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I've read that Cosette is a variant of Colette.
Caprice  12/6/2004
Victor Hugo said he created Cosette from "chosette", meaning "little thing", in French.
Miss Claire  1/9/2005
The name Cosette comes from our English word "cossetted", which means "pampered."
Joelle C  2/7/2005
I think that Cosette is a pretty name. I have never met a person with the name Cosette. I don't think that many people know about it. It's very different and unique. I beleive that it is French.
Jordan992  6/21/2005
Cosette, meaning "Victory in War" or "Triumph in War" is also the name of the lead woman in "Les Miserables", a French play about the French Revolution.
mariah  7/27/2005
My name is Cosette and I've heard it meant "Victory over the People" or "Victory of War" or "Little Pet".
cosettesanchez  8/3/2005
Les Miserables is my mom's favorite play and she named me Cozette after Cosette. I think Cosette is a beautiful name and it means a lot to me because my brother's name was Nicholas, and those two names are nicknames for each other my mom tells me.
cozette  8/14/2005
I've heard the name Cosette was another form of the name Nicole, meaning "victorious people".
PVega  10/16/2005
This name was made up by Victor Hugo for his book Les Miserables. The character Cosette's real name was Euphrasie, and somehow her mother Fantine came up with Cosette as a pet name for the child.
SuperClarkie  10/29/2005
I have also heard that Cosette is a form of Nicole, which I believe means something close to "triumph" or "victory". I love the name Cosette, I think it's my favourite name. Also, Cosette is Eponine's pseudo-sister in Les Misérables.
eponine_pontmercy  11/15/2005
The origin of Cosette is unclear. If Victor Hugo used the word "chosette" to create the name, then it means, essentially, "little." However, if Cosette is derived from Colette, which would in turn be a pet form of Nicole, the name means "victory of the people." Convenient name for the heroine of a novel about the common people uprising against the rich.
― Anonymous User  5/2/2006
In one episode of the series Law & Order, there was a stripper named Cosette.
― Anonymous User  5/7/2006
Cosette is a feminization and derivative of Nicholas, meaning "people of victory."
Shasta  7/20/2006
In the book Les Miserables, Cosette's mother Fantine is illiterate. Though the name read Euphrasie, Fantine called her daughter Cosette, as "a sort of derivative" that had no etymological root in the given name.
jc  8/3/2006
Another possible source may have come from Fantine's beau and Cosette's father, Felix Tholomyes. According to Hugo, Felix has some Spanish ancestry, and has been know to entertain his companions with Spanish songs. In Spanish, the word "cosa" means "thing", as does the word "chose" or "chosette" in French. Felix might have frenchized the Spanish word to call either Fantine or his daughter his "little thing" as a term of endearment.

The idea of the name being possibly derived from both the word(s) meaning "little thing" and the name meaning "victorious people" would certainly be very interesting. Hugo probably did that on purpose.
angel_phantom  12/30/2006
There is an anime and a manga series that consists of two volumes called "Le Portrait de Petite Cosette." Cosette is the ghost of a girl who was murdered a long time ago who enlists the help of Eiri (the obvious hero) to collect items that used to belong to her. The only catch is, the items are cursed and they cause misfortune to fall upon all who touch, or even see them. It's a very dark and bloody series.
Dark Whysper  4/15/2007
Cosette means "victorious people". In Les Miserables, Cosette's real name is Euphrasie, but she is nicknamed Cosette by her mother, and rarely goes by anything else.
Cosette  11/4/2007
Cosette means "victorious people" in French, this is why Euphrasie, the illigitimate daughter of Fantine in Victor Hugo's "Les Miserables" is given this nickname.
Cosette  11/23/2007
Cosette may have given rise to the French name Josette (found in the main database), as a sort of play on words. If one accepts the idea that Cosette is derived from Chosette, it's rather easy to see the leap from Chosette (shoh-zet) to Josette (zhoh-zet). The "play on words" comes in if you imagine combining the "jo" of Josephine with the "-osette" of Cosette, effectively marrying one image of the French feminine ideal (quiet regal strength) with another (vulnerable innocence). Josette is a lovely alternative to Cosette, as the French I know tend to react to "Cosette" as Americans might react to the name "Baby" if born by an adult woman. My advice is to consider saving this name for your French poodle.
leananshae  12/18/2007
Oh, and it looks like "corsette" to the anglophone eye.
leananshae  12/18/2007
There is an anime that is called Le Portrait De Petite Cossette, this name always makes me think of that.

I can picture her, a tragic little girl with sad eyes whose beauty is outstanding.
Cossette  3/24/2008
I love this name but it sounds too much like cassette.
katherine24  8/9/2008
Cosette is not a derivative of Nicole/Nicolette, so it does not mean "victory of the people." It's not even a derivative of Euphrasie. Tholomyes left Fantine way before Cosette was even born and never answered any of Fantine's letters, so it's not likely he had any influence on her daughter's nickname.

Hugo came up with this, based possibly on "chosette" (little thing) as something a young, doting mother would call her child. If that theory is true, it essentially means "little one" and nothing more than that.

Josette is a diminutive of Josephine and certainly has nothing to do with Cosette. (Although its a good idea not to name your kid Cosette if she'll ever go to France - it's the equivalent of saying with sarcasm "poor little rich girl!")
ponine  8/25/2008
I'm pretty sure that in Les Mis, the meaning of Cosette is given as 'little thing'.
elliehump  10/22/2008
I have been told that this means something to the effect of 'victorious'.
_clippit_  12/11/2008
French origin, means "victorious people".
cutie4christ  2/1/2009
Means "little thing" in Provençal. Cosa is thing, the suffix -ette makes it little, affectionate.
― Anonymous User  9/11/2009
My name is Cosette and I think it's beautiful. My mom was pregnant with me when she went to see it in New York. It works! I'm Black and it sounds and looks perfect on me. And I love to write it, lolz.
cosettecoco  12/29/2009
Cosette was actually the nickname of the character in Les Misérables: her given name was Euphrasie.
firstofautumn  3/3/2011
I love this name better than "Colette." It's classic, feminine, sweet and simple. And who doesn't like Cosette from Les Miserables.
Melys11  1/10/2013
My name is Cosette and a lot of people say it is a beautiful name, but it is annoying when people mispronouce it and call me rosette and hosette! I am 12 and my friends and family sometimes call me cozy, which is fine. I think it is a good name, but sometimes I can dislike it :(
cccake15  4/14/2013
It's weird. I read some of the comments saying that Nicole is a form of Cosette and that is my middle name
(Cosette Nicole), I wonder if my parents knew that *~*
cccake15  4/15/2013
In 'Les Misérables' the girl's name is Euphrasie. Cosette is a nickname taken from the French word "chosette", or "little thing".
― Anonymous User  7/9/2013
The name Cosette was actually given to 85 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Oohvintage  7/18/2013
A diminutive of "chosette," meaning 'little thing'. Comes from a combination of "chose," meaning 'thing', and the common feminine ending "ette," often translated as 'little' or 'small'. [noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  9/13/2013
As defined in Victor Hugo's 'Les Miserables', Cosette means 'Little Indulged One'.
Arronaut  12/11/2013
Our daughter is called Cosette. We knew that it is a name often given to animals in the USA but asked French friends what they thought and, after some discussion, they agreed that it was a lovely and quite unusual name, and had no reserves about its use.

We never yet saw any coffee cups, pens, key-rings etc. In souvenir ships with this name of it and our daughter likes it. She even has the email address "Cosette at (one of the big providers). X" which is saying something. Try getting another forename without another 6 numbers after it ;-)
mjbc  2/28/2014
My name is Cosette and I think this is a lovely name. And as many of you know, it was in lá misera. My mom actually didn't find the name from that movie, she had me before she saw that movie, one of her friends found it on the Internet and my mom approved of the name, for those of you that have that name, you are so lucky! I have thought to change my name to one of my middle names, but later realized that my name is so unique that I don't want to change it! I hope, if you have this name you will not want to change it! Love you all!
― Anonymous User  5/21/2015
The male equivalent to Cosette is Nicholas, which means victorious people.
love_daydreamin  6/13/2015
My name is Cozyette (the y is silent). My mother knew a girl with the same name spelled the same way and she was called Cozy. It has been difficult telling people my name because it is so unusual but I love reading about others with the same name! We named our first daughter Nicole because of the connection between the 2 names. I'm also a fan of Les Mis, even though that's not where my mother heard my name. I like to think its true meaning is "victorious"!
ccr2580  9/26/2015
My middle name is Cosette, but this is the name I go by. A lot of my family and friends call me "Cozy". I've heard that the name means "victorious", "victorious people", "little one", "little thing", and is the female, French equivalent of Nicholas. I think it is a beautiful name. I started going by my first name for a while because people would always forget my name or mispronounce it. After some time I started going by Cosette again because I missed it. I think it's pretty and many people have said that they liked it. I'm so glad my mom picked it! My mom says that she didn't pick the name based on Victor Hugo's Les Miserables, but because of our French blood (although she does love the play and movie). I like that the name isn't common... I also think that it shouldn't be considered a "pet name" (but that's only my opinion).
cosyposy  2/8/2016
Les Miserables is my dad's favorite movie, play, and book. He named me after the lead character Cosette. I love that name and I've never met anyone with that name and usually people have never met someone with that name either, so I am honored when they say that because they're always going to remember me because of my name. My nickname is Cosi and my best friends and family members call me that and I only let certain other people call me that because if I don't know you that well, I don't want you calling me something important to me.
Cosette_17  5/1/2016

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