Given Name GABBY

GENDER: Masculine & Feminine
USAGE: English
PRONOUNCED: GAB-ee  [details]

Meaning & History

Diminutive of GABRIEL or GABRIELLE.


diminutives, Discworld characters, House of Cards US characters, Y vowels
VARIANTS: Brielle, Gabe
FEMININE FORMS: Gabriella, Gabrielle
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Jabril, Jibril (Arabic), Gabriel (Biblical), Gabriel (Biblical Greek), Gavri'el (Biblical Hebrew), Gabriel (Biblical Latin), Gabriela, Gavrail, Gavril (Bulgarian), Gabriel, Biel (Catalan), Dzhabrail (Chechen), Gabrijel, Gabrijela (Croatian), Gabriel, Gabriela (Czech), Gabriel (Danish), Gabriël, Gabriëlle (Dutch), Gabriel, Kaapo, Kaapro (Finnish), Gabriel, Gabrielle (French), Gabriel, Gabriela, Gabriele (German), Gavriil (Greek), Gavriel (Hebrew), Gábor, Gábriel, Gabriella, Gabi (Hungarian), Gabriele, Gabriella (Italian), Gabriels (Latvian), Gabrielė, Gabrielius (Lithuanian), Gavril (Macedonian), Gabriel (Norwegian), Gabriel, Gabriela (Polish), Gabriel, Gabriela (Portuguese), Gabriel, Gabriela, Gavril, Gavrila, Gabi (Romanian), Gavriil (Russian), Gavrilo (Serbian), Gabriel, Gabriela (Slovak), Gabrijel (Slovene), Gabriel, Gabriela (Spanish), Gabriel, Gabriella (Swedish), Cebrail (Turkish), Havryil (Ukrainian), Gavrel (Yiddish)
Entry updated July 2, 2008