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Gender Masculine
Pronounced Pron. dee-oo-NEE-zyoo(European Portuguese)
jee-oo-NEE-zyoo(Brazilian Portuguese)

Meaning & History

Portuguese form of DIONYSIUS.
VariantsDinis, Dênis, Diniz
Feminine FormDionísia
Other Languages & CulturesDeion, Deon(African American) Dionysios, Dionysius, Dion(Ancient Greek) Dionysius(Biblical) Denis(Croatian) Denis(Czech) Dennis(Dutch) Denis, Dennis, Den, Denny, Deon, Dion(English) Denis(French) Denis, Dennis(German) Dionysios(Greek) Dionysos(Greek Mythology) Dénes(Hungarian) Dionisio(Italian) Tenney(Medieval English) Denis, Dionisie(Romanian) Denis(Russian) Denis, Dionýz(Slovak) Denis(Slovene) Dionisio(Spanish) Denys(Ukrainian)
Same SpellingDionisio
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