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PronouncedPron.DEN-is English
DE-nis German
DEN-nis Dutch

Meaning & History

Usual English, German and Dutch form of DENIS.
DiminutivesDen, Denny English
Feminine FormsDenice, Denise English Denise Dutch
Other Languages & CulturesDeion African American Dionysios, Dionysius, Dion Ancient Greek Dionysius Biblical Denis Croatian Denis Czech Denis French Dionysios Greek Dionysos Greek Mythology Dénes Hungarian Dionisio Italian Tenney Medieval English Dionísio Portuguese Dênis, Diniz Portuguese (Brazilian) Dinis Portuguese (European) Denis, Dionisie Romanian Denis Russian Denis, Dionýz Slovak Denis Slovene Dionisio Spanish Denys Ukrainian
User SubmissionDennis


A Song of Ice and Fire characters, Attack on Titan characters, Gundam characters, Harry Potter characters, House of Cards US characters, Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia characters, Macross characters, never out of the US top 1000, retired Atlantic hurricane names, Stephen King characters, storms, Suikoden characters, Thomas and Friends characters
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