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I used this name for my daughter as a tribute to the artist Salvador Dali.
daliadraven  8/3/2005
I love this name, it is my niece's. We pronounce it Dale-yuh though. Her dad named her after Dale Earnhardt hence the Dale in the pronunciation.
― Anonymous User  8/23/2006
It´s also Czech, Slovak and Polish form.
Karcoolka  5/17/2007
Pronounced "dah-lya".
Emilie007  9/2/2008
Very pretty.
Hushpuppy  8/30/2009
A character on the TV series Suburgatory is named Dalia. She is portrayed by Carly Chaikin and acts as the nemesis to the main character. Her character is your typical egotistical, snarky, self-absorbed, fashion-crazed Barbie doll-type of suburban teenage girl that embodies all "dumb blonde" traits. Not a very positive association for the name IMO.
― Anonymous User  12/4/2011
Dalia Sofer is an American writer.
― Anonymous User  6/1/2012
This name is used in Spain also.
overtheclouds  12/22/2012
I like it better with no H.
SEC908  12/20/2013
Dalia is a lovely name. It's very pretty. :)
― Anonymous User  4/9/2015
Dalia Inés Nieto Jiménez, simply known as Dalia Inés, is a Mexican singer, dancer, and actress. A former teacher and English translator, Dalia Inés is the eldest of the five children of singer and actress Flor Silvestre. She has been singing and dancing for several years in her musical revue Mi México, which features traditional music and dances from various states of Mexico. She appeared in several films, including some of her stepfather Antonio Aguilar's productions.
cutenose  1/27/2017
This is also the Italian variant of Dahlia and the common word for that flower.

In 2015 were born 101 babies called Dalia in Italy.
Felie  2/5/2017
I personally think this is SO much more beautiful without the H.
― Anonymous User  5/24/2017

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