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The name Chelsea rocks! It reminds me of this little innocent, naive girl.
hlbheather1  7/31/2005
My daughter is called Chelsea-Nicolle. I chose it because I liked it and it wasn't that popular in 1992, when she was born. I don't live in London either but in the northwest of England. The best thing is that her dad is a Man United fan! And I agree with the comment this name rocks.
― Anonymous User  8/10/2005
I think that Chelsea is a great name. Chelsea is a great football team but my daughter is a city fan and so am I. She asks why did you call me Chelsea and I say because I liked the name.
― Anonymous User  8/10/2005
I love the name Chelsea. I get called Chels, Chelz & Chelly.
chelz6125  8/25/2005
My name is Chelsea and it's way too common. It's not a bad name, but there are three other Chelseas in my grade ALONE.
― Anonymous User  9/5/2005
Chelsea is a very pretty name and kind of timeless. It won't really ever go out of fashion. A friend of mine's name is Chelsea so every time I hear it I think of her.
shadow.of.a.dream  11/24/2005
This name reminds me of the word 'Pearl', for some weird reason. I really like the name Chelsea. I wish it was my name.
xcassieanhx  11/26/2005
Chelsea is Bill and Hillary Clinton's daughter.
breakofday  12/30/2005
This is my sister's name and I think it's getting very popular. She was named after Chelsea Clinton.
― Anonymous User  12/30/2005
My name's Chelsea, and I like it and all, but I really don't like the meaning. I wish it was a greater meaning. Most sites I've seen just put the meaning as, "Seaport," or even, "Port". I just wish it was a better meaning.
forgottenwishes  1/3/2006
All the Chelseas I've known have been complete sluts or just really bad people to be around in general. In the south-east of England Chelsea is a name reserved for "chavs" (i.e. pikeys, trailer trash, whatever you call them). It's a shame because I do think it's a nice name.
hana  2/7/2006
This is my name and I used to hate it because it's so common, but now I love it! I get called Chels, Chelz, and Chel. I also prefer the original spelling (Chelsea) and don't really care for the variants (Chelsey, Chelsie).
chelseamarlo1021  4/24/2006
I just love this name. It is nice that it isn't a fad name or an overused name.
― Anonymous User  4/25/2006
My name is Chelsea and I love it! I love my name because... well I don't know why I love my name I just do!
chels_luvz_u_9311  4/29/2006
I have the name Chelsea and it is really overused, especially where I live. It's mostly younger girls that were named after Chelsea Clinton. I was named after the character from On Golden Pond, an early 80's film with Katherine Hepburn. It irritates me when people I hardly know call me "Chels", and I always get annoyed when people misspell my name as "Chelsey" or "Chelsie", like teachers that SHOULD know my name after a while.
CHLC  6/6/2006
Famous bearer is comedianne Chelsea Handler.
Tudor  6/14/2006
Joni Mitchell's hit Chelsea Morning is said to be the inspiration behind the Clintons' name for their daughter.
electrainstead  7/5/2006
The name Chelsea rocks! I know this because I'm Chelsea. :) hehe
myBLACKjersey  7/6/2006
This is my name and I love it. It's very uncommon where I'm from and I've only met 2 others. I really don't like the nickname options though. Chel and Chels make me think of shell and shells, and I cringe when people call me Chellie. I get called Elsie, which I like. But yea, I love my name.
xHOWTOSAVEALiFE  10/7/2006
I'd like it better if it wasn't so popular and if people only spelled it this way, even though one of my good friends spells it 'Chelcie'.
xKatiex  11/4/2006
As a fan of English history, I love this name. I also like London, but that is a little unusual.
Emma McHnery  11/11/2006
A red-haired blue-eyed little girl somehow matches the name Chelsea.
7up  1/1/2007
This name's OK. However, I agree with the link to chavs in southeast England. Still, better than being named 'Lanesra', because it is Arsenal backwards.
tottenham_forever  1/13/2007
I like the name and prefer the spelling over Chelsey.
― Anonymous User  1/14/2007
Chelsea is also a neighborhood in Manhattan, north of Greenwich Village. It's a real artsy part of New York City, with many professional art galleries, as well as artists selling their work on the street!

Chelsea, Manhattan also happens to contain the pier to which the infamous Titanic was headed, and where the rescuer ship Carpathia docked after the sinking.
Irish Pearl  1/19/2007
My name is Chelsea Ren, I really do love my name, but people often spell my name Chelsie or Chelsey or my personal favorite *rolls eyes* "Chealsie". And that annoys me greatly. Also people I don't know call me Chels a lot. People also read my name "Chel-see-uh" which is probably the most annoying part.

Oh and about the red-heaired blue-eyed girl comment. I DO have red hair, but hazel eyes, not blue.
AliceInWonderland  1/30/2007
Chelsea Walls is a movie directed by Ethan Hawke, starring Uma Thurman.

Chelsea is actually an okay name.
nothingshortoftragic  2/1/2007
Chelsea is a nice name, and not too popular. I wonder why. It's better than Madison.
7up  2/8/2007
My name's Chelsea and it was pretty rare back when I was born in '79. I wasn't all that thrilled when I started seeing it on pens and keyrings! It started getting popular in New Zealand when there was a character called Chelsea in a local TV show called Gloss.
KiwiBunnz  2/11/2007
My name is Chelsea and I don't like it at all. I too was named after the character in On Golden Pond. I mostly dislike it because it doesn't really mean anything. It's just a place. Additionally being in South Africa, my name is always pronounced as Chel-see-ah. Or I just get called Bun. After the Chelsea Bun which is very annoying.
shecale  2/13/2007
Pretty name, but it's a place in London and also an English football team (but I guess in America you would call it a soccer team).
― Anonymous User  2/19/2007
Rosie O'Donnell's eldest daughter's name is Chelsea Belle.
― Anonymous User  3/22/2007
I know two Chelseas - however one's name is actually pronounced "chel-SEE-ah"; but everyone calls her "chel-see" anyway. The other one I know more commonly goes by just Chels.
Georgia_kh  4/16/2007
Actress Chelsea Hobbs, who was in "Snow Queen" and "Beach Girls," bears this name.
Martha Gold  6/15/2007
Ugh, this name sounds like "cheesy" and reminds me of spray cheese. I once saw it spelled "Chelsy" and almost gagged.
Eee  7/15/2007
I like this spelling better than the others. I like it a lot. I suppose that is partially because I know someone named Chelsea, and she is the cutest prettiest thing ever to roam the Earth.
Chloever33  8/12/2007
I really like the name Chelsea, it has an awesome meaning. And it's my name, so it has to rock! =-)
― Anonymous User  8/17/2007
Chelsea is a great name, it has to be because it's my name! But I hate it when other girls are like, "Chelsea is such a sluty name." I'm like, "well, gezz!" Chelsea is a great name and I wish people would stop saying such nasty things about the name.
applemilk  9/10/2007
Meh. It's a trashy name here in Britain but it could be Madison so I'll quit complaining.
― Anonymous User  9/27/2007
Chelsea is terrible. Sheffield Wednesday would be much better.
― Anonymous User  10/17/2007
This was almost my name, but my parents decided to go with something more creative (Don't ask. Don't get me wrong, I love my name. Just don't ask.) Anyways, I personally don't like this spelling (even though it's the original), I would probably like it better if it ended in an `sey`, not `sea`.
Anonymous Blogger  11/5/2007
Chelsea is an uncommon name, which makes it so interesting. I love the name Chelsea. It is my name also, so that has the bounus affect, but it is a beautiful name.
chelsea02  11/20/2007
Someone who loves nature comes to mind.
kellybelly33  12/12/2007
Trashy, common and cheap.
― Anonymous User  3/10/2008
It's kind of weird seeing this name used for girls. My grandparents used to have a male cat named Chelsea, so for me the name is almost masculine.
― Anonymous User  3/18/2008
This is my name. It's alright. I've heard better but I have heard worse. It's a shame that my name is "trashy" in England.
― Anonymous User  4/22/2008
I don't know any Chelsea's at all- it's not a very popular name where I live, apparently. However, I do really like this name. It's youthful, sweet and yet, I could totally imagine a grown up woman with this name.

Also, the football team rocks! Go Chelsea!
_clippit_  7/27/2008
I know of two Chelseas one in real life (girl) , and one online (boy). I really love this name I have for years. I love it more on a boy though.
tigerlilly  8/11/2008
My daughter, born in 1991, is Chelsea. I had no idea it was a popular name at the time, and I had never heard of Chelsea Clinton, although people ask all the time if that was who she was named for. She is called "Chels" and sometimes "Seashell" (sort of a reversal of the syllables "seachel".) Or "cheese" (don't know where that came from!).
WildBanshee  9/8/2008
The name Chelsea is an interesting name for an interesting person. I love my name. I also go by Chels, Chelz, Chelzie, and Chelser. Lol weird but yeah.
MyMy16  10/2/2008
I love the name Chelsea. It is simple yet very elegant! I have to agree, it is annoying to be called "chel-see-ah". :)
chelsea  11/8/2008
My name is Chelsea, and I'm pretty happy with it. I thought the comment about blue eyes and red hair being associated with this name was funny, because those are two of my traits. :P
xEMMUREx  12/30/2008
The famous English football (soccer) player, Bobby Moore had as a middle name, the name Chelsea. His full name was Robert Frederick Chelsea "Bobby" Moore.
Chels  2/19/2009
Chelsea Morgan Stock is an American stage actress. She first rose to prominence as Ariel in the closing cast of "The Little Mermaid" on Broadway.
AndrewJKD  12/13/2009
A Chelsea Smile/Grin is another name for a Glasgow Smile/Grin.
― Anonymous User  1/12/2010
Chelsea is one of my middle names, my dad supports Chelsea hence the reason why I was named it. I like it but I wouldn't want it as my first name really. :)
kylaaxx  6/25/2010
My second name is Chelsea! I absolutely love it! It sound really good and I like London :-)
DiChel  10/29/2010
Horrible. Disgusting. An unsightly choice for a child.
― Anonymous User  12/14/2010
Reminds me of airheaded, snobby, fake tanned teenage girls. Sorry.
mrose19  6/8/2011
I've heard of two men with this name... and it doesn't seem out of place to me. From my own personal standpoint, Chelsea feels much like Courtney, Meredith, Jocelyn or Shannon (all names that were once exclusively masculine).
― Anonymous User  11/14/2011
Chelsea Quealey (male - born May 6, 1905) was an American jazz trumpeter who played with many greats of the time.
― Anonymous User  11/14/2011
Chelsy is my name, so I'm a bit offended by Eee's gagging at it. I didn't choose the name. It'd be much better were it spelled Chelsea, but it's my name and I have to like it.
chelamarie  2/15/2012
Chelsea Tyler is the daughter of Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler. She is also the half-sister of actress Liv Tyler.
Buneary  12/26/2012
Chelsea sounds more like a puppy name. Hate it!
Melys11  1/12/2013
My name is Chelsey and I love it. I must admit I could never get personalized things when I was younger (cup, toothbrush etc.) because they were all spelled Chelsea, but I love that my name has a unique spelling.
Chels.  10/2/2013
Ah, my name! Of course I'm a little biased, but honestly it is quite a nice name. I used to yearn to be called something more fantasy-like and mysterious when I was younger like, Anastasia or Sapphire, but it's grown on me. People still misspell it as Chealse, though :).
verden  11/27/2013
Chelsea makes me think of some stuck-up mean girl, sorry that's just my image of it.
― Anonymous User  3/3/2014
There is a female character briefly mentioned called Chelsea in the Call of the Forgotten series by Julie Kagawa.
― Anonymous User  6/9/2014
My name is Chelsea and I am thoroughly disturbed about how many misspellings there are. Somehow people thought that Chealse was a way to spell my name and many other ways that were more reasonable. Personally I don't get how that pronunciation comes anywhere near my name.
― Anonymous User  7/6/2014
Chelsea is the name of Barbie's younger sister.
― Anonymous User  7/26/2014
I hate it. It's so prissy :-(
― Anonymous User  8/10/2014
It reminds me of a bogan. Yuck.
― Anonymous User  9/3/2014
I'm a Chelsea and I'm surprised no one has mentioned the other meaning of "courageous one". I always liked that better than sea port, and I completely agree about the pronunciation issues. I always ask "Do you swim in the see-uh? Nope, you swim in the sea."
Chelseamegan  9/14/2014
It's just adorable. In so many ways. I named our cat Chelsea and it suits her. She is a no-nonsense sweet girl with an attitude. Just like Chelsea Clinton. I just love this name and hope it comes back on the charts as popular some day.
― Anonymous User  2/8/2015
I think the name Chelsea is an awesome, cute and friendly name! I absolutely love the name Chelsea; I don't see anything to complain about over this name. (:
― Anonymous User  3/24/2015
Chelsea is so cute, sweet and STRONG all at once. It's a fantastic girl's name. I'm sorry to see that it's dated in popularity. It's often referred to in other things. I think Chelsea is a name that is good for both a young child and an adult woman.
― Anonymous User  5/25/2015
My name is Chelsea and I got bullied over my name. I never found anything with my name on it and my parents named me after a football team so I hate the name. I had a terrible time with my name.
― Anonymous User  7/18/2015
I used to not like my name because growing up in school people always mispronounced my name. Misspelling is understandable because there are many different spellings. A girl in my school spelled her name Chelsi and another spelled hers ChelceeJo. Now mispronouncing it is just annoying. I don't know how many times I got called "Chel-see-a" by adding another syllable by saying the A in my name. I would have to say "No, it's Chelsea, like the sea. You don't say going to swim in the "see-a" for sea do ya?" But as an adult I love my name. It's more rare as an adult. I haven't met one more Chelsea since high school. My parents call me Chels and others have called my Chelo- a mix of Chelsea and J-Lo for a certain reason, lol. And as an adult they said it goes with my bright green eyes and dyed burgundy/violet red hair even though I'm a natural brunette been a violet red head for years :) And I was born in 1992. Seems like a lot of Chelsea's were born in 1992. But I am happy to be Chelsea Marie :)
ChelsoRed48  11/16/2015
My name is Chelsea and I do not like it. I am not a slag or tramp as some people say Chelsea's are. My parents aren't either, people who judge everyone with this name should look in a mirror before talking bad and making fun of other's names, I don't like being called Chels or Chel. Only time I was called either was by bullies.
― Anonymous User  12/18/2015
My name is Chelsea and I like my name. Growing up some guys would ask me if my parents are Chelsea fans or if I'm a Chelsea fan since that's my name but that never bothered me. I just chucked it up to them to being stupid. I never got teased or picked on. I find it hard to believe someone getting picked on because her name is Chelsea. If they got bullied it's because that person or people had it out for her/him, regardless of the name.
― Anonymous User  1/27/2016
I used to love my name but I found soon that EVERYONE was naming their child Chelsea. My mother was going to name my sister Chelsea in 1993 around the time Chelsea Cigarettes came out. Everyone says I "Look like a Chelsea" but most people I know say that it's a trashy or bit**y sounding name!
chelsea13  1/31/2016
My name is Chelsea and I love it. I haven't gotten one negative comment about it. Instead, I get compliments.
― Anonymous User  6/2/2016
The name itself is fine. If you have it and you're a good person, forget the haters and wear it proudly.
jbr1234  7/23/2016
I do not know why, but I always loved this name. Maybe because of Chelsea Clinton, but I don't think she is that spectacular. Chelsea just sounds strong, feminine, cute and all together without being too obnoxious. I would not have chosen it for my daughter, but it's nice and I like it.
― Anonymous User  7/31/2016
Chelsea is just another name that I think will not age well.
Luvbug86  9/22/2016
This is my birth name and I have a love/hate relationship with it. On one hand, it sounds like "cheesy/cheese", people misspell it ALL OF THE TIME, and it doesn't have that good of a meaning but on the other hand, it is really pretty and ages well.
thezenithofnadir  11/18/2016
When I first heard the name Chelsea, I began thinking of the Chelsea Pier. I tried to put a face with the name. I thought of a girl with short, brown hair. Instead she was tall and had dreads. She is from Jamaica and had the prettiest accent ever. That goes to show you that you can't judge a book by the cover.
hopenthemorning  1/8/2017
Chelsea Cooley Altman is an American actress, singer, model, and beauty queen who has competed in the Miss Teen USA, Miss USA, and Miss Universe pageants and who has held the Miss USA 2005 title. She is a member of the pop/R&B group BQ Girls.
cutenose  1/20/2017
There's a deathcore band by the name Chelsea Grin.
hazed-pastel  3/7/2017
In the 1981 movie On Golden Pond, Chelsea is the name of the character Jane Fonda plays.
TarisaKay  3/21/2017
Chelsea Charms is the stage name of an American big-bust model, internet model, and stripper who is famous for having massive breasts.
lilolaf  4/17/2017
We called our daughter Chelsea after our favourite football team Chelsea, We've always liked the name Chelsea as it's a common girls name, People have said Chelsea is a good girls name and a pretty girls name, I get asked did you name your daughter after the football team & I just say yes I did. People respond with that's so cute or cool. My daughter loves her name, but I wish it had more meaning as when you do a search for the meaning it says it means 'sea port'. To me, Chelsea means beautiful.
― Anonymous User  5/2/2017
Although Chelsea, as a name, was first used much earlier than the 1960s/70s, from what I found out, it started increasing in usage for girls in America in 1968 when actress, comedienne, singer and dancer Chelsea Brown (1947-2017) appeared regularly in the second season of Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In which made her the first African-American regular on that show. After increasing steadily in the 70s, it jumped in popularity in 1982 as a result of the film On Golden Pond, released in December of the previous year, where Jane Fonda played the character Chelsea Thayer Wayne.
m4yb3_daijirou  6/23/2017
Chelsea Manning is the name of a former US soldier who leaked thousands of classified files to Wikileaks in 2010.
S-Genesis  9/25/2017
Chelsea is also my name but I'm a guy from Nigeria, a cosmetologist, I love my name Victory Chelsea Hannah it's really awesome to have as a first child of the family, it's a world wide name because of the football club, so I think the name matches with my signature color pink.
Hannah Sarah Victory  3/12/2018
I like the name. It's not too common from what I have seen and over all I think it's a nice name.
Mr.Person  3/29/2018
I love being named Chelsea, though I hated it as a kid. Where I'm from it's a pretty rare name and I only met one other girl with the same name. I disliked it for a few reasons, including everyone always asking me if I was named after the football team and even making football related jokes to me when I was a kid. They would taunt me that the team sucked and some even teased me with 'Liverpool' as that team was back then ahead of Chelsea in a competition. But later I started appreciating it more as it's a beautiful name and it's impressive to me. I was born in a Dutch province who's name is Flevoland. It's earned its name from the time of the Roman Empire as the lake that used to make up a good portion of the province was called "Lacus Flevo" by them. But some centuries later, the lake got flooded by water from the North Sea and became an inside sea. Eventually due to nature and men it dried up and my town was built there. My mom, due to the history and the hospital's view of the remains of the waterbody, named me Chelsea. Now I think my name's pretty awesome.
CBonBon  4/10/2018

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