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Meaning & History

Derived from the old Celtic word dei meaning "to shine". This name is also used as a Welsh diminutive of DAVID.
Other Languages & CulturesDaud, Dawood, Dawud Arabic Davit Armenian David Biblical Dauid Biblical Greek Dawid Biblical Hebrew David Biblical Latin Daveth Cornish David Croatian David Czech David Danish David Dutch David, Dave, Davey, Davie, Davy English Taavet, Taavi Estonian Taavetti, Taavi Finnish David French Davit, Daviti Georgian David German David Hebrew Dávid Hungarian Daud Indonesian Dáibhí Irish Davide Italian Dovydas Lithuanian David Macedonian Daw Medieval English David Norwegian Davud Persian Dawid Polish David Portuguese Davi Portuguese (Brazilian) David Romanian David Russian Dàibhidh, David, Daividh, Davie Scottish David Serbian Dávid Slovak David Slovene David Spanish David Swedish Dovid, Dudel Yiddish
User SubmissionsĐài, Dai


diminutives, Discworld characters, light, Nintendo characters, The Legend of Zelda characters
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