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Gender Masculine
Usage English, Dutch
Pronounced Pron. EHD-win(English)
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Meaning & History

Means "rich friend" from the Old English elements ead "wealth, fortune" and wine "friend". This was the name of a 7th-century Northumbrian king, regarded as a saint. After the Norman Conquest the name was not popular, but it was eventually revived in the 19th century. A notable bearer was the astronaut Edwin Aldrin (1930-), also known as Buzz, the second man to walk on the moon.
DiminutivesEd, Eddie, Eddy(English) Ed(Dutch)
Feminine FormsEdwina, Edweena, Edwena, Edwyna(English)
Other Languages & CulturesEadwine(Anglo-Saxon) Edvin(Danish) Edvin(Estonian) Edvin(Finnish) Edvin(Hungarian) Edvīns(Latvian) Edvin(Norwegian) Edvin(Swedish)


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