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Deriving ultimately from Helena, Elle has become an independent form in Estonian. Since there are no such things as silent letters in Estonian, unlike in French it is pronounced "Ell-eh". Both E-s sound the same, like the e in "exit".
-- riina  2/18/2005
Elle also means "she" or "her" in French.
-- iamkristen  7/8/2005
Elle is also the short form of other names that begin with "El" such as Eleanor.
-- SadieMarch  8/15/2005
Elle Woods is the character played by Reece Witherspoon in Legally Blonde.
-- Piper333  9/25/2005
Actress Elle Fanning, sister of Dakota Fanning.
-- .miela.  11/23/2005
Model Elle MacPherson is a famous bearer.
-- .miela.  11/23/2005
Elle is a women's beauty magazine.
-- Anonymous User  12/23/2005
My cousin's name is Elle, but she pronounces it like Ellie. I think it's a nice, modest name, but I really prefer it as a nickname.
-- likeastar  1/19/2006
The name seems a little plain by itself. Mixed with another name would be a different circumstance (example Mary Elle).
-- bjd1994rts  1/28/2006
My name is Ellinor and my friends gave me the nickname Elle but it's pronounced EL-uh. That being okay since I live in Sweden but it doesn't sound right in the English language, so I always introduce myself as Elle with the pronunciation EL when I'm out travelling and meeting new people.
-- AnonaBee  3/1/2006
My name is Elle but it's pronounced Ellie. The last "e" in my name is actually with an accent but the accent isn't pronounced. It's very weird but I can only thank my parents for giving me an unusual name!
-- miss.elle  4/12/2006
This name means SHE in french, it's like calling your kid Him. Please, Elle Woods was cool, but please.
-- bellaboo  10/24/2006
I love the name. It's very pretty and simple. It's one of my favorite names.
-- candleburn  11/5/2006
I LOVE this name, but if you use it, you would need to add some flair! So, I would use Ella or Ellie instead. :-0
-- Taydbug112  11/14/2006
I named my daughter AnnaSophia Mary Elle. She goes by Elle. I was going to have Elle as her first name, but I didn't think it was "whole" enough. It is such a pretty name though so I just couldn't pass it up.
-- Anonymous User  12/23/2006
In Gail Carson Levine's book Ella Enchanted, Ella when she travels to a different country is called "Elle" in their language.
-- Anonymous User  12/31/2006
I think this name is simple, feminine, and beautiful.
-- nothingshortoftragic  12/31/2006
This is my nickname. I'm called Ellie (EL-lee) or Elle (EL-leh). I think it's very cute.
-- elliebeth  1/30/2007
I want my people to call me Elle. My name is Elizabeth, so it's fairly boring. I think Elle isn't as common and a cool shortname for Elizabeth.
-- Anonymous User  1/3/2008
Elle Driver, a character in Kill Bill, bears this name.
-- aquaspirit96  1/11/2008
My name is Ellen, and I often use 'Elle' on the internet.
-- eguo0124  2/9/2008
I love this name. Because it's mine! I pronounce it "L". In my actuality it's short for Danielle, but I've been Elle since I was very young. Elle Yeah!
-- fancyfeet  4/11/2008
Too minimalist, with a sense of being incomplete. Sounds weird in French-speaking countries and areas, as well as to anyone who can speak the language. The name rather makes me picture a beautiful, rich, yet arrogant young woman.
-- slight night shiver  4/22/2008
This strikes me as a rather unusual and slightly interesting name, but one should never use it unless it is short for somebody's full name or something.
-- Pippin  7/3/2008
Elle Bishop on Heroes is played by Kristen Bell.
-- Veronica_Mignon  11/16/2008
Sounds very strange to anyone who knows French, even someone who's terrible at it like me. Much prefer Ellie.
-- MoonAgeDaydreamer  1/16/2009
There was an awesome Alternative Rock band called Elle Milano. Sadly, they broke up in 2008.
-- DestructoGirl  7/9/2009
It's cute!
-- italiannames  1/3/2010
Cute, but I'd only use it as a nickname because I personally find Elizabeth, Eleanor, Ella, Elena, etc. to be prettier and more mature. Also, as someone who has studied some French, I just could not name my daughter after a pronoun. ("Hello, this is my daughter, Elle, and my son, Il") If you want a cute French name for your girl, there are some much better options that are not lifted straight out of the grammar book.
-- Anonymous User  1/7/2010
Can also be pronounced EL-ee. A friend of mine has the given name of Elizabeth Quinn, but goes by Elle. It's like Ellie, without the "i."
-- mariej2  4/18/2010
A cute nickname for a more complete-sounding name like Ella or Elly or Elizabeth. Also if someone was name Elle, people would probably have a difficult time pronouncing it.
-- Jesussaves7193  6/18/2010
This name is HORRENDOUS as a stand alone name! Too minimalist. It's cute as a nickname for Eleanor or Elizabeth.
-- Chrila96  12/14/2010
I love this name, I'm not French so I don't care if it's a word in French. If people are using Belle in the US as a name why not Elle? I think Elle is elegant and pretty.
-- Anonymous User  7/30/2011
I have friends who named their daughter Elle. Elle is very cute and absolutely sweet. I prefer this to the extremely popular Ella. I find this name very unique without being a made up name.
-- Anonymous User  2/20/2013
I named my little precious daughter Elle and she is nothing other than an Elle! A beautiful little blue eyed, fair hair, tanned skinned girl came from a family full of brunettes and brown eyes. A unique name for a unique girl. She doesn't need any glamorizing with her name. I am so glad I didn't go for the common Ella or Ellie. The only downfall, when I loudly call her name in public it sounds like Im grunting hehe.
-- Tamara Pseftra  4/25/2013
The name Elle can be pronounced in two different ways: like the commonplace name for the letter "L" (in other words, EL), or similarly as one would pronounce the name Ellie. (I should know, because I nearly got named this alternate version.)
-- Anonymous User  6/17/2013
I don't really think its that bad that it means 'she' in French, Ella means her in Spanish but it's still ├╝ber trendy (granted there is a different pronunciation). Despite this name being modern and my general dislike for modern names, there's nothing that bad about the sound of this. It's just very strange as a full first name. It sounds like you're saying the letter l or like whatever you were gonna say was cut short. My cousin Elizabeth is sometimes called this, and I think it's a cute nickname for names beginning in el, but as a full name it's a little strange. Even Elle fanning's real name is Mary Elle.
-- Anonymous User  7/2/2013
This is far too short sounding in my ears. I don't like this as a standalone name. It's okay(ish) as a nickname for Eleanor, Ellie, Eliana etc. Or for any names beginning with the letter 'L' e.g. Linda, Lara, Lola, Lisa...
-- LoveHeartKawaii  8/18/2014
Too common as a name ending, like Gabrielle, Michelle or Danielle, and sounds too much like the letter l.
-- Hushpuppy  8/27/2014

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