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This is also Romanian, pronounced "es-TE-rah".
-- Kate  12/3/2008
Estera is also the Lithuanian form of Esther. [noted -ed]
-- Lucille  9/7/2010
It's soooo pretty!
-- Joy12  5/3/2011
Prettier and less common than Esther, in my opinion. Brings to mind the lovely Estella, which means 'star'. However I think it is nicer than Estella, yet I still associate the meaning star, even though that's not the meaning! Gorgeous.
-- 2angelgoats  4/18/2015
I agree. I can't stand Esther but like Estera (more than Estella).
-- silly_rabbit  9/22/2015
Really nice name that reminds me of Estrella, which is star in Spanish. Also like Estelle/Estella.
-- Kidwins9  10/21/2015

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