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The name GAWAIN can also mean 'hawk of battle'.
ditchvictory  9/12/2005
I'm someone who loves to write, and I once used the name Gawain as my main character in one of my stories.
Arowen Half-Elven  12/15/2005
The name Gavin has the same/a similar meaning.
Kekepania  5/1/2006
In my English class, we are currently reading T.H. White's "The Once and Future King." I was assigned Gawain for my character analysis and essay. I found that in many cases, Gawain is pronounced Gah-win (I’m not quite sure of the correct notation for this, but you get the idea). This pronunciation is similar with another Welsh name on this site: Owain. Also, an alternative spelling for the name is Gawaine.
― Anonymous User  5/3/2006
Sounds like the name of a very strong and handsome man.
Fionafabulous  5/9/2006
Gawain is my favorite knight of the round table. His name sort of fits with him. I am writing a book right now that is about King Arthur and Gawain is very important to the story.
melinda1  1/24/2007
I have always pronounced this GAH-win, as have my Literature professors.
jc  2/10/2007
I've only ever heard it pronounced GAH-win, and I think this sounds much better than ga-WAYN.
― Anonymous User  5/20/2007
Gawain Robards becomes head of the Auror office after Scrimgeour becomes Minister for Magic (in Harry Potter).
DontDissMadison  8/10/2007
As an American, I have generally heard the pronunciations Gow-an and Gwayne (like Dwayne). Rarely is the last syllable accented.
MaidenOfGrace  9/7/2007
This is my brother's name, except growing up we pronounced and spelt it as Gavin. Now that he's all grown up he has reverted the spelling back to Gawain as he feels that Gavin is too popular of a name and he prefers to be unique. One day I'm sure he'll have us pronouncing it "correctly".
Bronwyn79  10/13/2007
Because these epics were told and passed on solely by word-of-mouth, the "correct" pronunciation of Gawain varies. In the original, the author uses two different pronunciations and three different spellings: "Gawan", "Gawayn", and "Gawen". Therefore, the pronunciation can be either.
sidewalkxlines  11/29/2007
If I ever had a little girl, I would definitely name her this. Even though it is masculine, it makes a wonderful girls name! In fact, it's (currently) my nickname and I'm a girl.
dreamflower  6/21/2008
In the game Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance the main character's father was called "Sir Gawain" before he changed his name and renounced his title.
Dark Whysper  8/8/2008
In "Hogfather" (both the book by Terry Pratchett and the TV series), Gawain is the brother of Twyla, and one of Susan's charges.
Sophannagh  9/7/2008
I've also seen this spelled as Gawyn (pronounced gah-win), as used in the fantasy novel series "the Wheel of Time" by Robert Jordan.
― Anonymous User  9/7/2008
In Culhwch and Olwen, Gawain is Gwalchmai.
telfalathiel  2/9/2009
Leave it for the knight. There are some historical and literary names that should just be left to its most famous bearer.
Athena Nike  3/7/2010
Oh my Goodness! I LOVE this name! Sir Gawain is my favorite knight! I'm reading the series called The Squires Tales by Gerald Morris right now, and Gawain is amazing! I am so going to use this one day, on one of my own sons.
youngwarrior  6/22/2010
There is a short story parody on King Arthur and his Knights that we read in English class called "The Fifty-first Dragon" by Heywood Broun and the main character is Gawaine leCouer Hardy (Sir Gawain).
― Anonymous User  11/28/2010
Gawain is my favorite character in Gerald Morris's Squire's Tales and I would definitely consider the name for my son. It is unique and I love stories about King Arthur, especially the Squire's Tales.
missreader  3/23/2011
Perhaps if used in Welsh context (including that the bearer is also of Welsh heritage), it would be acceptable. Unfortunately it otherwise bears a striking resemblance to a "kre8tiv" ghetto name to the majority of the population, and may be treated as one.
"Gawain," on it's own without a Welsh surname, looks incredibly unprofessional and juvenile. It certainly is not a name that I would write down as a successful business man, at first thought. A bit harsh, perhaps? That is the nature of it, regrettably. I am certain that there are fine men and fine boys who do it justice... but I think it best be left without further use (in the United States, at least).
Francesca  9/7/2011
Very beautiful. And mysterious that the name meaning is unknown. :) I like it.
Gio123  9/11/2013
Such a beautiful, handsome, classy name. Gawain sounds lovely. :)
― Anonymous User  10/12/2015
If someone thinks Gawain was made up by some barely-literate bumpkin in modern America, said someone is dumb and uneducated for not recognizing Gawain from the Arthurian Legend. Gawain is a fine name precisely because it will let potential employers know your parents are smart/nerdy and that your parents probably sent you to private school instead of sending you to one of the U.S.'s utterly terrible public schools. Obviously, the kid will need a normal name nickname (like Bob, Joe, Gus, etc.), but that's easily doable.
adamconoverrules  12/15/2015
Gawain is also the main origin of the surname Galvão (in Portuguese) and Galván (in Spanish) as related names.
witneil  12/3/2016

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