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I like the name Dirk for some reason, but I like it spelled with an e at the end.
-- rsyn  11/29/2005
Often said to be Scottish for dagger.
-- Missy  12/22/2005
Dirk Pitt is a main character in many of Clive Cussler's books.
-- ringer007  4/13/2006
Dirk Nowitzki is a major force in the NBA. He is from Germany and currently plays for the Dallas Mavericks (2006).
-- Anonymous User  6/23/2006
Pronounced DEERK in Germany. [noted -ed]
-- JHK  9/2/2006
My brother thinks this name is funny.
-- Taydbug112  12/6/2006
There's also a female version of the name, "Dirka", that is used in Germany, though not very common.
-- mousseauchocolat  2/11/2007
Famous bearer is Dirk Benedict.
-- Surreal  2/13/2007
Ok, I'll be the bad guy here -- please remember the playground folks! Any boy with this name is bound to be exposed to, "Dirk the Dork". Just sayin'.
-- leananshae  12/10/2007
Sounds like berk/jerk.
-- Katja Eidis  1/18/2008
The name sounds like 'dirt' and 'jerk' in English, but it's ugly in any language.
-- slight night shiver  4/21/2008
It's my boyfriend's name and he's Dutch. I didn't like it when he told me his name (to a Danish girl it sounds weird), but now I love it! It's pronounced: Deerk, but as a short sound.
-- Katrine  5/8/2008
Origin is Diederik, old German name meaning either "Powerful among the people" or "Protector of the people".
-- Dirkvh  7/20/2009
It sounds like the name of a cocky bad boy type, a cowboy. Dirk = dick + jerk. Still, I'm a sucker for the bad boys. *sigh* lol.
-- Anonymous User  8/13/2009
Dierec Bouts (or Dirk) (1420-1475) was a Netherlandish painter. He had two sons: Dieric and Aelbrecht.
-- Anonymous User  10/10/2011
I surprised nobody has mentioned Dirk Strider, older brother of Dave strider in the web comic Homestuck, written and drawn by Andrew Hussie...
-- LaraElkady  10/16/2013
Dirk Bogarde was born Derek Jules Gaspard Ulric Niven van den Bogaerde.
-- essie  3/23/2015
The Name DIRK is also written in West Frisian as DURK. [noted -ed]
-- FrijhearDurk  6/7/2016
The name Dirk was given to 25 boys born in the US in 2015.
-- HerculePoirot  6/20/2016
Dirk the Daring is the main character from the famous arcade game Dragon's Lair; a superb old fashion laser disc game of the 80's.
-- Jake Fax  7/19/2016
Dirk Gently: a detective of fiction, created by English writer Douglas Adams. Character of three novels; adapted to theatre, radio plays, and television.
-- nclm  12/12/2016

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