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I'm actually kinda starting to like this name, which is worrying me a bit. It's old fashioned, but rare. I don't think I would ever call a child Flavius though (I hope!)
FirChlis  1/29/2007
In Latin it would be pronounced fla`we us (short a, long e, short u, emphasis on the second syllable).
― Anonymous User  10/12/2007
I actually know someone with this name, he pronounces it FLA-vee-us, and he is from Romania.
Karenina  5/10/2011
My name is Flavius. It is pronounced Fay-v-us. The reason it is pronounced with a silent "l" is an interesting story.

According to my mother, a Roman centurion of Ceasar's household refused to kill Christians. He was forced​ to become a gladiator. He wanted to distance himself from his relationship to the Ceasar's so he stopped pronouncing the "l".

There were many stories of this type, so it is difficult to verify the veracity of it. But, mom said it was true, so that worked for me.
fmhobbs  6/2/2017

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