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PronouncedPron.HES-tər English

Meaning & History

Latin form of ESTHER. Like Esther, it has been used in England since the Protestant Reformation. Nathaniel Hawthorne used it for the heroine of his novel 'The Scarlet Letter' (1850), Hester Prynne.
DiminutiveHettie English
Other Languages & CulturesEsther Biblical Esther Biblical Greek 'Ester Biblical Hebrew Ester Catalan Ester Czech Ester, Esther Danish Esther Dutch Ester, Esteri, Essi Finnish Esther French Esther German Eszter, Eszti Hungarian Ester Icelandic Ester Italian Esther, Estee Jewish Estera Lithuanian Ester, Esther Norwegian Estera Polish Ester Portuguese Yesfir, Esfir Russian Estera Slovak Ester, Esther Spanish Ester, Esther Swedish


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