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PronouncedPron.ig-NAY-shəs English

Meaning & History

From the Roman family name Egnatius, meaning unknown, of Etruscan origin. The spelling was later altered to resemble Latin ignis "fire". This was the name of several saints, including the third bishop of Antioch who was thrown to wild beasts by Emperor Trajan, and by Saint Ignatius of Loyola (1491-1556), founder of the Jesuits, whose real birth name was in fact Íñigo.
Feminine FormIgnatia
Other Languages & CulturesEgnatius Ancient Roman Iñaki Basque Ignat Bulgarian Ignasi Catalan Ignác Czech Ignaas Dutch Iggy English Ignace French Ignatz, Ignaz German Ignác Hungarian Ignazio Italian Ignas Lithuanian Ignacy Polish Inácio Portuguese Ignat Romanian Ignat, Ignatiy Russian Ignàtziu Sardinian Ignác Slovak Ignac, Ignacij, Nace Slovene Ignacio, Nacho, Nacio Spanish


athletes, currently out of the US top 1000, fire, Fire Emblem characters, Harry Potter characters, Louisa May Alcott characters, Lunar characters, martyrs, Orthodox Saints, saints, surnames, uncertain etymology
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