Given Name DEWEY

GENDER: Masculine
USAGE: Welsh

Meaning & History

Welsh form of DAVID.
VARIANTS: Dewi, Dewydd
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Daud, Dawood, Dawud (Arabic), Davit (Armenian), David (Biblical), Dauid (Biblical Greek), Dawid (Biblical Hebrew), David (Biblical Latin), Daveth (Cornish), David (Croatian), David (Czech), David (Danish), David (Dutch), David, Dave, Davey, Davie, Davy (English), Taavet, Taavi (Estonian), Taavetti, Taavi (Finnish), David (French), Davit, Daviti (Georgian), David (German), David (Hebrew), Dávid (Hungarian), Daud (Indonesian), Dáibhí (Irish), Davide (Italian), Dovydas (Lithuanian), David (Macedonian), Daw (Medieval English), David (Norwegian), Davud (Persian), Dawid (Polish), David (Portuguese), Davi (Portuguese (Brazilian)), David (Romanian), David (Russian), Dàibhidh, David, Daividh, Davie (Scottish), David (Serbian), Dávid (Slovak), David (Slovene), David (Spanish), David (Swedish), Dovid (Yiddish)


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Entry updated August 31, 2007