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PronouncedPron.HAY-dree-ən English

Meaning & History

From the Roman cognomen Hadrianus, which meant "from Hadria" in Latin. Hadria was the name of two Roman settlements. The first (modern Adria) is in northern Italy and was an important Etruscan port town. The second (modern Atri) is in central Italy and was named after the northern town. The Adriatic Sea is also named after the northern town.

A famous bearer of the name was Publius Aelius Hadrianus, better known as Hadrian, a 2nd-century Roman emperor who built a wall across northern Britain. His family came from the town of Atri in central Italy.
Other Languages & CulturesHadrianus Ancient Roman Adrià Catalan Adrijan, Jadran, Jadranko Croatian Adrian Danish Adriaan, Arjan, Ad, Adrianus, Arie, Aris Dutch Adrian English Adrien, Hadrien French Adrian German Adorján, Adrián Hungarian Adriano Italian Ad Limburgish Adrijan Macedonian Adrian Norwegian Adrian Polish Adriano Portuguese Adrian, Adi Romanian Adrian Russian Jadran, Jadranko Serbian Jadran, Jadranko Slovene Adrián Spanish Adrian Swedish


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