Names Related to Dirk

Names that are related to DIRK:
DEDERICK   m   English (Archaic)
DEDRICK   m   African American
DEREK   m   English
DERICK   m   English
DERRICK   m   English
DERYCK   m   English (Rare)
DICK (2)   m   Dutch
DIEDE   m   Dutch
DIEDERICH   m   German (Archaic)
DIEDERICK   m   Dutch
DIEDERIK   m   Dutch
DIERK   m   German
DIETRICH   m   German
DIRK   m   Dutch, German, English
TEL   m   English (British)
TERI   f   English
TERRI   f   English
TERRIE   f   English
TERRY (1)   m & f   English
TEUTORIGOS   m   Ancient Celtic
THELONIUS   m   Various
THEODERICH   m   Ancient Germanic
THEODORIC   m   History
THEODORICUS   m   Ancient Germanic (Latinized)
THEUDORICUS   m   Ancient Germanic (Latinized)
ÞEUTRICH   m   Ancient Germanic
THIERRY   m   French
THILO   m   German
ÞIUDREIKS   m   Ancient Germanic
TIEDE   m   Frisian, Dutch
TIELO   m   Medieval German
TILL   m   German
TILLO   m   German (Rare)
TILO   m   German
TUDOR (1)   m   Welsh
TUDUR   m   Welsh