene represented South Africa at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, with her team finishing fifth in the 4 × 100 metre medley relay. Princess Charlene retired from competitive swimming in 2007.
cutenose  6/7/2017
My name is Sharleen. I have seen it starting with an "S" but rarely with -een.
sharleennelson  2/1/2017
The name Charlene was given to 145 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/16/2016
Charlene "Charlie" Bradbury is a character on the television series "Supernatural."
hkols  11/2/2014
This is my name also. I pronounce it Shar LEEN. I also have the nicknames Char (shar), Charlie and Chuck. When I was little my mother called me chuck a luck and charlie chicken. In the '60's there weren't any other girls with my name and I was disappointed because I couldn't find any of the cute little trinkets with "my name" on them, such as keyrings, necklaces, etc. It's still not a popular name and those items are still devoid of the name.
― Anonymous User  7/6/2014
The name Charlene was given to 133 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Oohvintage  7/17/2013
Variation: CHARLENA. It's pronounced Shar-leena. My cousin loves her name, Charlena. It suited her as a kid and still suits her (she's 33 now).
GibsonGirl  8/17/2011
Charlene, Princess of Monaco. Née Charlene Lynette Wittstock. Formerly an olympic swimmer for South Africa.
Ander  7/15/2011
Charlene Darling is a character on The Andy Griffith Show.
― Anonymous User  4/27/2011
Amy Adams played the character Charlene in the 2010 movie The Fighter, and was nominated for an Academy Award for it! The Fighter had Mark Walberg and Christian Bale in it as well.
gabbygrace1915  1/31/2011
Charlene "Charlie" McGee was the eight-year-old pyrokinetic in "Firestarter" by Stephen King.
Dawson  9/29/2010
Charlene Sinclair was the daughter from Disney's 1992 series 'Dinosaurs'.
ICEyun  2/25/2009
I really like this name. It has a very nice ring to it, and it reminds me of a strong, intelligent, beautiful girl. Besides, Charlie makes a great nickname for a girl.
rv14142  12/1/2007
In my opinion, this name is Irish, but that's just me. I like this name, and it makes me think of somebody with dark brown hair and green eyes, for whatever reason.
Penneyperson  10/20/2007
This is also my name and I spell it Charlene and pronounce it Shar-leen. I love my name because there's not too many of us about. I hardly ever get called my full name however, only normally by my mum who was a huge Dallas fan and named me after Charlene Tilton, most of my friends and family call me Char or Charls.
char79  7/9/2007
I'm used to pronouncing this name SHAR-lene. I think that way is prettier.
CharlieRob  5/9/2007
My name is Sharlene but I would rather classify CHAR-leen as being too weird. If I was to name my child it'll be Charlene (SHAR-leen). It will probably (hopefully) be my child's middle name.
Koolgal  4/20/2007
I like the French pronunciation, it sounds more elegant.
― Anonymous User  9/14/2006
Charlene is the twin sister of Charlotte.
Dogsy  1/27/2006
My name is Charlene. I think that the pronunciation is SHAR LEEN. I am NOT American but I know that it is pronounced that way.
― Anonymous User  1/11/2006
A famous, or somewhat famous, bearer of this name is Charlene Tilton, who is mostly known for her role in the 1980s soap opera, 'Dallas'.
kanine  12/26/2005
Kylie Minogue's chararacter in the Australian soap opera, "Neighbours" (possibly more famous in the UK than Australia), was Charlene Robinson. The pronunciation in Australia is "shar-LEEN".
names123  9/11/2005
I have it on good authority that the name "Charlene" ought to be pronounced char-LEEN with the stress on the LAST part of the name. Not SHAR-leen, which must be an American pronunciation. In France it's pronounced shar-LEHN... (if you can role the R that would be appropriate). [noted -ed]
holymotherofgod  5/23/2005
Char-LEEN may be the correct way to pronounce it, but SHAR-leen (which is the American pronunciation, by the way) sounds prettier.
doodlebug  11/23/2005
This is my name and in all my searching I have found no famous person, no historical figure with this name. This is rather annoying but in a sense gratifying. Also, a note on pronunciation: I pronounce it char-LEEN with the hard 'ch' as in Charles, also my friends call me 'Char'.
Cheorl  8/12/2005
I believe the name is also pronounced Charl (same as charles). This is my name and I pronounce it with CH as in chuck, chair, charles.
― Anonymous User  6/14/2005

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