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This could also be a nickname for the name Danielle.
echo_of_the_past  7/31/2005
There is a cartoon on Nickelodeon called "Danny Phantom."
patchworkgirl  11/16/2005
Danny Bonaduce is an actor known for his role as Danny Partridge on the T.V. show "The Partridge Family."
breakofday  12/30/2005
Danny Thomas was an actor an T.V. producer. He was the father of Marlo Thomas.
breakofday  12/30/2005
Two famous bearers are:

Danny DeVito (born 17 November 1944), actor (One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Romancing The Stone, The War Of The Roses, Batman Returns, Matilda, Big Fish et al).

Danny Jones (born 12 March 1986), guitarist and vocalist with British pop-rock band McFly.
reservoirdoll1987  6/17/2006
Danny Tanner was a character on the TV show "Full House".
Roanoke17  8/11/2006
There is a very beautiful (and sad) folk song, Danny Boy. It is about a young man who goes to fight and his lover, who pledges her undying love. Then, waiting for him, she dies. I would not hesitate to name a child Daniel, although Danielle is very popular now.
Elvenscholar  11/15/2006
Danny the Dinosaur is a famous bearer.
lily2040  11/24/2006
Love love love the name Danny, hate hate hate the name Daniel.
gracielou16  1/22/2007
Daniel is a nice name. I prefer Danny to be a short form of Daniel rather than on its own.
CharlieRob  7/22/2007
For some reason, lots of Korean people have this as their English name. Don't know why.
― Anonymous User  5/23/2007
Dan is a Vietnamese name meaning "yes", so maybe that has something to do with the Dannys over there.
― Anonymous User  5/29/2008
There is an Irish ballad titled "Danny Boy". It's fairly famous.

Oh Danny boy
The pipes the pipes are calling
From glen to glen
And down the mountainside
The summer's gone
And all the roses falling
'Tis you, 'tis you must go
And I must bide
But come ye back
When summer's in the meadow
And when the valley's hushed
And white with snow
'Tis I'll be there
In sunshine or in shadow
Oh Danny boy, oh Danny boy
I love you so.
VictoriaCalledTori  6/10/2007
Danny Masterson played the character Steven Hyde on the classic "That '70s Show."
emc  8/2/2007
Danny-Lynn is the name of Anna Nicole Smith's baby daughter.
80226_hottie  8/9/2007
Actually, Anna Nicole spelt her daughter's name Dannielynn.
― Anonymous User  8/24/2007
I think this is a very cute name for little Daniels, however I don't like it as a full name. It seems incomplete.
spaz123  9/9/2007
The lead male in the musical "Grease" is bad-boy Danny Zuko, who falls in love with leading lady Sandy Dumbrowski. In the original 1972 Broadway musical, he was portrayed by Barry Bostwick, who received a Tony Award nomination for the role. In the popular 1978 film adaption, the character was portrayed by John Travolta. Many other stars have also performed the role, including Richard Gere, Patrick Swayze, and Treat Williams.
AndrewJKD  3/12/2008
Far too immature for people past the age of 16. Okay, I may be exggerating, but it is quite a childish name, it had better be short for Daniel, not the actual name.
slight night shiver  5/19/2008
In Andy McNab's and Robert Rigby's book, Boy Soldier, the main character is a 17 year old boy named Danny.
00Jayd-Dani  6/10/2008
Danny Saucedo, a famous Swedish singer that participated in Swedish Idol 2006. He is also in the Swedish boyband, E.M.D.
jordann  4/19/2009
I can't stand this nickname. It sounds so babyish and feminine, and I knew many Dannys who were jerks.
bananarama  9/10/2009
A famous bearer of this name is Danny Torrance from one of my favorite movies/books, 'The Shining' written and created by Stephen King. Movie directed by Stanley Kubrick.
abbeynotch  2/17/2011
Danny O'Donoghue is the lead singer of The Script.
dizzydoll  7/17/2011
Another famous bearer is Danny Worsnop, vocalist in the metalcore band Asking Alexandria.
― Anonymous User  8/17/2012
Danny the Tourettes Guy.
Franklansburg  4/25/2014
Could also be a nickname for Brendan.
Hushpuppy  12/31/2014
Danny Marino, guitarist of Canadian metal band The Agonist.
UoleviH  7/27/2015
Danny Jones is in Mcfly and Mcbusted.
shauna779  8/10/2015
Danny is a great name and personally I think this is a great name to give to someone as a full name and not short for anything.
abcdef82ksj  4/6/2016
I like this name and the editor needs to change the meaning of the name as it is not just a diminutive, it is an Irish form of Daniel. Also in Hebrew this is a variant. It is also a diminutive of Daniel but you can't just say that its only meaning is in Ireland and in Hebrew it is a variant.
― Anonymous User  6/4/2016
I don't like this nickname at all. It seems too childish and informal as a given name and I don't think it could work well as a full name. Daniel sounds more mature and will age better and Dan is a better nickname than Danny.
― Anonymous User  6/29/2016
Danny is also a separate Hebrew name meaning 'my Judge'. Danny is a very common name is Israel and is NOT used for a nickname of Daniel in Israel.
― Anonymous User  12/23/2016
Danny is not originally a diminutive for Daniel. It is a Hebrew name that means 'My Judge' so parents, it should be used as a legal name in its own right.
― Anonymous User  12/23/2016
I really like this name, but I certainly couldn't see it being used on its own. Danny will always be a nickname to me. Short for Daniel or even Dan or some other.
― Anonymous User  1/15/2017
If you actually did proper research on the name Danny you would see that it is a originally a Hebrew name meaning "Judge" or "My Judge" and that in Israel (the place where the name originated) NOT a short form of Daniel. If you think it is a nickname, keep your comments to your self but don't go misguiding people about the name Danny as it it supposed to be a given name in it's own right.
― Anonymous User  1/16/2017
Danny is the best name in the world. It my name and everyone loves it.
― Anonymous User  1/16/2017

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