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The name also comes from the Irish Gaelic surname "Ó Dubhshláine" ("descendant of Dubhshláine"). Dubhshláine, in itself, means "dark challenge," (dubh: black; slán: challenge, defiance). I, by mistake, thought it meant black river, since I happened to see the words "Sláigne River".
-- gaelruadh19  7/16/2005
Dubhshláine being pronounced "DOO-hlah-nya" or "DOO-lah-nya".
-- gaelruadh19  7/16/2005
Most people with the Delaney surname trace their ancestry to Ireland, usually Co. Meath. The name is common in the Canadian province of Newfoundland which has strong connections to the Republic of Ireland.
-- Anonymous User  1/14/2006
Delaney is such a pretty feminine name for a girl. Laney is a nice nickname too.
-- Anonymous User  4/30/2006
There's a song called "Miss Delaney" by Jack's Mannequin. It's a pretty name, and I especially like Laney for short.
-- trayc53  7/13/2006
Delaney, like Liam, makes me think of an Irish drunk at a filthy pub somewhere.
-- Anonymous User  7/31/2006
I love the name Delaney and the nickname Laney is awesome.
-- Anonymous User  10/9/2006
I think it's a little odd that people say this should be a boy's name. It sounds really feminine to me. Laney is a great nickname for it.
-- skatergirl2  11/10/2006
The name is mentioned in the song "Ms. Delaney" by Something Corporate.
-- CHLC  11/13/2006
I named our daughter Delaney Erin. I get several comments in our small Wisconsin town on her name. I've seen several Laney's in her school though, GRR, lol.
-- Kellyjean  12/17/2006
This name reminds me of bologna.
-- Anonymous User  6/10/2007
Martina McBride's oldest daughter is named Delaney Katharine. She was born on December 22, 1994.
-- Anonymous User  6/26/2007
I think this name is very unique and it's strange that you don't hear this name every day, I think it's a very pretty name.
-- vane62392  12/6/2007
I think this is one of the prettiest names I've ever heard of. It's not like Emily or Isabella where you get sick of hearing it every single time you go anywhere.
-- jasmineenimsaj  3/23/2008
Eep, Tom DeLay comes to mind. I don't like this name as a first name anyway. To me, it sounds feminine, quite frankly. Lane sounds okay on both sexes, but Laney sounds like a girly nickname for it, which is why Delaney also sounds feminine to me. Somehow the name annoys me. Can't quite put my finger on it, except for the DeLay and 'delay' thing about it.
-- slight night shiver  5/20/2008
I love Delaney! I also love Delani and Dubhshlaine as well (DOO-lah-nya.) This name is perfectly feminine and lovely. Any bearer of this name should be proud of this name's beauty.
-- Dragon_Clarinet  8/10/2008
This name, due to the fact that it's a last name, should be listed as masculine and feminine.
-- Akua Topaz  10/13/2008
There is a book called "Have a Heart, Cupid Delaney" in which the main character goes by Delaney.
-- wbbuff  2/20/2009
Nice, but it seems ditzy to me.
-- -Julia-  8/31/2009
This is my last name, so it was kind of hard to imagine it as a first name at first. But now I like it, but it bothers me when people pronounce it DEE-lay-nee (yes, this does happen). And I dislike the nickname Laney.
-- McHobbit  10/28/2009
The name Delayna is prettier! I HATE the nickname Laney which is why I kinda hate this name. The name Layna is PRETTY though.
-- Anonymous User  11/2/2009
Nice name, I also have a friend named Delanie. I kind of like that spelling better though.
-- Fray  11/19/2009
I have seen this used on a boy (born in 2000).
-- Anonymous User  2/22/2010
I have a friend named Delani but it's spelt different.
-- teenagewriter  9/14/2010
It's not stunningly beautiful or utterly classic, but I kinda like this name. It sounds spunky and fun. But too youthful for me to use.
-- Chrila96  11/19/2010
This name is really beautiful for girls, but I do have a male friend with this as his middle name and it sounds good with his first name. I also like it for males (probably as a middle name, though), but overall, it is a pretty name.
-- Anonymous User  12/2/2010
I love Delaney. I think it's very unique and feminine. Although it isn't very traditional, more modern I still think it's very pretty. I also like the nickname "Dee".
-- lilbabyblueblonde  12/7/2010
I love this name and I'm quite proud that other people think my name is beautiful. I grew up thinking my name was weird, and I wished I had a more common name like Alyssa. It does feel very little kiddish to me, but maybe it's because I've had it since I was a little girl. I disliked the comment about a drunken Irish person. I've never even had a drink thank you very much. I definitely think a guy could have this name, although I've never heard it.
-- Anonymous User  1/1/2011
I think this name is very, very beautiful on a girl. I also love the nickname Laney. My twin girls are going to be named Delaney and Calista.
-- bonjourfrenchfry  7/25/2011
I adore the name Delaney for a girl. It's not something you hear every day, even though it's gaining popularity. It's sweet but not sickening sweet like Annabelle or anything. I think it would suit a girly girl, tomboy, sporty girl, all personalities! Delaney is a favorite of mine, for sure. (:
-- LittleSamGirl  8/31/2011
I don't really care for Delaney but my cousin's name is Delana (də-LAYN-uh) which to me sounds much more feminine and I always think of a pretty blonde haired Eastern European girl when I hear my cousin's name, despite the fact she looks nothing like that.
-- GibsonGirl  7/3/2012
I was given the name Delaney-Gail and I have yet to meet another Delaney but I love it.
-- Anonymous User  7/10/2014
I went to school with a guy named 'Delaney' nickname 'Del'.
So I see this as a males' name. I don't like it on a girl.
-- ThatMazerunnerfan  8/12/2014
I see this as a males name.
-- Anonymous User  10/17/2014
Delaney has been a male given name in our family for generations.
-- Anonymous User  11/7/2014
Delaney is a males name in my opinion.

Pronounced: Del-lay-knee.
-- Anonymous User  12/16/2014
I think Delaney is an adorable name. One of my best friends is named Delaney and she is a GIRL. She is so sweet and she has such a cute and nice personality (we're 12 years old) I call her Lanie or Lane for short, but I just like "Lanie" a bit better then Lane because Lane just sounds a little... plain. But overall, this name is such a cute name!
-- OliviaBugg12  12/22/2014

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