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Gender Feminine
Scripts אֶסְתֵר(Hebrew)
Pronounced Pron. ehs-TEHR(Spanish)
EHS-tehr(Czech, Finnish)
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Meaning & History

Form of ESTHER used in several languages.
VariantsEsther(Spanish) Esther(Swedish) Esther(Norwegian) Esther(Danish) Esteri(Finnish)
Other Languages & CulturesEsther(Biblical) Esther(Biblical Greek) 'Ester(Biblical Hebrew) Esther, Hester(Biblical Latin) Esther(Dutch) Esther, Hester, Essie, Esta, Hettie(English) Esther(French) Esther(German) Eszter, Eszti(Hungarian) Esther, Estee(Jewish) Estera(Lithuanian) Estera(Polish) Yesfir, Esfir(Russian) Estera(Slovak)
Same Spelling'Ester
User SubmissionEstèr


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