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Gender Feminine
Pronounced Pron. eh-STEH-ra(Polish)
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Meaning & History

Polish, Slovak and Lithuanian form of ESTHER.
Other Languages & CulturesEsther(Biblical) Esther(Biblical Greek) 'Ester(Biblical Hebrew) Esther, Hester(Biblical Latin) Ester(Catalan) Ester(Czech) Ester, Esther(Danish) Esther(Dutch) Esther, Hester, Essie, Esta, Hettie(English) Ester, Esteri, Essi(Finnish) Esther(French) Esther(German) Ester(Hebrew) Eszter, Eszti(Hungarian) Ester(Icelandic) Ester(Italian) Esther, Estee(Jewish) Ester, Esther(Norwegian) Ester(Portuguese) Yesfir, Esfir(Russian) Ester, Esther(Spanish) Ester, Esther(Swedish)
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