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My name is Gabrielle, and it's a giant love-hate relationship. Some days I love my name because of its elegance and unpopularity (where I live, at least), and other days I hate it because of the 'Gab' part, or how childish it sounds. And for my name I have two nicknames - Gabby and Gabs. I actually prefer my nicknames to my name itself, because even on the days I love my name, I find it too long. It's length has always been a silly issue for me. However, Gabriella also has 9 letters, but it sounds so much prettier and feminine; and I like it a lot better than my own name. But, yet, if I ever had the opportunity to change my name, I don't think I would.
Gabrielle Doiron  7/1/2016
George "Gabby" Hayes, American actor best known as a bearded sidekick in westerns.
Kosta  12/17/2007
Gabrielle (CoCo) Chanel and Gabrielle Union are famous bearers.
TalkativeGabby  3/6/2007

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