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Elspeth… a mysterious, hidden name… I only just heard of it last month and every since it has been a complete mystery name… beautiful though, as if with hidden depths. The name Elspeth is really lovely and strong, with a personality build all round it. It seems quiet and hiding, like a new, small girl, at a huge, bright bustling school. I can't ever say the name Elspeth is simple in my personal opinion, because it would be a downright lie. It is the most complex, in-the-shadows name I've ever heard of. If I met a girl called Elspeth, I'd be amazed, surprised, and bewildered, all at the same time. It just shows how complex the name is. I have so much to say about it! Somehow, it reminds me of my mother - Sylvia - beautiful, kind - but with obvious secrets. I don't care that my mother has them - it makes me love her more. What I'm trying to say is that Elspeth is mysterious, hidden, unique and straight-out PRETTY!
BeccyLeader1  4/27/2018
The card game Magic the Gathering has a character named Elspeth Tirel.
sep780  4/20/2018
Elspeth is the main character of Isobelle Carmody's young adult novel 'Obernewtyn'.
― Anonymous User  1/5/2017
In Linda Hayner's novel 'The Foundling', Elspeth is a young teenage girl who is a conceited jerk.
― Anonymous User  12/3/2016
I really like this name. It reminds me of pine trees for some reason. If kids have trouble saying Elspeth, there are a few nickname options, such as Elsie, Elsa, Ellie, Elle, Beth, etc. I admit, it's a bit of a tongue twister, but that doesn't make the sound any less beautiful.
actingfun  7/21/2016
My name is Elspeth and I love the uniqueness of the name. I really don't understand how some people think that it is and old lady's name. But everyone is entitled to their own opinions. But in my opinion, I love the fact that the name is not common. I think my name suits me and my personality, which is not old but unique.
Elspeth Smart  12/15/2014
My name is Elspeth and I'm 16 years old. I have never met anyone else called Elspeth. I don't think it is old or frumpy at all, and gives a note of elegance about someone without sounding spoilt or bratty. I have always been able to say my name, and you're not going to be 1 year old forever so it's not like they won't be able to say their name for their whole life. It also makes little kids seem cute when they can't say their name. I have always loved my name and the way it is pronounced. I have gone through my life with everyone saying how nice my name is and where it comes from, I have never had any negative comments about it. All my teachers adore the name.

I also prefer the "Els-p-eth" version than "Els-b-eth" as I feel "Elspeth" with a "p" is more gentle sounding than a "b". I also love the way that I don't have a boring name like "Jane or Alex etc" (sorry anyone called Jane or Alex) which are very common names, it makes life more exciting. And at least it is not too strange, like people called "Lauryn" (with a "y" instead of an "e"). What also makes this name great is that it's not from England but from Scotland. This is also a better derivative from Elizabeth and 'again' Elspeth is more subtle. I will be happy to live with this name for my whole life as it suits babies, young children, teenagers, young adults, adults and older people.

If anyone is not quite sure whether to use this name for future generations, then don't worry because I have never been bullied or teased and my school years were the worst to be bullied. Be confident with your name as nearly everyone will love it.
ElspethVicky72  7/15/2014
Such a beautiful name, it's my sister's name too. It's so elegant.
BelleMettle  7/11/2014
I know an Elspeth. I pronounce it ELS-peth, not any other variation. It's sweet and unique, I know nobody else with the name.
I also love the flexibility with nicknames; I always call her Elspeth when I mention her in conversation, but Elsie to her personally. I have this little pet name, Pethy I call her in my head.
― Anonymous User  5/21/2014
In my opinion, the loveliest and most underrated version of Elizabeth! (Well, Elise, Elsa, Eliza is pretty too but Elspeth is just... the fustiest/most vintage-sounding of the lot to most, and just ripe and ready for revival from the classics to me!) One of my favorite names.
― Anonymous User  5/4/2014
I am baffled that this website gives the pronunciation of this name as ELS-peth. When I check other baby name websites, the pronunciation is frequently given as EL-speth. I have always said it this way, never ELS-peth, which I think sounds weird, IMO.
Gives it as EHL-spehth;

And "the UK's most popular baby names website" also gives it as EL-speth.

If I am wrong, I welcome correcting from someone who is actually from Scotland or England and who has known someone to pronounce it as ELS-peth. Otherwise, I think it is safe to say this website has the pronunciation incorrect *or* that there are two valid pronunciations for this name, one of which is currently not being included and should be. I would be curious to know which is most common.
la-petite-rachel  6/21/2013
My daughter is called Elspeth and yes the pronunciation is tricky. Her older brother always called her Elsmith. The odd thing is that she only gets called Elspeth when she is in trouble. Her twin brother always called her Elibets and this was shortened to Bets and finally changed to Betsy which has stuck. Even her teachers call her Betsy. So it really doesn't matter what you call them they will find something that fits them.
Beruthialscat  9/11/2012
As an Elspeth myself, I have grown to like it. I don't think of it as an old lady's name, but just unusual compared to the other many 'Elizabeth's I have met. I've never talked to anyone who has outright said they hated or disliked my name. I've always either had 'wow, that's such a nice name!' or at least 'that's a very unusual name, where are your parents from?' To me, it's not flimsy or too fancy, but it's certainly not plain old boring Jane (I apologise if anyone reading this is called Jane).

It's probably because of so many people who say my name wrong, but I have come to despise the pronunciations 'Elsbeth' or 'Elsabeth'. Those pronunciations to me are far too soft and flimsy- especially when the stress is on the second 'e'. I always stress my 'Els' and 'p' (though I do say my name "ELS-puth") when I say it (it sounds odd, but it works), and to me and to everyone else I have asked about my name, it never sounds harsh. But, of course, the best pronunciation of this name is by my Scottish relatives.

I would say that the best thing about being called Elspeth is that as it is unusual and interesting but not too wacky, people remember me by my name. The worst part is the constant 'Sorry, it's ElsPeth, not ElsABeth/ElsBeth' when people write down my name.
esilly  8/9/2012
Well this is my mum's name and she is 40 so it is not an old person name and I personally like it and the nickname Ellie or Elle (pronounced the same).
littlemissebony  7/22/2012
It is pronounced els-peth not els-beth.
littlemissebony  7/22/2012
This was the name of a character in a story I read -- the Elspeth in that was very hypocritical and conniving. She also tried to get everyone she knew to name their daughters after her.
I used to hate this name so much; it's actually growing on me a little. Oddly enough, I think it's because of the story.
I like Elizabeth better, but Elspeth isn't too bad. It does sound pretty dainty and fairylike, which is cool. :)
― Anonymous User  5/14/2012
I actually like this name. It sounds like an elf or a fairy. Very magical.
Dawson  7/10/2011
I like many Scottish names and variations of Elizabeth, but I've never been able to get behind Elspeth. It seems truncated and cut off, as if the vital middle of the name had been eviscerated. The transition between the first and second syllable is just too abrupt and awkward.

Elsbeth is a much better variation, in my opinion. The softer "b" sound has better flow.
faelivrin  5/1/2011
Cool name. I had a friend named Elspeth when I was a kid and I called her Speth.
― Anonymous User  3/14/2011
The Welsh version of this is Elsbeth.
shoopshoop  1/20/2011
Sounds too... wispy, if you catch my drift. I dislike it.
Chrila96  11/19/2010
I know a girl named Elspeth. She goes by Elsy, which I think is cute.
― Anonymous User  3/31/2010
Looks like a form om the Danish name Elsebeth (EL-suh-bet) which is a form of Elisabeth. Elsebeth is not a young person's name, at least Elspeth seems somewhat younger.

I think Elspeth seems too shortened for my taste but it's still quite fascinating somehow.
― Anonymous User  1/20/2010
I love the name Elspeth. One of my older sister's names is Elspeth but I called her Elpha. I think part of the charm is that it's uncommon and old-fashioned.
kgmcal315  9/28/2009
I think this is a really cute name. It makes me think of a little girl with curly blonde hair and big blue eyes. It is a bit awkward to say, but it's beautiful, once you get the hang of it.
Amalia  2/16/2009
Elspeth Duxbury (1909-1967) British comic actress. She appeared in Make Mine Mink and in the Carry On series.
Kosta  12/18/2008
My name is Elspeth and my parents taught me to pronounce it: El-speth, not Els-peth.
MorganBonny  10/6/2008
As an Elspeth, I hope I am entitled to my opinion. Yes, a lot of people have a hard time saying it at first, and as a little kid I resented it, but now, at 15, I think it's a really cool name to have. I don't know anyone with this name and it lets everyone know that my parents have great designs and hopes for my future and thought higher of me than to just name me Sue (no disrespect to anyone named Sue). I enjoy its uniqueness and a great many people tell me how beautiful of a name it is. It's a wonderful name to set out making your name upon the world with and it gives a young kid pride to explain its meaning and way of saying to her classmates. I think it's beautiful.
MorganBonny  10/6/2008
Elspeth Huxley writes wonderful mystery stories.
MorganBonny  10/6/2008
I prefer Elsbeth, this spelling makes me think of spetälska, the Swedish word for leprosy. :S
nilamalin  6/29/2008
I don't understand how anyone can like this name or even consider naming their child this. It's not only ugly, but it's a bit of a tongue twister. Other children are going to have a hard time pronouncing this one in school. If this was my name, I would definitely go by Elsie, which isn’t the greatest name, but it’s much better than Elspeth.
TiffanyS  5/30/2008
Variants include Elsbeth and Elsabeth.
Dray  5/17/2008
I don't like the sound of this name. The 'p' and 'th' make it sound a bit harsh in a way.
slight night shiver  4/22/2008
The first time I heard this name, it was in Dragonslayer, and it belonged to the princess who sacrificed herself. Ever since I fist saw the movie, I've thought Elspeth was a beautiful name.
erb816  4/10/2008
I love this name and wouldn't mind using it for a future child. And for the one who said it sounds like an old lady name, well, your child isn't going to be 3 years old forever.
crazykls  3/10/2008
This name sounds beautiful and looks noble to me, but it makes me think of a spoilt child/pest or an illness. :/
Senko  9/4/2007
I personally love my name. My parents originally named me Elizabeth, but I go by Elspeth and everyone tells me the name suits me. It's very uncommon and dramatic, which I find great, and it also has very strong ties to Scotland, which I do also. I don't care whether others think my name sounds old and frumpy, I personally think that it suits me perfectly and is funky in a good way.
reinedudrame  7/6/2007
In a film version of 'Snow White', the wicked stepmother is called 'Queen Elspeth' and is played by Miranda Richardson.
Elspeth  6/15/2007
I'm 19 and have always loved my name. I've only ever met two other Elspeths (one around 60-ish, the other a little younger than me) and I adore the uniqueness. Perhaps some people think it's a bit of an old lady's name, but the only comments I've had about it are that it's 'cool/interesting' or that I sound like I've stepped out of a fantasy novel.
Elspeth  5/15/2007
I can't stand this name! Not only does it sound like some eighty-year-old woman's name, but I had a really nasty teacher last year with this name.
― Anonymous User  2/14/2007
A famous bearer is Elspeth McGillicuddy from Agatha Christie's novel '4:50 From Paddington', alternately titled 'What Mrs. McGillicuddy Saw!'. I think it's a lovely name.
black_lace  1/11/2007
Oh, it's so lovely. Divine, really.
Katesy  12/29/2006
Elspeth is very delicate. I like it!
― Anonymous User  10/22/2006
Elspeth, ewwww, imagine calling your child that, she will have an old woman's name. It is a disgusting name.
ClaireCFC  9/7/2006
I very much disagree with ClaireCFC, Elspeth is a lovely, old-fashioned name.
Surreal  11/24/2006
Delicate and gorgeous.
― Anonymous User  8/22/2006
The most beautiful form of Elizabeth, in my opinion. Also the name of the heroine in the Obernewtyn books, a futuristic fantasy series by Isobelle Carmody.
Xandaerin  4/27/2006

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